Giving Bluey Characters Warrior Names by Eaglefrost

Eaglefrost gives warrior names to characters from Bluey.

Promotional poster for Bluey

For this article, I will be giving Bluey characters Warrior names.

Bluey would be Bluekit. I know, this is kind of a cop-out, calling her Blue, but what better name for her than Bluekit? I wondered if maybe she’d be Bluepaw by now, but according to the BlogClan age system, because she is still in elementary school, or the Australian equivalent of elementary school, she would be Bluekit. I imagine her warrior name would be Bluejump because she’s so energetic. I feel like she would make a good SkyClan cat because I feel like she would have strong legs to jump.

Bingo would be Redkit. I chose Redkit because she is a Red Heeler. Maybe another cop-out, but since she is a Red Heeler, what better name for her than Redkit? I feel like her warrior name would be Redfall. I don’t know why I thought it would be fall, I just thought it flowed well and was pretty.

Bandit would be Badgermask. I don’t really know why I think Badger fits, but I see him having a strong prefix like Badger. Mask is because a lot of “bandits” wear masks, so I thought that would fit him.

Chili would be Cherryfur because her fur is red like Bingo’s. Cherry was chosen because of her first name starting with C.

Bluey’s cousin Muffin would be called Swiftkit because she is very energetic and playful.

Muffin’s sister Socks would be called Stormkit because her fur is a dark color, like a storm.

Bluey’s aunt, Trixie, would be called Grayspots because her fur is gray and she has three prominent spots on her stomach.

Bluey’s uncle, Stripe, would be called Bluestripe because his fur is blue. I threw in stripe as his suffix because that’s his actual name in the show.

Bluey’s grandma, Nana, would be Nightbreeze because she has darker colored fur. I don’t really know why I picked breeze for the suffix but it seemed to fit and flow well.

Bluey’s friend Indy would be called Longkit because of her long brown fur. I imagine her warrior name would be Longfur.

Bluey’s friend Coco would be Cloudkit because of her fluffy, cloud-like hair.

Bluey’s friend Snickers would be Tallkit because he’s a Wiener dog.

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