My favorite warriors quotes! by Crystal’heart

Crystal’heart lists their favourite quotes from the series.

Artwork by Wayne McLoughlin

Ok,Now this will be my first article so I hope u like it! I will show you some of my favorite quotes from warriors! So lets begin!

1. ” Kill me. Kill me and live with The memory. Then tell the stars that you von” -Graywing,DOTC 3#-

2. ” There’s more to being a warrior than killing. A true warrior,The best warrior isn’t cruel or mean.He doesen’t claw an enemy that can’t fight back. Where’s the honor in that?” -Forest of secrets-

3. “If i die as an appretice,I will go down fighting as a warrior!”-Swiftpaw before he died. A dangerous path-

4. “We cannot change our destiny Leafpool. We only have to know them and accept them.” -Cinderpelt to Leafpool in the badger attack.-

5. “They’ll fight harder. My warriors only have one life to lose and they are willing to give it up for their clanmates. I’m no different. My place is beside them.- Firestar to Sandstorm. The last hope-

6. ” Run! Now! Make this count Violetpaw!-Needletail to Violetpaw. Shatterd sky/ ice-

7. ” They’ll forgive us for The attack,then hate us for some other reason.Just as the other clans will.The four clans will be enemies to the end. And yet we all want the same things:prey to hunt,a safe territory to raise our kits, and a place to share dreams with our ancestors. Why must we hate one another over such simple desiers?” -Pinestar to Bluestar in Bluestar’s prophetsy-

8.” You didn’t wait for me..”
“I could not”
“You couldent risk the whole clans safity”
“If it only was my life,i would’ve waited”
– Graystripe to Firestar. The vision-

9. ” Because of you?You act like you brought us here! Have you forgotten that we did this together? Who saved Quick water from drowning? I did. Who saved Jagged peak from the eagle? Graywing. We protected eachother. No cat is more inportant than the other. No cat exept Stoneteller. She speaks with the ancients. She’s wiser than you’ll ever be! – Falling feather to Clear sky.-

10. ” How could any cat starve here? Wanting more is just greedy!” – Rainswept flower to Clear sky in the great battle-

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