[Firestar drawn and coloured in the graphic novel style]

Firestar and Scourge’s family tree by Firestaraphmau

Firestaraphmau lays out Firestar and Scourge’s family tree.

[Firestar drawn and coloured in the graphic novel style]
Art by James L. Barry
[Firestar drawn and coloured in the graphic novel style]

This is my first content I hope you enjoy

We will start off with Jake and Quince they had three kits together, their first kits name is Socks he is a black and white tom with green eyes, their second kit (from the same litter) is Ruby she is gray and tan she cat with honey eyes, their last kit (from the same litter) was… Scourge/ Tiny is a black tom with a tooth collar and he has honey eyes.
After Jake had kits with Quince he had kits with nutmeg, they had two kits together their first kits name is Firestar he has a flame colored pelt he is a tom with green eyes. Their second (From the same litter) was Princess, She has a flame colored pelt like her brother Firestar, she is she cat with green eyes.
Firestar’s family he had two kits with Sandstorm their names are Leafpool and Squirrelflight, Squirrelflight had two kits with Bramblestar their names are Sparkpelt and Alderheart, Alderheart had no kits because he was a med-cat, his sister Sparkpelt had no kits, I really do not know why she did not have any kits. Leafpool had 3 kits with Crowfeather their names are, Loinblaze, Jayfeather and Hollyleaf, Loinblaze had kits with Cinderheart the kits name was Hollytuft, Sorrelstripe, and Fernsong.
Princess had one kit (there might been more kits but we will never know) his name is Cloudtail, he had one kit in their first litter her name was Whitewing. Their second litter had 3 kits in it their names were, Ambermoon, Pewnose, and Snowbush. Snowbush had three kits with Lilyheart; their names were Larksong, Leafshade, and Honeyfur; they had no kits. Whitewing had kits with Birchfall their names are Ivypool and Dorewing, Dorewing had three kits with Tigerstar the second, their names are Lightkit, Pouncekit, and Shadowkit. Ivypool had kits with Fernsong ! From Firestar’s side of the family. Their names are Bristlekit, Thritkit, and Flipkit.
Let’s give names to Lightkit, Pouncekit, Shadowkit, Bristlekit, Thritkit, and Flipkit. First Lightkit her name would be Lightfur cute right. Next we have Pouncekit his name would be Pouncetuft handsome right. Then we have Shadowkit his name would be Shadowheart, nice name right. Now we have Bristlekit her name would be Bristleshade beautiful right. Next in line we have Thritkit his name would be Thrittail pretty name right. Last but not least we have Flipkit his name would be Flipmoon.

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