[a fluffy full-body design of Bumblestripe standing]

Screaming at Bumblestripe cuz he’s toxic by Hollyshadow

Hollyshadow shares their thoughts on Bumblestripe.

[a fluffy full-body design of Bumblestripe standing]
Art by an attempt at fighting cat designs (tumblr)
[a fluffy full-body design of Bumblestripe standing]

*couGH* HELLO IM BACK after a little bit of drama where BlogClan wouldn’t let make another article ANYWAY! Here imma scream at Bumblestripe bc he was abusive towards Dovewing!!! 😀
IMPORTANT: This is not insulting the ship itself (well it kinda is lol) my point is, this is not meant to scream at Dovewing!!

Yo, WHAT? “Dovewing should’ve just given him a family” the Fandom says? Giving birth is described as torture in every book it happens in, and disregarding that, Dovewing didn’t even want a family yet! She wasn’t ready, and thats totally fine! It happens irl ALL THE TIME! ANyway, Dovewing would be forced to leave behind her warrior duties and be forced to live in a cramped nursery. She did NOT want to be a mother yet. She was still young! Bumblestripe guilt-tripped her and a Clanmate had just DIED and he was like “ay gimme kits” dude, CHILL, nows not the time! Besides, it isnt Bumblestripe’s choice. Its THEIRS, as a COUPLE.

Bumblestripe was literally trying to pressure her into having kits, pressuring her and making her feel bad. He was straight up rude to her despite her not having kits, and on top of that, like I just mentioned, Purdy had just DIED and Dovewing was mourning when Bumblestripe began to pressure her. She was still a younger warrior and most likely wanted to enjoy her time as one before having kits, and she wanted some quiet time to mourn Purdy when Bumblestripe just barged in like “AY GIMME KITS NOWWWW QUIT GRIEVING AND GIMME THEM KITS”. And even if she doesnt have kits, who cares? Just because someone wants a family doesnt mean you need to give them one. Anyways, I hate Bumblestripe.


Okay, I’d like to make it clear that Bumblestripe is the antagonist of this situation. If anyone ever, EVER tries to pressure you, GET OUT OF THERE. People doing that is NOT OKAY. There is nothing wrong with not being ready to have kits. actually, there is nothing wrong with not wanting to have kits at ALL. same goes for real life. Bumblestripe should’ve had that conversation with Dovewing about kits like a civil adult, not trying to pressure her with this “oH bUt I wAnT kIts” and “I lOvE yOu So MuCh I dEsErVe KiTs RiGhT nOw” junk.
No. Means. NO.

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