[a realistic and primarily black-furred design of Mapleshade walking with her head low]

Mapleshade’s Innocence by Honeyfrost

Honeyfrost takes a look at Mapleshade’s actions.

[a realistic and primarily black-furred design of Mapleshade walking with her head low]
Artwork by Lithestep
[a realistic and primarily black-furred design of Mapleshade walking with her head low]

So I may or may not have a problem. I’m writing too many of these articles, I swear xD
Anyway, this one will focus on Mapleshade. I know this topic has been focused on a lot recently;y, but I wanted to join in with my evaluation, and some of my opinions

So. She murdered “innocent cats”, right? But did she? I mean..how would you feel if you just watched your kits or children die? And someone that could have saved them DIDN’T save them? And that cat was your mate. Wouldn’t you feel betrayed? Wouldn’t you want to get back at him? Wouldn’t you want revenge?
She went overboard killing all those cats…so I guess she deserves to be in the Dark Forest. But shouldn’t StarClan let her see her kits? For example, Ashfur was in StarClan for loving too much. They both loved too much!
I do believe revenge doesn’t do anything good, when you ‘get back at someone’ what does it do? Make you feel better, in the least? It NEVER fixes anything…and almost always makes the situation worse. Forgiveness is something that should always be considered.

Not only were Mapleshade’s kits innocent, but so were Reedshine’s. If you think about it, both litters are technically siblings (not relevant). You should never, I mean NEVER, kill children because of the death of your own. That is just WRONG (I would like to state that Maple ALMOST killed Reedshine’s kits’).
Overall, she was responsible for the deaths of (maybe not so much her kits??) Ravenwing, Frecklewish, and Appledusk. The thing that contradicts this is that she was not mentally…well there? She was hearing the VOICES of her kits…I mean-
Nonetheless, millions of people struggle with mental health all around the world, and barely (there are some-) kill others because of that. Just because she had something…a disorder, or whatever, does NOT excuse her killing others.

In the end of this, murder should not be pushed over. You don’t just push it aside until it’s forgotten about. You need to deal with it WHEN IT HAPPENS. Sure, Oakstar exiled Mapleshade and her kits’ into a storm, but he didn’t mean to kill them. Mapleshade knew what she was doing, and went on with it anyway.
This doesn’t mean I dislike her character, I LOVE her! She had EVERY RIGHT to feel betrayed by Oakstar, Ravenwing, and (especially) Appledusk. I wanted to finish by stating everything she has done.
~ She didn’t LIE to Thunderclan about the father of her kits, but she still let them believe that Birchface was the father of Patchkit, Petalkit, and Larchkit. I also think it is disrespectful toward his death, and to his memory (+ family members)
~ She forced her kits to cross a stormy flooding river (I am not going into this, as it is not entirely her fault)
~ She murdered Ravenwing, Frecklewish, and Reedshine (which is attempted double murder because she was expecting)
~ Later on in her “life”, she controls others. To state this, there is Crookedstar who she manipulated because of his past. Then there is the Dark Forest Battle, of course.

Honeyfrost out!

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  • I like that you included her omission of who the kits’ father is, because at the end of the day, she may have been hearing voices after her kits’ deaths, but even before that, she was willing to lie to her entire Clan (at the point of the entire Clan believing Birchface was the father with her doing nothing to make them believe otherwise, that’s a lie). That definitely says something about her morality even before she went insane with grief. Add in the fact that we don’t have a good perspective of the death of Birchface (we know Mapleshade is an unreliable narrator, and I question if we should just take Appledusk at his word), and suddenly it looks more like she pretended the father of her kits’ was one cat when it was really the cat that murdered him. Which definitely doesn’t say much to her morals.

    • Mapleshade never verbally said the kits were his. Its better to say a father to clarify so no ones left wondering and theorizing.

  • It’s unfair how Bluestar allowed the Clan to believe that her kits were Thrushpelt’s and everyone went along with it, but then Frecklewish just assumed the kits’ father was Birchface for some reason. Mapleshade nodded because if she had said no, Frecklewish probably would have kept badgering her about it until she found out. Then, Ravenwing noticed that a single one of the kits kind of looked like Appledusk. (How did his mind ever think of Appledusk?) He told Oakstar, and Oakstar full on EXILED Mapleshade because she loved a cat from another Clan and had kits with him. If Mapleshade gets exiled, then why not Bluestar, Oakheart, Reedfeather, Fallowtail, Crowfeather, or Leafpool?

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