[image description: a collage of Rusty sitting, Graypaw on his hind legs, Bluestar calling out, and Brambleclaw's eyes above them]

Lynxpaw interviews: About Warriors by Lynxpaw

Lynxpaw interviews BlogClanners about different things in Warriors.

[image description: a collage of Rusty sitting, Graypaw on his hind legs, Bluestar calling out, and Brambleclaw's eyes above them]
Official art from the official Warrior Cats site (Illustrator: Wayne McLoughlin)
[image description: a collage of Rusty sitting, Graypaw on his hind legs, Bluestar calling out, and Brambleclaw’s eyes above them]

Welcome to another article by me, Lynxpaw/claw. It’s been a while since my last one, but here it is, my thirteenth article!
This is another article in my Lynxpaw interviews-series. In the three published ones, I’ve done Leafpool vs Squirrelflight, Ivypool vs Dovewing, and opinion on SkyClan.
Today it’s about BlogClanner’s favourite and least favourite things in Warriors.

The four wonderful BlogClanners who I’ve interviewed this time, are:

And myself- Lynxpaw/claw

We’ll answer these questions:
Favourite and least favourite cat? Why?
Favourite and least favourite Clan? Why?
Favourite and least favourite arc? Why?
Favourite and least favourite book? Why?
Favourite and least favourite ship? Why?

Let’s start!

Favourite and least favourite cat? Why?

Hazelpaw: I don’t really have a favourite cat, but there’s a few I like very much! Like Cinderpelt, Sandstorm, Hollyleaf, Frostpaw, Violet Dawn and many others! I don’t really know why I like them, they just give off good vibes I guess. 😛 As for my least favourite cat, it’s One Eye. I absolutely despise him, he’s such a- okay, i better not continue down that track. I just dislike every part of his character.
Pantherpaw: Needletail is my absolute fav cat! She is a lot like me, and she changed a lot from the ‘evil’ cat following Darktail to the cat that sacrificed herself for a friend <3
Least favorite? Probably Darkstripe. He follows Tigerstar 1 blindly, killed Stonefur, and poisoned an innocent kit!! I just hate this guy.
Addersong: My favorite cat is Firestar. I know that many people don’t like him, but for me he’s the one who made me fall in love with the series and I really appreciate him for having the courage to leave his comfortable home and follow his call into the wild. He tried his best to make things right and even if he didn’t succeed every time, he kept listening to his heart. I also think he was the best ThunderClan leader. I mean, he led not only his Clan, but all the Clans through the great journey. I’m basic, but he’s a very good tom in my opinion.
My least favorite cat is Goosefeather because I just can’t stand him. I haven’t read his novella, but I hated him in Bluestar’s Prophecy and Crookedstar’s Promise. He is why Crookedstar had the accident! And he is the one who constantly reminded Bluestar of that stupid prophecy! I don’t like him.
Rosepaw Favorite cat? Jayfeather! Runner ups are Gray Wing or Riverstar. 🙂
Least favorite cat: Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I despise him!
Lynxpaw: Favourite? Hollyleaf! She’s such an amazing character! I know many don’t like her, but she is just misunderstood. Runners up: Ivypool, Sandstorm, Jayfeather, Yellowfang, Grey Wing and Needletail.
Least favourite: Dovewing. She’s just weird and whiny. She left her Clan to be with Tigerstar, after all she’d been through for ThunderClan. Seriously?

Favourite and least favourite Clan? Why?

Hazelpaw: My favourite clan is either SkyClan or RiverClan! I just like both of their hunting techniques and territories so much, I could totally see myself fit in in either of them. 🙂 My least favourite clan is either ThunderClan or ShadowClan, ThunderClan because they’re severely overused and ShadowClan just because they are displayed as jerks, I’d quite like the Clan if it wasn’t for that
Pantherpaw: I think that ShadowClan is treated very unfairly in the books, and I just love how they are different from the other clans! ShadowClan is definitely my favorite clan.
Least favorite? ThunderClan. Three quarters of the POVs are from ThunderClan, they stick their noses in other’s business, and they are the literal definition of ‘goody-two-paws’. Yes, some really good characters are in ThunderClan, but in general, I just don’t really like it.
Addersong: My favorite Clan used to be ThunderClan, but arc 6 ruined it, so now I think I love RiverClan. They’re just very chilling all the time. 😛
My least favorite clan is probably WindClan. I just find all the cats there (except for Crowfeather!!) extremely unpleasant.
Rosepaw Favourite: BlogClan LOL RiverClan.
Least favorite Clan: SkyClan is my least fav living clan bc it’s a plot device and is the runner up to TC on cats that have so little personality, they were just put there for the sake of being put there. But StarClan is my least fav Clan overall because STARCLAN IS THE WORST CLAN! (Hint: type that into the BlogClan search bar LOL)
Lynxpaw: I love all the Clans. But if I were a Warrior cat, I’d like to be in ShadowClan, since I like their special skills. I don’t like the characters there, though.
RiverClan is boring. I like SkyClan’s skills, but not the cats. I honestly like ThunderClan. Yes, I’m a little tired of them, but I know the characters, and a lot of them are good.
WindClan is my least favourite Clan.

Favourite and least favourite arc? Why?

Hazelpaw: My favourite arc is TNP! It’s one of the original arcs, before there were too many books and the new writers team, I just love the nostalgia that lies within it. My least favourite arc is AVoS, the last three books just completely ruined it (it was never even good to begin with), and it was just so hard to get through.
Pantherpaw: Favourite arc? My favorite arc is probably TNP. I love how they were all grouped together by important cats from their Clan, I love how the Tribe of Rushing Water is included a lot, how Feathertail is the silver cat (smth like that), and how Midnight is a badger that can speak cat. 😛
Least favorite? Probably TBC. It had a really interesting plot, but it was just too spiritual for me. I mean, yes, I adore plenty of characters in that arc, but it was kinda confusing. Like: oh, time to dream into the DF. OH NO I CAN’T GET OUT- over and over again
Addersong: My favorite arc is The New Prophecy because it centers a lot of my favorite characters and I just loved the journey to the sun-down-place! All the six of them start off being very reticent to each other and end up being like a family. Oh, and Feathertail’s death… so sad… And don’t forget about Leaf x Crow! Yeah, so many good things happen in this arc.
My least favorite arc is A Vision of Shadows because I don’t like any of the characters and it ruined all the clans in my opinion.
Rosepaw Favorite arc: OoTS or Dawn of the Clans
Least favorite arc: AVoS or PoT, because in PoT even though the books are good, it’s not necessary, it’s not an arc on its own cuz it and OotS lean of each other for plot. 🙁
Lynxpaw: My favourite arc is probably Omen of the Stars, because there aren’t to many cats, *cough* The Broken Code *cough*, and with not to many background characters, we get to know them more. Also, in Omen of the Stars, we still see much of cats like Dustpelt, Sandstorm, Tawnypelt, Squirrelflight, Brambleclaw and other cats we know well. There aren’t a lot of new characters we don’t know anything about. And, we get to see old favourites, like Bluestar, Lionheart, Hawkfrost, Tigerstar, and others from the first arcs.
My least favourite arc: Hmm…. tough one. Maybe A Vision of Shadows, I found it kind of boring, especially the first book where they only journey to SkyClan’s old territory, and Sandstorm dies 🙁 I didn’t like the plot with bringing a new Clan to the forest either. We get to many background characters!

Favourite and least favourite book? Why?

Hazelpaw: My favourite book has to be Into the Wild! It’s the book that first got me into warriors, and it holds a great bit of nostalgia. My least favourite book is one of of the last three in AVoS, I can’t decide which since they’re all equally bad
Pantherpaw: Favourite: Hmm . . . probably Tigerheart’s Shadow. I know a lot of people don’t like Tigerheart, but I personally think he’s fine. I loved his super edition, especially the guardian cats!
Least favorite? I don’t have one, actually! 😛
Addersong: My favorite book is The Forest of Secrets because it was a roller coaster of emotions for me! First, I cried my eyes out when Silverstream died, then I was so happy because Tigerstar has been unmasked, then I cried again when Graystripe left. I love it!
My least favorite book is Apprentice’s quest because I found Alderheart very boring and I HATED the way Sandstorm died! She deserved better than that!
Rosepaw Favorite book? The Last Hope or Path Of Stars
Least Favorite book? uh ummm idk maybe Midnight? It’s just kinda sad
Lynxpaw: Favourite: The Last Hope! I really loved it!
Least favourite: I don’t hate any warriors books, but my least favourites are: The fourth Apprentice, The Apprentice’s quest and Tigerheart’s Shadow. All of those include a lot of boring travelling, and I don’t like DoveXTiger, so Tigerheart’s Shadow wasn’t really the best.

Favourite and least favourite ship? Why?

Hazelpaw: My favourite ship….this is hard…maybe CloudxBright? I love how supportive Cloudtail was of Brightheart after the dog attack, and even came up with new battle techniques so she could be as good a warrior as anyone else. My least favourite ship is probably PinexLeopard, Pinestar is older then Leopardfoot’s parents, and when she has his kits he leaves ThunderClan to go be a kittypet?!! Pinestar, do you not care about your ‘mate’ at all?!!!!
Pantherpaw: Favorite ship? BillystormxLeafstar! I think that this is a really genuine ship and that they are amazing parents. I absolutely love these guys! 🙂
Least favorite? This is really obvious, but . . . . ThistlexSpotted. This isn’t an appropriate topic on the blog, so I won’t elaborate.
Addersong: My favorite ship is Leaf x Crow. I don’t really know how to explain why I love them so much, but I felt so much for them in Twilight! I think they truly loved each other, even after Leafpool chose her Clan over Crowfeather.
My least favorite ship is… Poppy x Berry? I really don’t like how Berrynose started his relationship with Poppyfrost right after Honeyfern died.
Rosepaw Favorite ship: Gray X Slate cuz they are so developed and like genuine
Least favorite ship: Dove X Tiger literally Tigerheart not cool he try force Dove into a relationship
Lynxpaw: My favourite ship is IvyXFern, I loved how Fernsong took on the role as a queen, and I’d like to see a novella from his time in the nursery.
My least favourite is probably ThistlexSpotted, it’s weird. I also really dislike DoveXTiger.

The results:
Time to wrap this up!

Favourite cat:
Hollyleaf, with two votes.

Least favourite cat:
One Eye, Darkstripe, Goosefeather, Rock and Dovewing with one vote each.

Favourite Clan:
RiverClan, with three votes.

Least favourite Clan?
ThunderClan and WindClan, with two votes each.

Favourite arc:
The New Prophecy, with three votes.

Least favourite arc:
A Vision of Shadows, with four votes.

Favourite book:
The Last Hope, with two votes.

Least favourite book?
The Apprentice’s Quest, with two votes.

Favourite ship?
IvyXFern, CrowXLeaf, LeafXBilly, SlateXGrey and CloudXBright, with one vote each.

Least favourite ship?
ThistlexSpotted, with two votes.

Thank you so much; Panthi, Haxel, Rosie and Adds! Hope I see you around in more interview articles!

Well, that was the end of this interview article. What did you think? Did you agree with the results? Tell me in the comments!
If you want to be in one of these articles, let me know. I can’t guarantee you’ll get a place. I post a link to one of these on the tavern every two-three weeks or so.

Thanks for reading!
Lynxpaw out!

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