[Ivypool looks out from amidst the forest's ground foliage]

Ivypool’s Heart Spoiler page

Official spoiler page for Super Edition #17, Ivypool’s Heart.

[Ivypool looks out from amidst the forest's ground foliage]
[Ivypool looks out from amidst the forest’s ground foliage]

Set during A Starless Clan #6: Star, Ivypool is still grieving the loss of Bristlefrost. When Whistlepaw receives a disturbing vision, she joins a group of cats selected to investigate it. Join Ivypool on her journey through the world and through her acceptance this September!

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  • YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sorry 🙂
    Ivypool is my FAVORITE character (alongside Jayfeather), so I’m so excited!
    The blurb on the website (https://warriorcats.com/content/article/ivypool-s-heart-the-details) was pretty long and revealing, though.

    **SPOILERS** (on a spoiler page, haha)

    Bristlefrost is also one of my favorite characters (ALITM was DEVASTATING). I can’t wait to see how Ivy deals with the situation.


  • time for me to ramble about theories

    #1-bristlefrost gets reincarnated or just brought back
    i mean cmon guys we all saw this coming with the blurb

    #2-lions? tigers? bears? oh my i swear it’s gonna be one of those animals in the house they mention in the blurb 😛

    #3-this isn’t a theory but I’d love to see more of her and Fernsong’s relationship <3

    anyway that's my rambling late at night right before i go to sleep sooo 😛

    (also dodos, should the page cover be updated with the official cover now that they've released it on the official warriors site?)

  • DID ANYONE ELSE SEE THE COVER??? it’s gorgeoussssss
    i’ll admit i didn’t love it at first 😛 but it’s grown on me more than i thought it would

  • Yes if bristle comes back, wait… If Bristle comes back *looks horrid* Tigerstar(#1) will be able to come back to………………..

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