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Giving Percy Jackson characters warrior names by DawnStorm

DawnStorm gives warrior names to characters from the Percy Jackson series.

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Hi! I’m going to be telling what I think some of the Percy Jackson characters should be named if they were warriors!
1. Perseus Jackson (Percy)
Percy is the son of Poseidon and the main character in the “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” series. His father is Poseidon who is the god of water. So I think Percy’s name should do with water.. Wave, Fish, Sea, Water, Ocean.. Wave sounds nice. WaveStorm would fit him for his strong brave personality like a storm. WaveStrike for his swords work. He is a great swordsman. WaveStrike. Tell me if you can think of any better one’s
2. Annabeth Chase
Annabeth is the daughter of Athena. Annabeth is somewhat known for there smarts. So I will have there suffix be Sage or Thorn.. because those both mean intelligent but Sage means calm and intelligent. So I will go with Thorn. In the books she is told to be beautiful with princess like blonde hair. So maybe BriarThorn? PetalThorn? Oh I know!! HollyThorn!
3. Grover Underwood
He’s a satyr. (Half goat half human)
So it just makes sense that his prefix is Goat. Goatleg maybe. It’s simple but its true! He has goat legs. There we have it Goatleg.
4. Clarisse La Rue
She’s the daughter of Ares and is very strong and confident. Bee or Badger could work for her. They are both aggressive creatures. Badgers are strong and aggressive so her prefix will be Badger. Badgerclaw would fit her well. Because she is great in battle (her daddies the
literal god of war) and because it is also a kinda aggressive and independent suffix (tigerclaw/star). Badgerclaw it is.
6. Nico Di Angelo
Nico is the son of Hades god of death and all that kinda stuff. Nico can control dead stuff too. So his prefix will have to go with that. Bone could work because of skeletons. Or Fallen because of like the dead people who have fallen.. yeah. Okay I’ll use bone cause that’s too like harsh. Fallen is way way to harsh. 😅. Bone will be the suffix. Nico has black hair. Maybe black for the suffix. I also kinda think he’s emo so. Haha. Blackbone for Nico.

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