[a large wooden bookshelf completely filled with books]

Introducing the BlogClan Bookshelf!

Behold, the blog’s latest addition!

The BlogClan Bookshelf!

(click it to get to the page or find it under “Need Company?” in the header menu/”All Pages” page)

“Don’t mind me, I’m looking for a nice spot to read!”

What is the BlogClan Bookshelf? It’s a place to talk about books that aren’t Warrior Cats!

Yes, I know, it’s very long overdue. We probably should’ve had one from the start, but we got to it eventually! As the old adage goes, slow and steady wins the race.

To answer the question up-front (and it’s in the page’s rules), fanfiction is allowed! Rejoice! We do have one condition: fanfiction advertisements are not allowed. You can’t announce new chapters on the Bookshelf. Stick to the fanfic page for that.

As always, please follow the blog’s code of conduct on the new page as well as the Bookshelf’s specific rules. We don’t want to be that one person making a fuss in the library!

Happy reading, everyone!

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