Happy Birthday, Silverkit!

Hi Silverkit!

I hope you’ve had a fantastic start to your birthday! Everyone here at BlogClan is wishing you the best day of fun, time doing things you enjoy, and some tasty cake (or whatever dessert you like best!) 😀

Here are a few gifts from some lovely BlogClanners:

From Pineconepaw:

“Hey Sil! Happy birthday!! 🥳🎉🎁 I hope your birthday will be full of pleasant surprises and events 😀 Here’s something non-picrew that you can add to your gallery on your wiki page! Happy birthday, Sil!”

drawing of Silverkit by Pineconepaw, a silver tabby cat looks with large blue eyes at drifting petals

From Swiftpaw:

“Always remember that YOU ARE AMAZING!”

image of Silverkit made with Picrew

From Solarpaw/flare:

“Happy birthday, Sills! Enjoy this nice cake, and I hope you have a great day!”

image of white cake with elegant silver and blue flowers

From Shiverpaw/wind:

“Hope you have a great birthday, Silvy!!”

headshot drawing of Silverkit by Shiverpaw/wind

moonbreeze (she/her) 🌙🪼 | the (very busy) nta mod!!


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