Similarities and Differences between ASC and TBC by CloudPaw

CloudPaw takes a look at The Broken Code and A Starless Clan.

Official cover art of The Broken Code arc by Owen Richardson

Hi, it’s me, CloudPaw/Song, and today we will be looking at the similarities and differences of A Starless Clan (ASC) and The Broken Code (TBC). If you have not read up to Shadow, then I’ll warn you- little spoilers! Now, I’ll admit, I’m very aware others have covered this topic in the past, although, I think enough time has passed for us to analyze this topic again.

Let’s start with the similarities. Now, I could go on and on about how similar they are, but as to not waste time, I’ll tell you the key factors of their similarities. It is best shown in the Povs. So let’s break it up into three areas, each representing a different Pov.

NightHeart (formerly FlamePaw) and RootSpring – These characters are actually very similar. (Although, I’ll admit, there are still differences) For one, they both don’t want to be seen as somebody, with NightHeart, that was FireStar, with RootSpring, it was Tree. Another similarity is that both characters struggle within their clan, we can see this in both River and Lost Stars. (As well as Sky and The Silent Thaw, but less in The Silent Thaw) I quote, “Is she telling me that I’ve failed my assessment a third time?.” This shows clear struggle, as he has failed his assessment, as we all know, twice. Why? Because the first time, he honestly messed up, but the second time, it was because he risked his life to a predator bird. SquirrelFlight chalks up her harshness to being, “we knew you could do better.” Which, why SquirrelFlight? Really? Anyways, this isn’t the reason for his struggles, as it was because FireStar. Well… not exactly. You see, they were actually more judging of him because of FireStar, as well as RootSpring had a harder time because he was related to Tree. So yeah.

SunBeam and BristleFrost – They are similar because they both liked a tom, in SunBeam’s case BlazeFire (what a silly name) and in BristleFrost’s case, StemLeaf. They both thought they would end up with the tom of their interests, but both reject them, and ask instead to just be friends. Both are heartbroken, however, both still move on, and they both get together with another Pov, In SunBeam’s case, NightHeart, and in BristleFrost’s case, RootSpring. Both, in fact, are so similar, they both feel embarrassed about the other Pov liking them, but they both return their love when they realize they like the other Pov as well. Wow… They are very similar! I wouldn’t be surprised if they are related!

FrostPaw and ShadowSight – Both want to prove they can support their clans, both are said to see visions from “StarClan” at a young age, and both find out that they never received visions from StarClan in the first place, and were never meant to. Wow again. Hehe, this part is short because I have nothing else to say here.

One more thing is that they both have much to do with StarClan, unlike that of The Prophecies Begin, and A Vision of Shadows. So yeah.

Now, there are still some differences between these two stories. I mean, the plots are different, obviously, but another, is that the plot of TBC was sort of easy to understand. There’s this one bad guy, sour because of his rejection from Squilf, who he loves, stole Brambie’s body (Mwahaha, I will now call BrambleStar Brambie from this moment onwards!) And so and so, it’s pretty easy to understand this plot. It’s actually one of only two plots in this story. Meanwhile, for ASC, it’s more complicated than that. I mean, first there’s the love situation, then there’s MistyStar’s and ReedFeather’s deaths, then there’s FrostPaw becoming a warrior apprentice instead, then there’s all the possible villains, and actually, who is the villain? We never see any characters being pointed as a villain in this arc. Is this just going to be like OoTS and have the villain be the Dark Forest? Unlikely, but possible. This isn’t like TBC, where we knew the villain was going to be the cat that was the imposter, a pretty shut and close case. But in ASC… Oh, boy. Some people believe the villain is CurlFeather, some believe it’s SplashTail, some even believe it’s going to be MapleShade or FreckleWish! In any case, there will most likely be more than one main villain, unlike that of TBC. Another difference is that in TBC the Povs are from ThunderClan, ShadowClan, and SkyClan. In ASC, they’re from ThunderClan, ShadowClan, and RiverClan. Mildly different, but still. (They need to stop focusing on ThunderClan and give our beloved WindClan a Pov in the main series! AHH! They literally have no Povs in the main series whatsoever!)

Anyways, those are some Similarities and Differences of ASC and TBC. I hope you enjoy, and if you want to further add addition to this, you can do so in the comments! CloudPaw’s a out!

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