[a full-body design of Snowtuft viewed from the front]

Does Snowtuft Deserve The Dark Forest? by Reedfrost

Reedfrost wonders if Snowtuft deserves to be in the Dark Forest.

Art by Spottedfire23

This is my first article, I hope you like it! – Reedfrost
Today I’m going to be doing my evaluation on whether Snowtuft really deserves the Dark Forest.
Little is known about Snowtuft; we only get to see him in depth at the end of TBC arc. We see that he has some redeeming qualities, as does all people – in real life. Snowtuft isn’t entirely evil, and he is a perfect example of breaking the clichè that all the villains are dark tabbies. Snowtuft shows up first in the end of OoTS, when his belly gets sliced by another Dark Forest cat. Then, he makes another appearance, first to Shadowsight. He says he’s asking a favor, and when Shadowsight says he’ll help Snowtuft after he first helps him with rescuing Squirrelflight, Snowtuft responds he can’t get picky in his situation. He then leaves when realizing Shadowsight could get him killed by stalking Ashfur, and he finds Rootspring, stuck in the Dark Forest and shows him where Shadowsight is. After a while, the two manage to rescue Bramblestar’s ghost. Bramblestar comes up with a plan to find his body and has Snowtuft as bait. Rootspring, Bramblestar, and Squirrelflight unite, but eventually, Rootspring and Snowtuft are caught in Ashfur’s clutches. Snowtuft dies, and Rootspring and Shadowsight honor him as the first Dark Forest cat to join their side.
Snowtuft showed bravery and acceptance that he could not change his past, but hecould maybe change his – and others – future. But Snowtuft must have done something wrong to end up in the Dark Forest. Then again, StarClan let Ashfur into StarClan. Can we really trust their judgement?
I think Snowtuft has a lot of wiggle room in his plot. He makes a very neatly done misunderstood villain, a cat who got stuck in the Dark Forest even though he was good, a villain who turns into a hero.
In my perspective, I think that Snowtuft could have gotten into the Dark Forest as a temporary penance, and after he redeemed himself, he could go back into StarClan. This would also cause fighting, which is enough fighting that the Erins could build a whole new arc off it.

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