[Goosefeather looks up as he lays down while the outlines of StarClan cats bear down on him]

Paradise…or is it? by Honeyfrost

Honeyfrost takes a look at StarClan.

[Goosefeather looks up as he lays down while the outlines of StarClan cats bear down on him]
Art by winifreyd (Twitter)
[Goosefeather looks up as he lays down while the outlines of StarClan cats bear down on him]

Welcome, one and all! Another article from Honeyfrost! I wanted to try out an article where I am REALLY thinking this through. Let me know what you think! I am writing so many of these to make up for the lack of my fanfictions, f.y.i.

Now you must have gathered that this article has something to do with StarClan. We all know that StarClan is the Clan that is in ‘Silverpelt’ which is full of dead ancestors/ancients that can help guide the living Clans, with it being either omens, prophecies, or dreams…and that’s basically the only consistent thing about it. StarClan could be said to be “cat heaven”. It’s where all quote-unquote ‘good’ cats go unless they’ve somehow managed to get themselves in the Dark Forest instead. For an example of this, think of how a few cats trained in the DF. Now let’s follow this through.
“Then all evil cats go to the Dark Forest.” Well, I counter with this: Are all evil cats in the Dark Forest? Are there any evil rogues (Bone, Scourge etc.)? Have you ever noticed that many questionably good cats are in StarClan? We’ve also got confirmation that other cats regardless of Clan status go somewhere where they die, mainly Jake, Firestar’s father. StarClan, and by extension, the Dark Forest, are just places that Clan cats go. And the Tribe of Endless Hunting is where the Tribe cats go, with the exception of Feathertail.
So StarClan is just a group of dead cats living in a perfect, borderless space paradise and the Dark Forest is a lifeless, prey-free, horrible place where cats who don’t like StarClan (or are sent by Starclan) go….and then they die. There is something a little weird that I wanted to touch upon. Dark Forest cats are slowly disintegrating as cats forget them but my question is, which cats? Do they have to be alive? Probably not, and cats like Shadowstar and Skystar are still alive in StarClan, but the ghost of Mapleshade, who’s much much younger, is fading away.

The cats in StarClan are only there because other cats remember them. That doesn’t explain how cats like Sootfur and Rainwhisker go to StarClan at all regardless. At one point, Rock comes up from his personal hell of the tunnels underneath the lake territory and yells at all the cats for remembering bad cats as if it’s a good thing to completely forget when horrible things happen. Remembering anyone just keeps their ghost alive and dead cats remembering you works out fine too. So the cats who are fading away really have no excuse if they remember each other, in fact it makes no sense whatsoever.

Speaking of ghosts, there are also ghosts (HOW). Literal dead cats who just hang around and don’t go to StarClan that no one cat see. No one except for this one cat named Tree (Rootspring??) So anyway, back to ghosts. So they go up to StarClan after they’ve finished their buisness or whatever and if they are Clan cats they can fade away and die a second time. Why do cats die twice? Mystery. The dead cats are also on a seemingly lower level than StarClan in a not-quite-dead-yet sort of way. This whole fading away thing was clearly not a plot point until Omen of the Stars, up until that point we just believed that cats just live in the sky forever.

So, to recap, the warrior cat is born, the warrior cat dies, the warrior cat goes to StarClan, and the warrior cat dies again although very slowly unless someone literally murders their ghost which also can happen. I also forgot to talk about the murdering-of-the-ghosts part. Yeah, other ghosts can murder ghosts. Anyways, born. Die. Die again in StarClan, and then wooosh. Into the wind. Their spirit is forever gone. And at that point, the cat is totally dead. Never coming back.

To summarize, Starclan is messed up and disorganized. Thank you for reading, love Honeyfrost!

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