Official logo for Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard

Giving MC and The Gods Of Asgard warrior names by Honeyfrost

Honeyfrost gives warrior names to characters from Rick Riordan’s Norse series, Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard.

Official logo for Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard
Official logo for Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard

Guess who’s back? Your favorite warrior, Honeyfrost (jk)! This one is just going to be silly, I promise.
Now to start, we shall begin with explaining. So I recently read Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard (This was written December 6th) and I must make them warriors mwahahaha

The main character is Magnus Chase (obviously) and Annabeth Chase’s cousin (which is-). He is sixteen years old, a former homeless teen, and…he’s dead (this is NOT a spoiler, I promise!) Since he is the son of Frey (Norse God; making him a Norse demigod), it should start with medicine…Clover. How about Cloverfrost?

Next on to Samirah al-Abbas! We’ll just call her Sam, that’s what she’s called in the books anyway 😛. She is the Muslim demi-god daughter of Loki. She (used) to be a Valkyrie, then I THINK she becomes a Valkyrie again. She’s got a heart of fire and is very tough so Emberclaw?

Now to T.J. or otherwise known as Thomas Jefferson Jr. He is the Norse demi-god of Tyr. Thomas Jefferson Jr. was a Union soldier, and he died in the Civil War. He is also one of Odin’s Einherjar. He means a lot to me (a reminder of my brother) and his name would be meaningful, at least for me. I feel like his prefix would be Eagle, for freedom. So he shall be dubbed Sir Eagleheart.

Next up is…*drum roll please* Hearth! Hearth is a deaf elf and a user of Rune Magic. He is the brother of Andiron and the son of Alderman and Greta. At his birth, he was rejected because of his blindness.
Technically his full name is Hearthstone, so his prefix will be Stone. I feel like we should hint towards his blindness, so we will go with Stonesight.

Now it is the Blitzen time! So Blitzen, otherwise known as Blitz, is the Norse demigod of Freya (which would make him Magnus Chase’s half-cousin??) and a dwarf, Bili. He lost his father to Fenrir, the wolf. So Blitzen is very fashion-y and the only way I can mention that in “Warrior Cat’s World” is using Snip…so- He’ll be named Snipwind.

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