[a full-body design of Mousefur laying down]

Rating warrior cats names/giving them new names! pt 1 by Mossclaw

Mossclaw rates warrior names from the series.

[a full-body design of Mousefur laying down]
Art by pricklycat
[a full-body design of Mousefur laying down]

Here are my ratings for some warrior cat names. Btw these are all randomly generated from the characters in the book!!
If there’s any bad grammar or mistakes please don’t correct me I usually spot it right after the post!!
1. Crowfeather. Now this name is generally pretty good, it suits the prefix and is in memory of Feathertail. Although I was pretty surprised with Crowpaw/feather and Feathertail getting along but it was great in the end. 7.5/10
Here are his new names:
– Crowfur although this name is pretty simple it suits him more than something like a gentle feather.
-Crowclaw this name is perfect for him, and his temper but it doesn’t sound good with two c’s together.

2. Mudclaw. This name is honestly perfect for him, he was a very ambitious cat and certainly deserved that suffix. 8/10
– Mudstorm maybe Mudstorm for his short-temper
– Mudblaze I think you can see the pattern, these names are based on his temper and how his personality was in the book.
– Mudfur this name is simple enough and perhaps would be given to a cat who had a different personality.

3. Tigerstar/claw. For this i’m just gonna use his warrior name. Tigerclaw was probably the most ambitious and power hungry cat in the whole series. He was also one known for excellent fighting so I have no comments for his name it’s almost perfect for him! 9.5
-Tigerstorm for his ambition

4. Feathertail. What do you know Crowfeather and Feathertail in the same post! So for this one Feathertail is probably a suitable name for her sweet personality. When I usually think of Feathertail I think of a nice kind warrior so I think the suffix really pulls her name together. 6/10
-Feathercloud sounds so light and fluffy like Feathertail!

5. Mousefur. Ew she has mice in her fur! This name honestly isn’t the best and doesn’t really suit her. But if i’m honest I feel like choosing a suffix is harder than it looks for her. 4/10
-Mousepuddle dunno if this name is much better than her first but it’s alright
-Mouseswift this name suits her for her lean body!

Now anyways that’s all I have for now i’ll be releasing a part 2 soon!!

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