Scenarios of the clans by CloudPaw

CloudPaw and their friend HiddenFlame wonders what would’ve happened if certain events didn’t happen.

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[Collage of all six clan logos]

Hewo! It’s me, CloudPaw/Song, and now, we will talk about some things that could’ve happened in Warriors, but didn’t! Keep in mind that I am going to be trying out the most likely scenarios & also some far-fetched ones, as well as wondering what the cats could’ve/would’ve done. Now, let us start! (Also, I’ll be discussing this with one of meh friends, who, btw, is NOT a BlogClanner! They’re called HiddenFlame, or, by BlogClan standards, HiddenPaw!)

Scenario 1 – SnowKit didn’t get taken by the hawk-
Meh: I think what most likely would’ve happened is that SnowKit would live his life as usual. Of course, CloudKit might get on his nerves a bit, with how energetic he is. Later in his life, when he’s SnowPaw, maybe BlueStar starts to criticize him, maybe call him something mean, like useless, cause- BrightPaw renamed LostFace- yeah. SnowPaw most likely would have not been as rebellious as SwiftPaw, just cause. But, maybe because BlueStar criticized him, he’d work extra hard. Of course, he’d probably look up to one of the older apprentices. He might be devastated when SwiftPaw died, and he might have been determined to take down TigerClan and BloodClan! He’d also be one of those apprentices who attack Bone! Maybe like all the other apprentices, he’d be named late. I dunno, something like SnowEar, because, well- he’s deaf, and SnowEar sounds like “no ear” and it sounds like something BlueStar would do in her crazed state. Or FireStar might also do that. anyways, yeah.

Hidden: “OoOh, maybe something like that, or maybe he could have become an apprentice and been able to contribute to ThunderClan in a unique way, thanks to his deafness. maybe he’d have had to learn some sort of cat sign language or developed some other way of communicating with his clanmates. He’d definitely have faced challenges as a deaf cat because hearing is so important for survival. Like you said, he may have had to work extra hard to prove himself & to try to find his place within the Clan. No matter what, he could have become a beloved member of the Clan, even with his disability. I don’t know as much as what he’d have to do with Swifty, but I think he wouldn’t be as scarred as you said he would

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