[concept art of Clawface in the graphic novel art style, a headshot and full-body]

Warriors Prefixes and Suffixes I Dislike by Wolfdawn

Wolfdawn lists prefixes and suffixes they don’t like.

[concept art of Clawface in the graphic novel art style, a headshot and full-body]
Official concept art by James L. Barry
[concept art of Clawface in the graphic novel art style, a headshot and full-body]

In the world of Warriors, each cat gets a name. Whether their name applies to their appearance, strengths, personality, high rank, or even if their name is a family name, Warriors’ names are unique to each cat. Some cats have beautiful names such as Jayfeather, Rainswept Flower, or Willowshine. However, some names don’t quite have the aesthetic effect either; Examples would be Clawface, Loudbelly, or Sneezecloud. While it’s fine to have cats that don’t have an elegant-sounding name, there are some prefixes and suffixes that I personally don’t enjoy. I’m Wolfdawn and in this article, I will be sharing some of my least favorite Warriors prefixes and suffixes.

I will begin with the suffix ‘-foot.’ I can see what this suffix is trying to do; A cat who has great speed could have this suffix or a WindClan cat could. But, at the same time, it makes no sense to me. How do cats know what feet are? Maybe I’m reading into it a little too much, but it’s also a little off-putting. Let’s take Mistystar for example – her warrior name was Mistyfoot but she was a RiverClan cat. To me, ‘-foot’ doesn’t fit her at all! Something like Mistysplash or Mistystream would suit her better since RiverClan’s specialty is swimming.

The next suffix I’ll be covering is ‘-toe.’ If I was a warrior, I definitely wouldn’t want ‘-toe’ as my suffix! The only way I can see this suffix being used is if there is something significant about a cat’s toe, such as if they have six toes or one colored toe. But even so, why would a cat want to be named after their toe when a different suffix could have a meaning to it? Goosefeather’s mother, Daisytoe, has this suffix; While there isn’t a lot to know about her, why ‘-toe’? She seems to be a loving cat and I don’t see why her toe is remarkable to her name. Her name could have been something like Daisybloom or Daisysong to represent her sweet personality.

Now for a prefix, ‘Sharp-.’ This one is a weird one to me. I understand it could be used for saying a cat has sharp claws or is sharp-tongued, but how would a cat know their kit will have thorn-like claws or a harsh personality when it is born? So far, there are only three instances of the name – Sharpclaw, Sharptooth, and Sharp Hail. However, Sharptooth is a mountain lion and Sharpclaw wasn’t born with the name. Sharp Hail I know next to nothing about, but I do know the ancients had a different naming system. He could have been named after a relative, but not much is known about him. While Sharp Hail does make sense, I dislike the ‘Sharp’ prefix.

The last prefix I will discuss is ‘Whisker.’ This one as a prefix is very strange to me… Why would a mother name their kit after a body part that isn’t notable to them at all? I understand names like Talltail and Longtail because both were named after their long tails. But Whiskernose? What importance do his whiskers have? They aren’t described as abnormally long, tangled, twisted, or anything like that which would’ve made more sense. The suffix ‘-whisker’ makes a lot more sense to me than the prefix.

I hope you all enjoyed it! What are your thoughts? Do you like any of these names? Would you like to see more prefixes and suffixes I don’t like? Let me know below! Remember that you are loved, worthy, and enough!

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  • Two that have always bothered me are “Mud” and “Rat.” There are two Mud cats that I know of, Mudfur (RiverClan med cat) and Mudclaw (WindClan deputy). Who names their kit Mudkit? I meant their name is literally Mud. Same with “Rat.” The only rat cat I’m aware of is Ratscar, a ShadowClan warrior. Again, who would name their kit “Rat,” and why?

  • 🪿Goosepaw/creek🪿🤏Goosey, Gooseifer🤏“ How about this black shadow box that reflects only sadness?“ -Eda, TOH🫰Bubbly Brambleshine’s appendix!🔥 says:

    Great article!

  • 🥇✨Solarpaw/flare✨🥇 (She/her) 🐸🟩Awesome Frogstorm's apprentice!⛈️🍏(Sols/Solsy/Solaro)😎🆒"You are NOT ready for this swag."🔱🤺 says:

    Interesting article, Wolfdawn! I love the topic!

    I agree, there are some weird things out there, and also, yeah, about the foot thing? That’s totally stumped me too; I thought they didn’t know what feet were…

    Personally, I love the prefix Sharp, but Whisker and -toe are very odd naming choices that definitely aren’t my favorite, -toe especially. Glad you covered the topic, I don’t recall many of these types of articles being made. Awesome article!

  • Yeah, you’re right about *toe* that’s just a little weird to me too? But all the rest of the suffixes are pretty normal in my opinion! Nice work anyway! 😉

  • I REALLY like this article! Nice job! 😉 Foot is a weird suffix, and whisker is generic. Sharp is weird . . . I hope you make more!

  • Brackentuft the T.M.N.T. Fan - Donnie is the best!!!!!!!! | Brackie/Bracken/Tufty | I love Umbreon and Lucario! | Huntlow forever!!!!!!! | WE DEMAND A SEASON 3 OF ROTTMNT | Mentor to the totally radical Rowanpaw!!! She/Her says:

    Great article! I agree that -toe is a very weird suffix…

  • Nice article! I also dislike the suffix -face, because it sounds like someone making fun of someone else. But Clawface, it just sounds weird.

  • I agree with most of these, especially toe. As for clawface, he is an apprentice in yellowfang’s secret, and goes by the name “clawpaw” what a mouth full!

  • I see Sneezecloud as a cute name! But everyone has their opinions, and I’m not here to change that. The only names with “feather” in it are jayfeather (no duh bc I love jayfeather) and featherwhisker. Great article! I agree with a lot of the names you don’t like.

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