ginger and white tabby cat sitting on a treestump next to yellow sunflowers

How to make a great oc by Rainbowshine

Rainbowshine shares how to make a great Warriors OC.

ginger and white tabby cat sitting on a treestump next to yellow sunflowers
[ginger and white tabby cat sitting on a treestump next to yellow sunflowers]

Hi! It’s Rainbowshine, and I’m here to talk about making fanfic. It’s pretty easy, but coming up with characters can be hard. So, I’ve created an easy way to make an oc with detail.
Names. We all have them. Your oc needs one. Warriors is written in 3rd person. You can’t just say I and you and they all the time. Some people like to use name generators, but I don’t recommend it. Warrior cat names are often very personal, so first, try to imagine what your oc looks like, what they act like.
Example: a dark gray cat with black stripes and a rather grumpy attitude might be called Stormstripe, for his dark gray color, stripes, and bad attitude, like a thunderstorm.
It also helps to think like a queen. For the prefix, its up to the parents, and the prefix can be based on looks or just something random. Anything that first comes to mind. Suffixes are usually more personal.
Okay, now you have a basic idea of your cat. But you have to think more, beyond looks and names. Family and Clan are very influencing, so decide what clan they live in, then family. Does your oc have siblings? Parents? Let’s learn a bit more about Stormstripe.
Example again! Stormstripe has a father, Barkclaw, the Deputy of WindClan. His mother Quailfeather died leaving him to a grumpy queen to take care of him. That’s why he’s so grumpy.
So, we have lots of details about your cat. But what about a backstory? Are they originally from their clan, were they a kittypet, or a rouge? Do they have a tragic past, or an interesting prophecy?
Back to Stormstripe. He was teased a lot for not having a mother as a kit, and he got in trouble a lot, so his apprenticeship was extended. He’s not just plain grumpy, he’s rather insecure and has no friends, but lots of ambition.
So, the best steps to creating a good oc are, looks+personality, name, clan and family, and then backstory. After that, you might feel like you’re really getting to know your oc! Rainbowshine out!

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