Happy Birthday, Rainbowpaw!

Rainbowpaw!! It’s your birthday!!

How’s your day been so far? Do you have any fun plans with friends or a dessert you’re most looking forward to eating? We’d love to hear all about it if you’re interested in sharing 😀

Here’s a gift from the lovely Irisflower:

“In the realm of colors, joy’s ever bright, Rainbowpaw, your spirit shines like light, With grace and love, you paint the day, Guiding BlogClan on their glorious way.

Your creativity spreads, a vibrant haze, A gentle whisper in the woodland maze, With every verse, you weave a tale so true, A testament to the magic within you.”

bright rainbow layered cake decorated with various candies

moonbreeze (she/her) 🌙🪼 | the (very busy) nta mod!!