[starry silhouettes of three cats float in the night sky in a forest]

The Lives of the Nobodies by Snowpaw

Snowpaw highlights some unknown characters in the series.

[starry silhouettes of three cats float in the night sky in a forest]
Official art by Wayne McLoughlin
[starry silhouettes of three cats float in the night sky in a forest]

Spoiler alert: This article may contain spoilers for multiple arcs.

Hey, It’s Snowpaw/flake, back with yet another article: The Lives of the Nobodies. I was randomly thinking: Hey, remember Eaglewing and Ambermoon? What happened to them? I felt bad for them and thought they deserve more recognition, so here I am, writing a whole article about nobodies.

I feel like after a while, Warriors started putting in cats for the sake of putting in cats. Some of them don’t speak in the entire series! In the Allegiances of one of the later books, ThunderClan had over 40 cats in their clan. (Why did I bother counting) My eyes boggled. Crazy! Half of them I didn’t even remember!

Btw, there are definitely a lot more nobodies than I can name, but in this article I’m only going to name a few because there’s only so much typing I can do before my paws ache. I really suggest if you’re ever bored, to look up some nobodies that I didn’t explain in this article on fandom, such as:

– Leafshade
– Plumstone
– Hollytuft

Anyways, lets get started!


I feel bad for cats like Snowbush, who are just there, and no one cares about their lives. Like, remember he had a mate named Lilyheart? (It was Lilyheart, right? Not some other cat? See, this is what I mean.) Anyway, Lilyheart mourned over his death when he got crushed by falling rocks. That was his entire life. Thats it. No recognition whatsoever.

Snowbush’s life: Born, Mate, Die.

I think that is one of the saddest lives I’ve known. 3 words to describe his whole existence. 🙁 I only remember this guy as the one who died in a rockfall.

(searching on google) WAIT. HE HAD KIDS??


Honestly, I wrote down Eaglewing and couldn’t even remember who she even was. It’s gotten that bad! Ok, read this:

When Nightheart says that he wants to rejoin ThunderClan, Eaglewing says that Bramblestar has to know. Eaglewing takes him to the camp, and murmurs that he should ignore Cherryfall’s teasing. She says that it is brave of him to come back.

That one paragraph is the only thing that makes me remember that Eaglewing is even a cat. All of my thoughts on her are based on this one paragraph. Her entire existence in my memory is from this one time. Her reputation is good in my mind because of this! Just this! Oh, I didn’t even realise that she had an apprentice! OMG I completely forgot about Myrtlebloom! Every nobodies life is so sad.


When you ask yourself the question: Canon Warrior Cat names that start with M? I bet you would never think of Myrtlebloom. She’s one of the most forgotten cats in the series. I remember her as the one who tried to persuade Nightheart to change his name back to Flameheart. Wait, she was Nightheart’s foster sister?! I didn’t even know that! Bayshine is her biological brother?! WHAT?!?! I feel like I don’t pay enough attention to the story anymore…


To be honest, I actually completely forgot about him. I forgot his whole existence. Not even kidding.

Who is Shellfur? My answer: I can’t completely remember but isn’t he the guy who wanted to be with a WindClan she-cat? I think, right? Her name was… Fern-something. OMG seriously. I feel horrible.

Either just my memory is bad, or Warrior Cats just didn’t mention him enough times. they should should have! If they wanted to reinforce the new code, the new code is still being argued over, and him being with a WindClan cat (Fernstripe was her name btw) would have thoroughly supported it!

But no. He had to be about as useful as a bag of air. I find that just quite sad. Like, remember his parents: Blossomfall and Thornclaw (I actually forgot who his parents were and had to search it up on google XD). We all know them, right? Blossomfall is the dark forest lady and Thornclaw is the patrol guy. Yeah, we all know them fairly well… right?

Gosh, I literally forgot they had kits…


I know absolutely NOTHING about this cat. If I had to name all the warrior cats, I would never say her. I forgot she existed more entirely than Shellfur. It’s horrible. No one talks about her. I’m sorry Honeyfur, but it would suck to be you. I really feel bad for Honeyfur, because she is like, the most forgotten cat in the whole entire series, and today I saw this random name and went, who’s that? 😳? So I looked her up and it says here:

Leafkit: “That’s how you learn to fight when you’re an apprentice.”
Twigkit: “What’s an apprentice?”
Larkkit: “It’s when you’re six moons old and have a mentor, and learn how to become a warrior.”
Honeykit: “And then you get to foxes and badgers and rival cats.”


1 – How does Honeykit know what a fox or a badger is?
2 – It says (read carefully) : And then you get to foxes and badgers and rival cats.

I’m making a joke out of Honeyfur’s life. I don’t think I was supposed to do that.

Actually, now that my brain is working again, I do remember the kits playing inside the medicine cat den and messing everything up and then Alderpaw coming in and going something like this: *annoyed* kits, what are you doing in here?

I just kind of remember it because it was funny.

So that ends the article! In my opinion, all of the nobodies should have been given a chance to actually get some recognition and do something in their lives. They deserve/deserved better than they are getting.

See ya in the next one! – Flurry

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