[a full-body design of Leafstar]

My Top 3 Least Favorite Warrior Cats and Why by Stormcloud

Stormcloud lists their least favourite characters in the series.

[a full-body design of Leafstar]
Art by theDawnmist
[a full-body design of Leafstar]

Hello, hello everyone! It is me, Stormcloud here with a new article!
Today I wanted to talk about some of my least favorite Warriors characters and why.
Now, these are all my opinions, and it is totally fine if you like these characters.

I want to start off with Firestar. Alright, so I liked Firepaw, but once he became a warrior, then leader, he just got on my nerves. Why? Many reasons. So first off, he broke the warrior code many times. And you may be thinking: “Well, Stromcloud, he trusted his heart and did what he thought was right” Or something of the sort. Well, maybe he did. But when someone starts tossing out the fact that, say.. Tigerclaw/star was breaking the warrior code as.. Some way to get him banished (Which it worked) that.. Is just not right. I mean.. If you think about it Firestar probably broke the code more than Tigerclaw/star #1. Okay maybe Tigerclaw/star #1 broke worse rules than Firestar, but Firestar’s wrongs eventually add up.

Next reason I dislike Firestar is because he is the reason Thunderclan became so nosy, and started getting into other clans business. Alright, I get it. These are important plot points and whatever, but it doesn’t take away the fact that they are just sort of annoying. The warrior code clearly states that you must take care of your clan before others clans. Basically meaning, worry about your own business more than others. Yeah Firestar completely ignores this rule and just goes on to “fix” everything for all the other clans. I won’t drag this whole lecture on about what Firestar did that was wrong, so I am just going to move onto the next cat.

Next up we have Leafstar. I loved Leafstar when her clan lived in the gorge. The moment she moved in with the other clans, I hated her. She sounded like a spoiled brat most of the time. She would get angry very easily, and she never seemed even the slightest bit happy. She was always annoyed or irritated with someone. I would feel so bad for Twigpaw, yes I know Twigpaw did switch clans a few times, which isn’t exactly right. But she had a ton of stuff happen to her. Her mother died before they could even form memories of her. Her sister was put into another clan than her. She grew up in Thunderclan, until they found Skyclan and she found her father. She moved in with Skyclan because her sister did and her father was there, but.. She grew up in Thunderclan. I mean.. Girl had a lot going on! But Leafstar hardly cared. She was like: “You wanna leave? Sure, fine whatever! Leave and you can never return!” ” (Why did that remind me of the line from The Lion King?) Anyway.. That was a lot. On to the next cat!

Alright. Now for Sandstorm. I cannot stand her. I have honestly never liked her. Beginning to end, she is annoying. When she meets Firepaw she bullies him and what not. But.. when she supposedly “changes” she seems the same to me. She gets mad at Fireheart/star all the time. For small things too! Fireheart was made deputy pretty young, he was stressed because he had to basically hold the whole clan together while his leader was in a depressed state. Did Sandstorm care? Nope. She would stop talking to him because of the decisions he made, like Girl, he is young why don’t you try to help him out instead of judging every decision he makes. Then the whole Spottedleaf thing. She believes that just because Spottedleaf appears in his dreams he must still like her. Sandstorm! It’s not like he asked Spottedleaf to show up in every dream he had. Plus, there wasn’t much proof that he liked Spottedleaf in that way after she died to begin with. So she just throws out accusations at Fireheart/star just because! Last thing I wanna say about Sandstorm is this. Here is a line from Firesar’s Quest.

“I don’t know how you can even think about doing this!”
Sandstorm sprang to her paws before Firestar could reply to the medicine cat.
“What about Thunderclan? What about your friends?” She paused, then added shakily, “What about me?”
This is a little much. At this point she doesn’t even know what Firestar is doing, she assumes (again keyword: assumes) that Firestar wants to move in with his twolegs, this kind of shows the amount of trust she even has in Firestar.

Ok so this is my list of most disliked Warrior cats. I may do a part two, not sure. If you would like to see a part two then put it in the comments! Stormcloud, out!

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