[various Dark Forest cats stare out menacingly from the forest's shadows]

Top seven smartest villains by Goldenclaw

Goldenclaw lists the smartest villains from the series.

[various Dark Forest cats stare out menacingly from the forest's shadows]
Artwork by MossclawArt
[various Dark Forest cats stare out menacingly from the forest’s shadows]

I have often wondered who was the smartest villain. This article will show who I think is the smartest. When I say smartest, I am thinking about two main things.
1: Persuasion
2: Thinking

7: Hawfrost. He persuaded mudclaw to fight against onestar’s leadership. Hawkfrost manipulated his brother into trusting him, even when he had fought for mudclaw. He then organized the fox trap. He persuaded a lot of cats to train in the dark forest, whcih is the main reason he is up here.
6: Brokenstar. Brokenstar became leader by taking out the cats in his way. He managed to get his clan to fight the rats, which killed Foxheart. He then accused windclan of stealing food, so shawdowclan fought windclan, whcih caused cloudpelt to die. He then killed raggedstar during another fight with windclan. He acted like he was sad, which I have to say was good acting. He persuaded his clan to break the code by allowing kits to be apprenticed before they were six moons old. Yellowfang said, “he could make you believe a mouse was a rabbit if he set his mind to it”. His persuasion and thinking helped him to change shawdowclan.
5: Darktail. The reason why darktail is this low is because I did not read avos. But I have heard a bit abut him. He convinced loyal warriors to leave their clan and join his kin. And in Hawkheart’s Journey, he persuaded skyclan to trust him before revealing his true nature. He had weakened their clan by using raccoons that were drawn to the food that he layed around their territory. His persuasion is exceptional.
4: Sol. Sol managed to make shadowclan stop following starclan. He also went to thunderclan and manipulated the three.
3: Tigerstar. Tigerstar is the main villain. So you might wonder why he’s only in third place. He was smart, but a lot of his power came from his strength. But nevertheless, he thought of clever ways to kill cats. he worked with the kitten killer, brokenstar. Also, he sneakily killed redtail, and got shadowclan to kill lionheart. After he became deputy, he persuaded shadowclan rogues to work for him. They managed to take over shadowclan. Then he constructed the plan with the dogs. In the new prophecy, he manipulated his sons. He has thought of many smart plans which have worked.
2: Mapleshade. Mapleshade succeded in life. She steathily killed ravenwing. Then she killed frecklewish by letting the snakes out of a guarded hole in snakerocks. When she was dead, she started ruling the dark forest until tigerstar came. WHcih brings me to why mapleshade is higher than tigerstar. She whispered in his head in Tigerclaw’s Fury.
1: Ashfur is easily number one. He found powers that cats who had been dead for a long time had not found. Like, slipping into another cat’s body, or shaping the barrier. Also, he persuaded evil dark forest cats to help him. He manipulated the clans to exile cats. Overall, he has been the worst villain because of his intelligence.

Hope you enjoyed this. This might be my first article.

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