[Tallstar blushingly lays his head atop a happy Jake on a rainbow background]

Were Tallstar and Jake really just friends? Spiritflight and Spiritwalker discuss by Spiritflight and Spiritwalker

Spiritflight and Spiritwalker take a look at Tallstar and Jake.

[Tallstar blushingly lays his head atop a happy Jake on a rainbow background]
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[Tallstar blushingly lays his head atop a happy Jake on a rainbow background]

Spiriflight: Hiyo! Spiritflight here, and today I am with the fabulous Spiritwalker! Today we will be discussing if Tallstar and Jake were really just “friends”, or if maybe they were actually something more, that the readers were blind to follow. Hello, Spiritwalker! How are you feeling about this article today?

Spiritwalker: I’m quite excited, I have always had a very bold opinion on Tallstar’s and Jake’s relationship with one another. Now I think the reader wants to know whether we think they were friends or more. Spiri?

Spiriflight: I agree very much, Sprits! I think we should go ahead and begin here! I will get us started. For the first part, I am very fond of both characters. Reading Tallstar’s Revenge was such a joy, and definitely amongst one of my favorite SEs. I for sure think they developed some kind of relationship along the way. At the start, they became good friends, and in my opinion, I don’t think they see anything in the lover’s sort until more of the central part of the novel. Sprits, what are your thoughts on this?

Spiritwalker: I agree with many of your opinions Spiri! As for Tallstar’s Revenge, it was one of my top five, if not my first favorite Warrior books of all! In my humble opinion, I think from the very start they had such a strong bond, and as they traveled with one another, that bond only grew! But the question is Spiri, do you romantically think of them?

Spiriflight: Of course I do. The book clearly shows how much care they have for each other, and how supportive they are. At some points, they do get on each other’s nerves, but I only ever think of it as a playful tease. The cycle was more of a Friendship vs. Relationship dynamic. I see TallstarXJake as mates more as non canon, and more of just a fandom thing (imo). But I do believe they were truly considered lovers around some period of time. The Erin’s made it seem more as a ‘best buds’ thing instead of a ‘romance’ thing at the beginning, in my honest opinion, dissolving my thoughts of them being ‘love at first sight’. Sprits, what is your overview of this whole ‘canon vs. fandom’ thing for their relationship?

Spiritwalker: This is where I must disagree with you Spiri, I have always picked up on some of the Erin’s obvious hints such as the line “Every cat I have known – He paused as Jake filled his thoughts. He pictured his old friend’s green eyes glowing with pride. Every cat I have loved has taught me the meaning of friendship and the unbending power of the warrior code.” – Tallstar, thinking about Jake and speaking during his leadership ceremony, on page 502.
In my opinion that was such an obvious sign it was canon, and such a sweet thought it was. Not to mention the many previous times he had thought of Jake so fondly, and how Kate had said that she likes to think of them as mates. So I do think that it was relatively canon! I’d like to add that while I know it wasn’t confirmed, I haven’t seen two ‘best buds’, Of the same sex, or opposite sex to be honest, share features of the bond Tallstar and Jake have shared. Can you recall any? Because I sure can’t. Back to you Spiri!

Spiriflight: Overall, for my final opinion, I think for the most part they were just best friends who had cute crushes on each other. They could of been something more, but not far enough to be mates. This ship does hold a special place in my heart, and if you read my previous article with Shadeleap, you’d of known when I talked about the two that I loved them both very much. They both have a special place in each others heart. Spiritwalker, what is your overall and final opinion on all this?

Spiritwalker: My overall opinion on this has to be that they did, if only for small period of time, saw each other as something more then just ‘best buds’, and I as well will always hold this ship close, and dear to my heart. It was so tough to read about Tallstar’s death, for as we know he is my favorite character. They had such a sweet relationship, I truly wish that they had a longer lasting relationship, and I really wish they became canon.

Spiriflight: I had an amazing time collabing on this article with you, Sprito! What do YOU fellow BlogClanners think about Tallstar and Jake? Did they have more of a friendship, or romantic relationship? Feel any need to ask questions or interested in collabing on an article, feel free to reach me at my blog email spiritflight.blogclan1@gmail.com !!!

Spiritwalker: See you next time, BlogClan!

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  • yes. i agree with this whole heartedly. i also headcanon the whole bisexual like how solarpaw/flare states.

    overall love the headcanon LGBTQ+ characters. nice article, spirit!

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