My opinion about Twigbranch as an apprentice by Leafpaw

Leafpaw shares their thoughts on Twigbranch during her apprentice moons.

Art by Tusofsky

Hi guys, this is my first article about Twigbranch. I hope you like it and I’m sure some of you will have different opinions than me. Let’s start analyzing her apprentice days

Twigbranch is so annoying, mostly in her apprentice times. She does so many annoying things. For example, when she finds out about her mother and the patrol, she just has to go over to Violetpaw and ask her to join her on her quest and when Violetpaw refuses, she is utterly shocked. I mean, Violetpaw literally asks herself if Twigpaw thinks she would go with her.

When the rogues take over ShadowClan, Twigpaw is just worried. I can understand that, but she shouldn’t have been reckless enough to trespass onto the rogue’s land. Then she asks Violetpaw to join ThunderClan, when she refused to join Violetpaw in ShadowClan. Like, did she expect Violetpaw to forget about that.

In the beginning of Shattered Sky, the Clan cats attack the rogues. She is once again shocked that Violetpaw attacked her, but like Needletail and Rain were there and she couldn’t do anything else. I mean, I doubt that Violetpaw would kill her.

Later on, she just has to go and find SkyClan just because her kin is there. Yeah it’s important, but it’s once again very reckless because of all the dangers and she thinks her Clan shouldn’t have “kept her away from her kin”. During the Clan meeting to talk about this, she legit asks “But what about me” Like I’m sorry but that sounds very selfish. Her Clan almost dies in a storm and she’s like, I hope they’re ok.

Then, when Violetpaw goes with Hawkwing to find the remaining SkyClan cats, she’s afraid that Violetpaw and Hawkwing would be so close that they forgot about her. I mean, that just doesn’t make sense. She’s never able to make up her mind about which Clan she wants to be in. And it feels rude to turn your back on the Clan who has trained you.
Anyways, that’s what I think about Twigbranch. Don’t get me wrong, she has a lot of wonderful moments too, but I just feel that she’s annoying in her apprentice days.

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