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A Beginner’s Guide to BlogClan by Amberpaw

Amberpaw shares a guide for new BlogClanners.

BlogClan logo made by ShadowFlower
BlogClan logo made by ShadowFlower

Hi there! It’s Amberpaw/flight’s eighth article, and today I will introduce BlogClan to our new members. The first thing I saw when I entered BlogClan a few months ago was ARTICLES. The first thing you might want to know when you see a whole page full of articles is, where do I write my own articles? We’ll cover that later.

The first thing you should work on is your warrior name. In BlogClan you get to make your own warrior name. You can attach traditional prefixes and suffixes or new and unique ones to your name.

After you’ve set up your warrior name, it’s time to create an account. Technically, you don’t need to create an account to comment under an article, but it allows you to organize all your comments under one account and, most of all, to become an official member of BlogClan. You can do this by locating the orange bar on the top of the page and clicking on the button at the far right of that column. Then click “register,” set your username (it can be your warrior name), and you’re done!

Now it’s time to get to know each other! Hover your mouse over the “New Member?” column and check out the Welcome page and Introduce Yourself page! This is a great opportunity to let other people know you’ve entered BlogClan and to make new friends. Don’t be afraid to talk; BlogClan is a caring community, and everyone will be there to help you! After all, they were once beginners of BlogClan too!

Once you’ve done that, check out my favorite part of BlogClan – the Allegiances! You can find it right below the “Introduce Yourself” button. If you’ve read a few Warriors books, you probably know that this is the place you get your warrior name on! You can view specific details on that page, written by two of our wonderful moderators. Moderators are BlogClanners who help secure our healthy BlogClan atmosphere by going over articles and comments to make sure they’re appropriate. Make sure you give them respect and patience!

The second section of BlogClan is the “Need Company?” column. This is where you chat about Warriors and other things in life. I know there are a lot of pages, so make sure you check out every page and comment in the right place. Whenever you feel enlightened or depressed, this section is always the place to seek comfort.

And then we get to the exciting part – “Feeling Creative?” This is where you share your Fan Fiction, submit your articles, host your very own Warriors Games, and more! Our mods have also set out two independent games – the NTA and the Rotation! We also have the Trailing Stars, a story created through the collaboration of BlogClanners for several months.

Next up we have the Blog Monthly (check it out for specific details) and calendars. The calendars section is where you can submit your own birthday and Clanniversary (the day you joined the Blog) dates. Like the Allegiances, don’t forget to repost during the repost months, and our Birthday and Clanniversary mods will host your celebration in the form of articles.

And that’s all! I hope this article helped you navigate through BlogClan and I’ll get to know you better. Oh, and there’s one more thing I missed since it was not in the orange bar: secret pages! *dramatic gasp* *suspenseful background music* Secret pages are secret – you track them down through pictures and links – just click on an image, and maybe it will reveal a secret page. Because this is sort of a tedious method, there’s a trick you can use! Just google “BlogClan sps,” and you will get an overflow of secret pages. (Pretend I didn’t say that.) Once you’ve located a secret page, you can claim it as your own before creating your own Clan and hosting Warrior Games directly on that page. However, to prevent disputes, you can only claim a secret page if it has had no comments for one year.

After you’ve claimed a secret page, you can copy the link and insert it in the “website” column on your personal page (the one you were directed to after registering). That way, when a BlogClanner clicks on your name, they will be taken to your secret page, where you can chat secretly (still under mod control, though :P).

And that’s all for this article! I hope you learned a lot, and see you soon.

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