The Blog Monthly – Sixth Edition

The sixth edition of the Blog Monthly is here – written by Lil, fresh off the printing press

Hello, everyone!! Thank you all for patiently waiting on me to get this edition together! I’ve taken your feedback, and this will be the new and improved format for the Monthly going forth! I hope you enjoy!

Winter is here and it is cooler than ever! We have some fun news, and plenty of awesome features to share with you!!


Hello BlogClan! This is just me (Aquila) sneaking into the Blog Monthly for a paragraph… :O
I’m writing to tell you that I am stepping down from making the birthday posts. My life has got a lot busier than I thought it would, and I no longer have the time necessary to make the posts. 🙁 However, I am not stepping down from my mod duties altogether – look out for a post from me coming out very soon…
Henceforth, the birthday posts will be made by the lovely Moonbreeze and Viperfrost, who will share the duty between them. A hard two week deadline will be placed for the submission of birthday dates, so if you would like a post made by them, then please submit at least two weeks before your birthday. A one week deadline will exist for sending in birthday gifts.
For repost months, the first two weeks of the repost month will be moved across to the new calendar, instead of the first three days to keep in line with the two week submission deadline.
Thank you for reading, and I’ll hand back to Lil! 🙂


Moonbreeze has blessed the Blog with a new theme, again! This time we have some beautiful snowflakes, and a nice blue background! Very aesthetic, if I do say so myself! It’s been here for a bit now, but if you haven’t said thanks to Moon yet, here’s your opportunity!


  • Keep an eye out for information about Contests coming out later this week! I won’t let the cat out of the bag just yet, so I hope you don’t mind the suspense 😉
  • For all of the lovely people who had Clanniversaries in December and January, you have not been forgotten! A wrap up post will be coming out soon for you all! Thanks for being patient!
  • Remember that December was Repost Month for Birthdays and Clanniversaries! If you have either one coming up between now and March make sure to go and submit it! There’s a two-week hard deadline, so do it sooner rather than later!

Despite the wait, it seems we didn’t have too much news to share with ya! Moving on to some other miscellaneous stuff, including your features!



Mini-character Spotlight: Hi there, I’m Wolfgaze and I’m going to be talking about my favorite character: Ivypool! Warning: Spoilers. Originally, I’m not sure if I had a favorite character until Ivypool showed up. She just blew me away. When she was training in the Dark Forest, I loved her mini bad girl streak and when she became a spy, I just loved how she sacrificed so much and silently endured her pain. I also loved her relationship with Twigbranch when she was mentoring her. It just shows that Ivypool is an amazing mentor and deserves more apprentices. It’s sad to see a character lose personality when they become a parent. This is what happened to Ivypool. But she gets her redemption by becoming deputy and I’m excited to see her in the spotlight again! I hope you understand why Ivypool is my favorite character and I respect your opinion if you have different favorite character. Have a good day!


Hey! I’d just like to talk about Squirrelflight for a moment. She is such a stubborn and headstrong cat but her courage and empathy is enviable and she stuck by her sister even when it cost her her mate. I just think she is an amazing character and should be appreciated.
All the best, Swiftkit or Swifty


Hello everybody! I´ve created a Spotify playlist meant for all the Swifties out there who couldn´t go to the Eras Tour. Come listen to all the same songs at home right now!


What does home mean to you? Is it the place you live? The place you have been born? The place you know best? Or is it your family, your loved ones and your Clan?

Is it all worth fighting for? Is protecting ‘home’ truly enough to risk your life doing so? And if you’re forced out and brought somewhere else, how far are you willing to go to make it your new home, despite all dangers and obstacles?

And these are questions the Clans will have to answer.

When the Clans are warned of a dangerous shadow approaching, turmoil rises within their cats. The five Clans will have to go through dangerous battles with outside creatures, changes and even themselves. Will they handle everything fate has prepared for them? Or will the Clans forever fall, right at the paws of an evil cat rising from the shadows of a falling sky?

Hello everyone, I’m Mothfrost. I’m currently working on a fanfiction series called ‘The Fallen Skies’ on Quotev, following the struggles of the Clans caused a cat’s desire for revenge. Right now I’m working on the first book, ‘Fury of Vengeance’. Updates every Monday and Friday. Unless there are any delays, I will be done with chapter 8 of the book. Click the link bellow for more details, as well as the book itself.


Here’s some amazing art of one of my characters from my fanfiction, SHARED BLOOD (which you can find on the fanfiction page – just ask me about it!) Her name is Skypaw, and she’s one of the main character’s friends! [drawn by Saffronpaw – thank you so much, she’s wonderful!]


  • + Bluestar was actually going to be Moonstar, but they changed it.
  • + Erin Hunter isn’t actually a person- Its a team of people! Erin Hunter is a pen name for a group of people! Maybe thats why theres so many Warrior books!
  • + Tigerclaw was going to be called Hammerclaw but they changed because one Erin was like, “When has a cat known what a hammer is?” So they changed it. Good move Erin’s!
  • + If Firestar never came to the forest, Sandstorm would be mates with Dustpelt.
  • + Leopardstar died of diabetes.
  • + Midnight was a ghost.
  • + The reason Tigerstar died 9 times was because Scourge punctured 9 of his vital organs.
  • + If Silverstream hadn’t saved Greystripe, the whole series wouldn’t exist.
  • + Brokenstar was actually named after Yellowfangs broken heart, not his tail.
  • + Stormfurs name was a reference to his grandfather, Crookedstar, and his mentor, Stonefur.
  • + The name Scourge is actually pronounced ” Scerj”
  • + Dustpelt was Ravenpaw’s sibling, but he would’ent admit it.
  • + Brokenstar has kittypet blood.
  • + Breezepelt actually had siblings.
  • + Ferncloud is Dustpelts neice.
  • + Tigerstar loved Goldenflower more than Sasha.
  • + Every ThunderClan medicine cat after Featherwhisker has had a mate or a crush.
  • + Swiftpaw hopes Brightheart will love him in Starclan than Cloudtail.
  • + Greystripes parents are siblings.
  • + When a Starclan cat fades away, it is reborn as a kit from any Clan they choose.
  • + Medicine cats can mate in StarClan.
  • + ShadowClan has more rouge or kittypet blood than all the clans.
  • + If Snowfur had not died, it would have changed the whole series.
  • + Ravenpaws warrior name would’ve been Ravenwing.
  • + Tigerstar has been called golden once, even though he is brown.
  • + Mistystar and Barley are the oldest cats in the Warrior series.
  • + Cinderpelt had the saddest life.
  • + WindClan is the weakest Clan.
  • + Hawkfrost killed Hollyleaf.
  • + One Eye was the 1st cat to go to the Dark Forest.
  • + Throughout the books, Dovewing’s eyes have been said to be gold twice, blue twenty one times, and green thirty three times.
  • + Tigerheart/star has been called Tigerstar before he became leader or even deputy!
  • Bluestar was originally named Moonstar
  • + ThunderClan was supposed to be StarClan, but the Erin Hunter team decided that StarClan suited their ancestors more
  • + Into the Wild was supposed to be the only Warriors book
  • + When the name ‘Barkface’ was translated, the Japanese translator asked whether it meant the bark of a dog, whilst ‘Bark’ was actually referring to the mottled fur on his face, like the bark of a tree


  • Shoutout to Tinyfrost for being the best mentor I could ask for.
    Also, shoutout to Hazypaw/Mist, Lilacpaw/Tuft, Mintpaw/Flower, Silverdusk, and all of Silv’s blogFam for being the best BlogFam ever imaginable!
  • I’d just like to shoutout Silverdusk and Shadeleap for the simple reason of making me laugh. Ily guys 🙂
  • I’m here to give one of my favorite blogclanners a shoutout! Silvie, you are AMAZING and UNDERRATED! You were there for me when I first joined the blog, you are an amazing friend, and I’ve loved all the time we’ve spent together. Ever since I first discovered the blog back in July, I’ve always had you as an incredible friend. I’ve loved all the time we spent emailing back and forth, telling each other everything! You’ve been such a great friend over the time I’ve been here, and I figured the least I could do was give you this shoutout for an amazing person like yourself.
    Everyone else, this person is incredible and underrated. She is so amazing and a great friend.


Thank you all so much for sticking with me!! I really appreciate you all waiting on me to get this out! I had a ton of fun writing this post for ya’ll!! From the feature submissions, to the shoutouts, to the comments, I am so grateful for your participation and seeing your creativity and kindness brightens up my day so much! Keep sending in your creations and features and just being a part of this community – BlogClan wouldn’t be this amazing without all of you. I will see you all in a few weeks with more news.

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