Happy Birthday, Lilykit!

Hi Lilykit!

I’m here to wish you a super happy birthday. All of us at BlogClan hope you have had a lovely day – have you done anything fun to celebrate? Do you have any plans?

Here are a couple of gifts from your fellow BlogClanners:

From Irisflower:

In golden dawn, a precious soul was born, Lilykit, a beacon of light to adorn, with gentle paws, she dances through the day, bring joy and laughter, lighting up the way.

Her spirit shines, like moonbeams on the lake, eyes as bright as stars, dreams she’ll never break, with a heart so pure, and a voice so kind, Lilykit, may happiness be forever twined.”

photo of a three-tiered white cake with gold accents and white lilies

From Rosefern:

“Happy valentine’s day birthday, Lilykit! Have a happy birthday and a happy valentine’s day!!! I hope you enjoy my little gift for ya!”

brown cupcake with blue wrapper, purple frosting, and an oreo cookie on top

moonbreeze (she/her) 🌙🪼 | the (very busy) nta mod!!