Official cover art for A Starless Clan #5: Wind

Theories for Wind by Morningbrook

Morningbrook makes predictions for what’ll happen in Wind. Spoilers for Thunder!

Official cover art for A Starless Clan #5: Wind
Official cover art for A Starless Clan #5: Wind

Hello everyone, it’s Morningbrook. Today I wanted to talk about… Wind (ASC)! The moment we got Thunder I was so excited to start reading it, but as soon as I finished it I was so excited to start reading Wind. (Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen anytime soon). This is because, while Thunder answered so many questions, it left so many new ones unanswered. It makes the dragging wait between the release of Shadow and Thunder seem like the most minor annoyance.
Right now, I have a few of those many unanswered questions at the front of my mind.
What new troubles will Berryheart cause as a rogue?
Despite her brave words, we can tell that Sunbeam has her doubts about staying in ThunderClan. Will anything in the upcoming book drive her over the edge and back into her birth Clan?
The most major of all: the threat of Splashtail (or possibly Splashstar), and the mystery of Podlight’s role in it.
I’m going to explain my theories for each of these questions.
First, I suspect that Berryheart might retry to depose Tigerstar. When she is unsupervised by anyone who might stop her, she could gather a rogue group to assassinate/drive out Tigerstar. But that’s not all; maybe her grievances have driven her to a more power-hungry plot, not just one that simply throws Tigerstar out of the picture and is done. I’m suspecting that maybe Berryheart has persuaded Spireclaw to get on the good side of Cloverfoot, so that when Cloverfoot is leader, she will make him the deputy. Then, Berryheart will murder Cloverstar, cover up the truth of her death, and Spireclaw will become the leader of ShadowClan. Afterwards, Spirestar will appoint Berryheart deputy, step down as leader, and Berryheart will achieve her ambition. Of course, the first thing she will do will be to throw out Fringewhisker, provided my theory is correct. Perhaps Berrystar will be the main antagonist for books/arcs to come.

I don’t really have a theory about Sunbeam; I just know that her relationship with Nightheart and her place in ThunderClan is fragile. If Nightheart’s return is delayed, Sunbeam may set up a deadline for him to come back and if he fails to return in that short time, she will leave to return to ShadowClan. If my previous theory is correct, there’s no knowing what Berrystar might do to Sunbeam in ShadowClan. (If, if, if…)

And finally, the Splashstar conflict. What we know about Podlight is that he’s playing the crafty, fake medicine cat. Maybe Splashtail has framed someone for Curlfeather’s death, (potentially a rival of his) and promised Podlight that, in exchange for his help, the murderer will die, to get him on his side. Then, Podlight, seeing Splashtail as some sort of noble young warrior who has ideas in his best interests, agrees. Obviously, Podlight would not agree if he knows that Splashtail is the true murderer of his sister, and he probably wants an answer to the mystery of her death. This helps me to believe that what I just said was true – Splashtail cannot tell Podlight that he set the dogs on Curlfeather, and so he craftily makes up some story that both answers Podlight’s question and sets the warrior on his current rival. Possibly, however, RiverClan will realize how suspicious Podlight and Splashtail are being. This is because, for once, ‘StarClan’ is not being vague and instead instantly telling Podlight who RiverClan’s leader is going to be. I would say Mothwing would see this first, being a medicine cat and all, except for the fact that she doesn’t communicate with StarClan. But still, maybe RiverClan has a chance of driving Splashtail out without Frostpaw’s much-needed help. Though I doubt it – RiverClan is too busy aright now to think about suspicious parts of Splashtail’s plan, seeing as they were just presented to a seemingly strong leader who will save them from their current situation. But, I guess no one knows how Wind will turn out until April. So that just about wraps it up. Bye everyone!

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