Happy Birthday, Atlasstar!

Hi Atlasstar! It’s your birthday!! 😀

We here at BlogClan think you’re amazing, and we hope your birthday is just as great as you are. Have you received any fun presents yet? We’d love to hear all about your birthday festivities in the comments if you’re interested in sharing.

Here’s a gift from the lovely Valleypaw:

“Did you know you share a birthday with both Darkit/iris AND my sister’s best friend? That’s really cool!
And, just because I failed to find your purrsona, doesn’t mean you can’t have something just as good! Yep, here it is, your very own SECRET PAGE!

Also, I found this really neat cake online the other day – I hope you like it! 😀 I’m such a big fan of the dark blue and gold combination.

deep blue cake with metallic gold script that writes “happy birthday”

Have a great day, Atlasstar! 🥳

moonbreeze (she/her) 🌙🪼 | the (very busy) nta mod!!


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