[a collage of cats from the first print of covers surrounding the Warriors logo]

Warrior cat flaws! by Zealpelt

Zealpelt lists some mistakes they noticed in the books.

[a collage of cats from the first print of covers surrounding the Warriors logo]
Official art by Wayne McLoughlin, edited by unknown
[a collage of cats from the first print of covers surrounding the Warriors logo]

Hello this is Zealpelt and today I will be writing an article about the flaws in warriors, enjoy!!!

1.Bluestar’s kits. (Spoilers) For Redtails debt and Bluestars’s prophecy.

So I was reading Redtails debt and it said that Bluefur lost her kits to a fox! But we all know that she gave them away to Oakheart and to Riverclan. And the flaw in this was that all of a sudden Riverclan had two kits, the exact name of the two Thunderclan kits that had died! And don’t tell me because Mosskit was died that it was different because it’s not!

2. Rawonstars gender?
So a long time ago my sister was reading through the allegations and she saw that Rawonclaw was a female? And then he suddenly became a male? Am a little confused 😕? Maybe Shadowclan was low on toms? That’s all I really have to say for this one!

3. Eye colors.
Ok I know you all saw this one coming! Warriors can never pick an eye color! First of all everyone knows about Dovewing and that situation of green to blue! Let me just tell you something real quick Ivypool would look better with green eyes because of *Ivy* and Dove would look better with blue. And don’t get me started on Crowfeathers!

4. windclan.
This one is about how Windclan went to tunneling and then none at all? I just feel like something was lost there? They could have taken it so far and other clans could have jobs like that too, not tunneling of course thought. Like Windclan could have had an underground camp for shelter from storms or they could confuse their attacks!

5. Graypaw.
So a long time ago in warriors Graypaw caught a fish? I don’t remember what book it was in but it was in an old series. And like the tunnels in Windclan that were lost this was to! Now Riverclan is the only clan that hunts fish! Maybe thunderclan doesn’t like fish or something but it was just a little strange that they never talk about it afterwards?

Well I guess this is goodbye see you all later and I hope starclan lights your path and please post a comment or question in the comments below!!!! Bye 😘

Ps: Do you want a part two?

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