[Mothwing and Leafpool lovingly nuzzle each other]

Spiritflight and Shadeleap Discuss Warrior Cat Ships by Spiritflight and Shadeleap

Spiritflight and Shadeleap discuss ships from the series.

[Mothwing and Leafpool lovingly nuzzle each other]
Art by roseshards
[Mothwing and Leafpool lovingly nuzzle each other]

Spiri: Spiritflight here, and welcome back to another article! Today I am with Shadeleap, and we will be discussing SIX Warrior Cat Ships! We will include both opinions and ratings, 1 the worst to 10 the best. Hello, Shades! Before we get started, how are you feeling about this collab?

Shades: Hi Spiri! I’m super excited for this collab! I have to warn you all, though, I can have very strong opinions at times 😛 Do you want to get us started with the first ship?

Spiri: Yes, let’s do it!

Leafpool X Crowfeather: Spiri: I’m not very fond of Crowpool. Majority of the scenes prior to the confession they had together was Crowfeather being a total foxheart and Leafpool getting angry at him for it. I don’t really feel much for them except annoyance and disbelief. It just didn’t work out, as 90% of halfclan love doesn’t. I’d rate this a 4/10.
Shades: I really love this ship 😛 It was really romantic and they were actually the same age, so that’s always a plus. I also find it really interesting how we see the aftermath of this ship too. Most of the time, we only see the ‘action’ in a ship if you will, and not the effects. Crowfeather is hurting, but there are a few moments where we see that he still cares for her <33 I haven’t read TNP in a while, to be honest, but this is one of my favorite ships <3 I would rate it an 8/10

Ivypool X Fernsong: Shades: I. Love. This. Ship. It’s so sweet that Fernsong loved Ivypool enough to respect her choice to not have kits, and him as a Den Dad is one of the best things they have ever added. They obviously love each other a lot, and I really can’t wait to see more of their relationship in the upcoming books <3 this ship has a few problems, like the age gap and the fact that they’re third cousins, but they were both adults when they got together and neither of them forced each other to do anything (I’ve seen people say that Ivypool forced Fernsong to take care of the kits, but she never did that. He also didn’t try to force her to have kits [*cough cough Finleap cough*]). Overall, it’s a really sweet ship and I love it. I’d rate it a 9/10. Spiri: This isn’t a ship I’ve paid a whole lot of attention to, but it is one I really like. I do wish the Erins paid a little more attention to the family tree, but other than that, it is cute, beautiful and not rushed. And definitely not forced, which is a plus. They clearly care for each other, and want what is best for their kits. Ivypool continuing to live out her days as a warrior while Fernsong being the Den Dad is a marvelous twist in the warriors world. We’ve never seen it before, and I think bringing new things into it is pretty good. I rate it a 8/10.

Tallstar X Jake: Spiri: Don’t get me started, this is a flawless ship, one that I have loved since the start, before I actually read Tallstar’s Revenge and was just hearing rumors from the internet. Though seeing their perspectives from the actual book, I believe they did truly love each other, but were just friends in that current scenario. Nothing more. I do think if they had ended up being mates, they would not regret that twist in the warriors wake. They’re both lovely characters with a gorgeous soul, their fondness and friendship for each other something that cannot be unbroken. I rate this 9/10. Shades: I’m well aware that this is an unpopular opinion, but I don’t ship Tallstar and Jake. First, I don’t really like Jake 😛 but even more than I dislike him, I don’t like how people automatically ship two cats that interact positively. There’s a pretty big shortage of relationships in warriors that are just friends. We have friendships between mates and siblings all the time, but rarely between two cats who aren’t related and just enjoy each other’s company. We’ve seen a good case of this with Leafpool and Sorreltail, and I think we need more. I would rate this a 4/10

Leafpool X Mothwing: Shades: Again, I think their friendship is really sweet, but I don’t think it needs to be more than that. Plus, Leafpool helped Mothwing while she was being abused by her brother, and it makes those scenes so much more meaningful if they aren’t together. I don’t really like Mothwing, but her friendship with Leafpool is nice. I don’t think they need to be together. (especially since I ship LeafXCrow 😛) I would rate this a 3/10. Spiri: I’m not sure what to think of this. I hate Mothwing very strongly, and dislike Leafpool slightly, but I do kind of like thinking of them as a lesbian ship, even though I would, in my opinion, refer to Leafpool as bisexual. I suppose I would of liked to see more of their, who knows, friendship? Relationship? grow together. They are cute together, I will admit. And supportive of each other, too, just like how Leafpool supports Mothwing’s atheism in StarClan. I for surely rate this a 5/10.

Dovewing X Tigerstar: Spiri: StarClan help me. People on the blog who know me really well will already see that I dislike Dovewing with a burning passion, and like I said with Leafpool, dislike Tigerstar slightly. I do not like this ship at all. Yes, without them we wouldn’t have the amazing Shadowsight, but then we wouldn’t have the whole Ashfur thing (probably…). I do not want to turn this article into a hate about Dovewing…but I am going to list some reasons why I loathe her. Please remember these are MY OPINIONS and you are free to pursue your own. I think she is selfish and whiney, and is a bit of a backstabber. She follows love blindly, and doesn’t really think of the feelings of the ones who are actually CLOSE to her. She left ThunderClan because of her lack of loyalty (imo), and she expected everyone just to be okay with it? With these qualities she isn’t much of a good mate. Tigerstar is loyal, beyond loyal, I’ll even admit, but he ONLY ever thinks of Dovewing and their kits. She is to much of a distraction for him. Like he has a whole clan to tend to, not just his mate and kits. Tigerstar himself is a bit selfish, and not going to lie, manipulative as well. Oof, I’m sorry. I rate them a 2/10 for trying. Shades: I bet most of you guys already know what’s coming….. So I despise this ship, it’s my least favorite ever. Tigerheartstar is my least favorite character as well, and mainly because of how he treats Dovewing. First of all, he gets a crush on her when she’s SIX MOONS OLD. Second, he’s always manipulating her and lying to her and it just makes me so angry… Not to mention he KIDNAPPED IVYPOOL. (I’m trying so hard not to rage right now…) As a leader, he’s not the best. He lets his personal life get ahead of his duty to the Clan more than once and he’s really irresponsible. He never deserves anything he gets and he never gets anything he deserves. But back to the ship I’m supposed to be talking about that I immediately got off track from… Besides the fact that he loved her when she was an apprentice, he’s constantly manipulating her. Whenever he does something wrong, he deflects, blame-shifts, and manipulates her into forgetting about it and forgiving him. Then once they finally break up, he won’t leave her alone and she’s worried that he’ll hurt her for it! (Seen near the end of the last hope) When Dovewing becomes pregnant, Tigerheart immediately jumps to the conclusion that she has to join ShadowClan, and doesn’t even think about joining ThunderClan. He’s selfish and always puts him above her, even when she was pregnant and had kits. I’m so sick of the she-cat giving up everything for the tom, but we see that yet again here. Also, now that Dovewing is in ShadowClan, she only ever spends time with him. Like she doesn’t really have any friends in ShadowClan aside from him and spends most of her time in his den, which rubs me the wrong way. So sorry for the rant, but I rate this ship a 0/10.

Cloudtail X Brightheart: Shades: I love this ship! It’s so perfect, these two are so sweet together <3 I’ve heard people try to claim that Cloudtail was invasive when Brightheart was recovering, but I don’t think this is true at all. She was traumatized from the dogs and Swiftpaw’s death, and having someone at her side clearly helped her. These two are developed further in A Thief in ThunderClan, where we see them both supporting each other so much <33 The whole Daisy thing is a bit strange, but I’m glad they got over it and that the authors made it clear that Cloudtail was only protective of Daisy because he saw himself in her place. I love their backstory, they’re such great parents, and they’re still so sweet even now that they’re elders. I rate this ship a 10/10 <3 Spiri: This ship is so cute and lovely, I don’t see much wrong with it! They’re very protective of each other, supportive in so many scenarios, and always watching out for each other. I agree with Shadeleap, the whole Daisy thing a little bit silly. It turned out well though, understandable to say that Cloudtail only ever cared for Brightheart, loving her and not Daisy. I really enjoyed reading a Thief In ThunderClan, giving me a clear view of how much Brightheart went through, and how she wasn’t alone and unloved. I don’t have much to say, except that I’d rate this a 9/10. I would rate it a 10/10, but I don’t think any ship is purrfect.

Spiri: This brings the article to an end. I very much enjoyed writing this and spending time with Shadeleap, even having a few conversations! Thank you Shades for taking the time to do this with me. Fellow BlogClanners, what are YOUR opinions on these six ships, and some of your favorites and least favorites? Hopefully see you in the NEXT article. If you’re interested in doing a collab w/ me, feel free to reach out at my blog email, spiritflight.blogclan1@gmail.com ^^

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