[image description: a dark cat with light eyes sits on a fiery trail on a cloudy night sky]

Warriors MBTI (Part 1) by Amberpaw

Amberpaw assigns MBTI types to characters from the series.

[image description: a dark cat with light eyes sits on a fiery trail on a cloudy night sky]
Art by Apofiss
[image description: a dark cat with light eyes sits on a fiery trail on a cloudy night sky]

Good morning/afternoon/evening, it’s Amberpaw/flight again, and today I’m going to assign MBTI personalities to characters in TPB.

The Main Characters (5)


E: In my opinion, Firestar was pretty extraverted. I mean, he was a little introverted in TPB, but afterwards, he’s always given me the impression of a cat who has a lot of confidence and is clearly excellent at public speaking.
N: I think most leaders are generally intuitive, especially Firestar. He has a long-term vision for ThunderClan and all the Clans.
F: He also thinks in emotions a lot, especially in TPB, where he was always the cat to seek friends and family.
J: He can organize his Clan and all the Clans effectively in times of peace, war, and crisis.
Overall: This one’s pretty self-explanatory. ENFJs are protagonists, and Firestar sure is one.


E: We can see from the start when he invited Firestar into the forest that he was truly an extravert.
S: He didn’t have that sort of long-term vision, and he mostly focuses on the present instead of the future. He being sensing and Firestar being intuitive also make them good friends.
F: He’s very emotional. He values Firestar as a friend and Silverstream as a lover (in TPB).
P: He left and reentered the Clan several times, and as I said, he mostly focuses on the present and can be very emotional.
Overall: A lot of times Graystripe has exactly that sense of humor that everyone needs.


E: She’s good at striking up random conversations.
N: In my opinion she’s intuitive cuz she has deep feelings buried within her heart that you’d have to dive deep inside to understand.
T: She’s definitely a thinking cat, especially in her relationship with Firestar.
J: She’s very “mentally organized.”
Overall: Commander it is. I see her as a wise old cat who likes encouraging young cats to work. And she’s also the first cat to have feelings in her and Firestar’s relationship.


I: He obviously doesn’t talk a lot.
N: He’s creative and values originality.
T: He tends to weigh different decisions in detail before making a choice.
P: He prefers dealing with a problem when it comes to hand, moving on to different stages of his life with ease.
Overall: He’s curious and rational, making him the ideal logician.


E: He likes to talk.
S: He doesn’t really have that long-term vision Firestar possesses, but he’s able to be fast and strong in his attacks.
T: He thinks rationally and is good at commanding other people.
P: He experiences a sense of urgency.
Overall: As an important warrior general, the term executive best describes his ways of carrying out orders. He’s also a warm companion to have in a relationship.

My Favorite Characters (3)


I: She doesn’t talk as much, preferring to think for herself and seek her answers in nature.
N: She has that long-term vision needed for a lot of leaders! She would just gaze at the stars and have new realizations.
F: She’s a feeling cat, and she values emotion and comfort simultaneously with logic and rationality.
J: She is also able to organize his Clan effectively and make successful Clan meetings.
Overall: Bluestar is definitely an advocate! She leads all the Clans to a brighter future. And INFJ is one of the most intelligent and diplomatic personalities, which fits her well.


E: She’s so light-hearted and optimistic, and she talks a lot and isn’t afraid to speak up.
N: She’s creative and original, and she values long-term visions. She is also a medicine cat, and medicine cats usually have to be intuitive when interpreting signals from StarClan.
F: She always has a light-hearted mood, and she values emotions. But she’s also able to control her feelings toward Firestar, making this one hard to decide. But I’ll go for F cuz ENFJ is more suitable than ENTJ.
J: She is an organized medicine cat and knows how to react to different situations.
Overall: Cinderpelt is definitely ENFJ. She’s optimistic and unafraid to embrace a new life, the ideal protagonist.


I: He is introverted and prefers to think for himself.
N: He is intuitive (all my favorite characters are, I guess) and can foretell Graystripe’s potential as a dedicated deputy of ThunderClan.
T: He is a rational friend of Bluestar’s and provides advice when she needs them.
P: I don’t really have strong opinions for J/P, but his thoughts are more Logician than Architect. I can tell cuz I’m an INTJ myself (fun fact).
Overall: He favors logic over emotion when making decisions, although he can be emotional in his daily life.

The Antagonists (2)

E: He is fearless in meeting new cats.
N: He uses his clever tactics to persuade cats to meet him at the Dark Forest.
T: He is logical and dismisses any form of emotion.
J: He gains power by effectively organizing his group.
Overall: He is a commander. Pretty self-explanatory.


I: He doesn’t have a lot of dialogue and prefers to devise his plans secretly in his mind.
N: He’s very strategic, like all the intuitive cats listed above.
T: He’s able to calculate clearly and create detailed plans.
J: He has good leadership skills.
Overall: ugh. Such a bad representation of INTJs. They’re called architects cuz they build up the world to make it better, not make it WORSE. unbeLIEvable. *goes on rambling about how good INTJs are*

So that’s all for this article. Do you agree or disagree with the MBTIs I listed? And would you like to recommend some TNP characters I could do for Part 2? Remember to leave a comment below.

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