[from left to right: Leafpool, Crowfeather, and Feathertail sit in line with Nightcloud standing at the far right]

Tigerlily interviews: featherxcrow or leafxcrow, which ship had more potential? by Tigerlily

Tigerlily interviews two others about Crowfeather, Feathertail, and Leafpool.

[from left to right: Leafpool, Crowfeather, and Feathertail sit in line with Nightcloud standing at the far right]
Art by Cherivinca
[from left to right: Leafpool, Crowfeather, and Feathertail sit in line with Nightcloud standing at the far right]

Hello everyone! Today we’re going to hear Geckoberry, Cloudpaw, and myself’s opinions on leafxcrow and featherxcrow. At the end of the article, we will bring an end to the immense debate on which ship had more potential. Also I’m praying that this doesn’t get cut off, but if it does I’ll put the rest in the comments.


1. Geckoberry

I would like to start by saying…FEATHERXCROW 4EVER!!! These two are literally so adorable and I wished that Feathertail had survived, except for if she did the 3 wouldn’t exist. If she had I think Crowfeather would’ve left Windclan to be with her, as he felt so strongly for her and Feathertail would most likely not want to leave Riverclan. I have a lot of theories about what would’ve happened but that isn’t the purpose of this article. The fact that Crowfeather wanted his own name to be a memorial to Feathertail literally makes me want to cry, like hello? That’s so adorable. Because their relationship was cut short we really can’t tell what would’ve happened. And if Crowfeather had just had a small crush on Feathertail he first of all would be too embarrassed to talk to her or just admire her and not talk to her. I for one throw my head into a locker every time my crush walks past. Because of all the time they spent together on the trip it makes me think that if it was just a fling they probably would’ve gotten over eachother quickly. BUT NO. THEY SPENT THE WHOLE TRIP TOGETHER. Until Feathertail dies. r.i.p my fav riverclan girly. My point is, featherxcrow had sooooo much potential and their kits would’ve been the sassiest and cutest ones ever to exist.

*long and agitated sigh* ok. I for one am a huge supporter of featherxcrow but I will try not to be biased. First off, Feathertail does tell Crowfeather in a dream or something that she is fine with him and Leafpool being in love. Idk I might be getting this confused with Spottedleaf and Firestar because it’s been awhile since I read this arc. But I do think that Crowfeather and Leafpool genuinely liked each other, but it was so spontaneous that it probably wouldn’t have lasted very long, which it didn’t. But if Leafpool didn’t receive the vision that made her go back, she probably would’ve felt guilty at some point and just left Crowfeather. They DID have kits that saved the clans from mean dead cats but whatever. Please tell me Starclan would not have sent different cats to save the clans. Like they’re not just going to neglect them. So if the 3(Jayfeather, Lionblaze, Hollyleaf except gurl got no powers) had not been born, Starclan would’ve sent cats to save the clans through someone else. Also they would still have Dovewing. I wish I could say that she could save the clans by herself but there’s no way. Overall I think leafxcrow is nice and had medium potential.

2. Cloudpaw

First off, I think this ship is so cute. The way that Feathertail died trying to protect Crowpaw and how he took her name as his suffix shows that they definitely felt strongly for each other. But this ship also has a lot of issues. First off there’s the age difference. I’m not sure of their exact ages but we know that Crowpaw is a bit close to the end of his apprenticeship and Feathertail is a young warrior. So the age difference isn’t too drastic but it’s at least 6 to 10ish moons to my estimation. If someone knows their ages for sure or wants to correct me just do so in the comments. Second, Crowfeather is still an apprentice while he likes Feathertail. Because he’s so young it seems like puppy love or a crush instead of him actually being in love with her. My guess is that if she had survived he would’ve matured and become mates with someone in his own clan, which he eventually does. There probably would’ve been some drama and he may have had kits with her before this happened, but it probably would’ve.

My original thoughts on this ship was that Crowfeather was kind of using Leafpool to distract himself from missing Feathertail, but after re-reading, I’ve realized how much they actually love each other. After Crowfeather saves Leafpool from falling off the cliff, they realize they can’t fight their feelings for each other anymore and runaway together. Now that Crowfeather is more matured and based off the way he talks about Leafpool, I think he really does like her. I’ve also read the Warrior’s code guidebook and Crowfeather talks about how much he loved her in it. Eventually though, they decide to do what’s best for their clans and Leafpool receives a message from her sister through their minds. The two return to the clans and resume their lives without each other. They also have kits together(The three). I think that Leafpool and Crowfeather really liked each other and that it could’ve had potential, but they did what was right and went back to their clans.

3. Tigerlily

Ok, I get that a lot of people love this ship and I definitely do too, but I’m going to base this more off logic and not what I think. First off, If Feathertail had survived it would’ve been a complete mess, not only between the two of them but everyone in their clans. Also, because Crowpaw is pretty young(11ish moons I think) he can’t really know for sure who he wants his life long mate to be. He’s a teenager, so he is definitely too immature to make that decision. Also, since he’s so young I feel like Feathertail might just be a HUGE crush. They have good chemistry, but the fact that he tries to spend so much time with her makes me think. If Crowfeather has seen Feathertail and been like, “Gosh, that is the perfect woman and she is going to be my mate I just know it,” Then he might have let things happen more naturally. But because he’s really obsessed with her, he tries to take every chance to talk or spend time with her.

In the series our lovely authors don’t really give us a lot of detail so their relationship kind of seems rushed but if you read the super editions you’ll see that it really wasn’t. They actually loved each other a lot, so much that they both ran away from everything they’ve ever known to be together. My only issue is that if they love each other so much they can make it work without exiling themselves because that makes it seem like they were ashamed of their love for each other. But they needed to run away to carry the plot so…
I think they had a lot of potential and I don’t even know why they didn’t make things work other than the warrior code reasons. But technically Leafpool is a MEDICINE CAT so she doesn’t have to follow the WARRIOR code. Jk I know it applies to all cats. But seriously, I think they had so much potential to be a great couple.

Alright, now that we have heard 3 different opinions, the judges have taken their vote. And they say the ship with more potential was………………………………………

I would personally say that featherxcrow is the better ship since their chemistry is so good, but leafxcrow had more potential as a long-term relationship.

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