February Contests Results!

It’s time to see the results of the February Contests!

Hello everyone! It’s time to judge the entries of the February Contests and reveal the winners. I won’t keep you too long with this little introduction – let’s dive in!

For this poetry contest, you had to write a haiku based on an aspect of Clan life. I was blown away by how many of you decided to write a haiku and enter this contest – 29 of you!! I also never knew BlogClanners were such amazing poets, you are genuinely all so talented and skilled at writing poetry. I loved reading through all your entries, and I’ll share them with you all below, and give some positive feedback at the same time! πŸ˜€

(In the order I received them)

By Deftfoot:

The wounds we inflict,
Though they heal provided time,
Are not forgotten

This haiku is on the theme of legacy. I think this is very powerful, especially the last line, and I feel your haiku shows not only an issue which is very relevant to the world of Warriors but also to our human world. In so little words you’ve created a profound and impactful message – well done.

By Skypaw/shimmer:

A battle raging
On the cold hard snow they fight
For land to hunt on

I love how this haiku represents the Clans so well – although it is not specified to be a particular instance in the books, it feels as though it could be describing many, many instances. I like how in my head, you have created imagery such that I can picture exactly what is going on – well done.

By Rosepaw/fern:

It is so fun to run
Through a snowy forest at
Dawn and hunt squirrels

I love how upbeat and joyful this haiku’s tone is! I like how you have internal rhyme and how the haiku represents the joy of a Warrior, and the moments which characters in the books seem to cherish the most. The imagery is also very clear and this could easily fit into any of the books – well done.

By Starstar:

Leaf bare, Leaf fall, New leaf, Green leaf,
The unchangeable life of warriors,

Hard leaf bare starclan easy green leaf,
The unchangeable life of warriors.

Fighting all the time but,
sometimes at peace.
The unchangable life of Warriors.

This might not be a haiku (so I unfortunately can’t include it as an entry that I will judge), but I wanted to share it anyway! I like how this focuses on all of the seasons. I also especially like the refrain at the end of each verse which is impactful. Well done!

By Solarpaw/flare:

Soundless but talking loud,
My heart makes the softest sounds,
Love chooses hard paths.

I really love how artistic this haiku feels! The literary techniques used such as sibilance and the figurative language really create a sense of beauty, and allow the reader to empathise with the speaker. From very few words, you allow the reader to feel a deep connection and personal connection to the speaker – well done.

By Hollypaw:

Get into a crouch
Don’t let your tail touch the ground
Now go catch the prey.

This haiku showcases the theme of teaching and the mentor/apprentice bond in Warriors. I love that you have chosen to do this as it is such a key part of the books. From the tone of the words you have chosen, I can feel the character of the patient yet encouraging and knowledgeable mentor. Well done!

By Snowpaw/flake:

Fire saves the clan
New lives bring new beginnings
Clans grow in their homes.

This haiku takes us on a journey through the events of the first two arcs of Warriors. I love the incorporation of the prophecy, as well as the sense of flourishing we feel as the haiku progresses. As well, there is a sense of contentment and the haiku draws to a satisfying and neat close – it is very pleasing to read. Well done!

By Emeraldpaw:

Eating mice and rats
Hunting swift climbing squirrels.
How thunder lives? This.

This haiku definitely has a strong focus on clan life, and how the characters spend their lives outside of the camp. I like the use of a rhetorical question in the last line which draws the reader in – it feels as though this haiku is almost narrated to us, and has a story-like quality. Well done!

By Obsidianpaw:

Most cats are hunting
The kits are playing mossball
All is calm in camp.

I like how vivid this haiku is! I can imagine a bunch of playful kits creating chaos with their mossball game, and yet there is also a sense of calm, as this is the most worrying thing occurring at the moment. I can imagine this being narrated from the perspective of perhaps an elder. Well done!

By Smokepaw/dusk:

Fighting to survive,
In the wilderness of life,
Free and contented.

I love the juxtaposition you’ve used here and how we gain a clear sense of how two sided Clan life is – although it might be difficult, there is also a sense of ease as the cats are well accustomed to this and could not imagine their life any other way. I really like the lexical phrase “the wilderness of life” as I feel this is especially accurate and fitting. Well done!

By Irisflower:

Catching prey softly
Searching for food quietly
Loving endlessly.

I like how each line follows a pattern of having a present participle and the beginning and an adverb at the end. To me, this creates a sort of cyclical structure in your haiku, as despite it being only 3 lines in length, it feels as though it could potentially go on for many more. This also sort of reflects the timeline of the books as characters’ days in general will have a pretty similar structure. Well done!

By Koipaw:

Cough, cough, cough… greencough
Go get some catmint! Don’t die!
Jayfeather angggy

I love how this haiku is humourous as well as fitting in the line and syllable pattern! To me, this is very clever and adds a lot of character to the haiku. I can vividly picture the worries of the medicine cats and other cats in the clan, as well as of course Jayfeather and his usual grumpy attitude! Well done!

By Thrushstorm:

Dusk falls upon camp
I look to the horizon
Face stoic among the dead

This haiku is about vigils which I think is a very interesting topic to have picked. The first person narrative allows us to feel as though we are experiencing the events too, and details such as the “stoic” face perhaps give us a glimpse into the feelings of our narrator and how difficult this is for them but they want to appear brave and stoic for the sake of their clanmates. I am intrigued and I want to know more about the narrator and the events! Well done!

By Mushroompaw:

Herbs stashed safe and warm
Love forbidden, cats to heal

Visions from StarClan.

I love the sense of coziness and care created in the opening line. I can see a medicine cat(s) who are very dedicated to their clan, and meticulous in their duty. I also like how the focus widens as you progress through the haiku from the small detail of the herbs, to things concerning the clan cats, then broadening out to StarClan – it’s very clever, well done!

By Duskflame:

Two cats sit alone,
While Silverpelt shines above,
StarClan looking down.

I love the contrasting imagery created here, of how the cats may be physically alone but we also gain the sense that they are not truly alone as they are surrounded by both Silverpelt and StarClan. I also like your sibilance in ‘Silverpelt shines’ as well, which the soft sounds create an air of gentleness, reflecting how this is a tender moment between the cats. Well done!

By Wolfpaw/whisper:

Gathering around
Giving thanks to StarClan’s love
A new name, new rank.

I really like that this haiku is about Warrior ceremonies. Where in the second line you create a sense of gratitude, to me this reflects the feelings of the apprentices, and also the entire Clan as they are like one large family. The whole poem has a sense of specialness and that this is a very special moment which for me encapsulates the meaning of Warrior ceremonies in the books. Well done!

By Flakepatch:

Prey scurries through woods
The Gathering is nearing
Paws pound against leaves.

I love the juxtaposition of language you’ve used to describe the prey’s movement and that of the clan cats (‘scurries’ in contrast to ‘pound’). I think it captures the nature of both the prey and the cats very well. The cats paws could ‘pound’ not only from the number of cats but also from a sense of excitement for the gathering like having a pounding heart. I like the half-rhyme in the second line which as the words are so similar gives a sense of the gathering being very close in time. Well done!

By Wisteriacrow:

Violent cold
Starving bellies, pained calls
Seemingly endless.

This haiku has a very stark, and bleak image painted. I can picture clearly the scene it depicts, and the emotion and anguish the cats feel. Each adjective in the first two lines layers up a sense of suffering, and the bluntness of the final line mirrors how callously the cats feel the world treats them. Well done!

By Sorrelwhisker:

The moon shines brightly.
But a warm pelt is near me.
We look at the stars.

I like how this haiku captures a tender and precious moment. Sorrelwhisker says it is about Bluefur and Oakheart, and they have written this really well because when I read the haiku, that is the moment in the books I would relate it to, without having read their note saying that it was about that moment. I like how there is a sense of quietude, and peace, as though for Bluefur and Oakheart, although their actions are daring, this is where they feel the most comfort and ease. Well done!

By Rosefrost:

Cold freezes the air
Padding paws on frozen snow
Hungry bellies growl.

I like how this haiku focuses on a patrol taking place in winter. The cold being personified creates a sense of almost a battle between winter itself and the cats on patrol determined to find food because of their ‘hungry bellies’. I also like your alliteration in ‘padding paws’ which has a sense of contrasting softness in the cats’ paws and toughness in the ‘frozen snow’. Well done!

By Sunheart:

As the Willow sways
The graceful salmon frolic
I rest on the banks.

I like the focus of this haiku on life in RiverClan. I immediately knew that this was about them without reading the description, and I picture in my head a warm summers day, where the RiverClan cats relax by the water where they could swim to cool off. The gentle language of the willow swaying and salmon frolicking creates a peaceful setting, and the idea that it is a beautiful day. Well done!

By Honeybeam:

Wafting scents of prey
Crouch stalk and prepare to pounce
Make the final leap.

In my head this haiku is from the perspective of an apprentice, who hears their mentor’s words in their mind as they are about to catch prey. I like the precision in your words, and the clarity, which makes me think it is the words of a teacher. I also like how each line is a progression from the beginning to the end of that prey being hunted – it tells a small, complete story in the haiku. Well done!

By Olivepaw:

Fighting day and night
A warrior stalks their prey
On the forest floor

I like how your haiku shows the tireless energy and dedication of this Warrior to their clan – qualities that are promoted and honoured throughout the books. I can gain a sense of their personality, and how hardworking they are, although this is arguably what they have to do as a minimum to survive in the wild! Well done!

By Amberleaf:

Innocent friendship
Borders stronger than scent marks
Love- the hardest test.

This haiku creates a strong sense of turmoil and inner conflict which perfectly captures the feeling we see so many characters experience in the Warriors books. I like how in the second line you have shown a societal aspect of the borders – though they are only physically scent marks, in the Clans’ society, the borders that divide them represent much more. I also like how to conclude it feels as though contrastingly to how we may believe fighting and hunting are the hardest things a Warrior will experience, this argues that fighting love to stay loyal to their Clan in fact is. Well done!

By Pineconepaw:

Cats bound by a code
An oath to live by honor
A pledge to uphold.

I like the strong and clear focus of your haiku on the Warrior Code. Especially in more recent series, this has shown to be extremely important to the Clans. Your haiku showcases very well how honourable being a Warrior is to the characters and the pride they feel at being part of the clans. Well done!

By Stormflower:

Winter’s gentle touch,
Snowy cats’ pawprints dancing,
Playfulness in white.

I love the imagery you have created in your haiku. It seems so soft and joyful, and I can imagine how excited warriors, apprentices, and kits alike would be at having snow fall on camp (provided it made no one sick!). I like your colour imagery especially, as the colour white could be seen to show innocence and purity that this scene brings, and the cats’ innocent and youthful joy. Well done!

By Raccoonkit:

The moon rises
All clans together tonight
On the lake island.

I like how your haiku is about a gathering as gatherings are so important to the Clans and their routines. Your opening line sets our scene perfectly in the night, and your haiku has a feeling of unity and closeness between the clans at the gathering. Well done!

By Falconstorm:

Leaves rustle softly
Silverpelt shines in the night
Watching o’er the Clans.

I love the gentle imagery in your haiku that creates an atmosphere of quietness and peace, as the cats sleep. At this one moment in time, there are no battles or disputes, only the stars above. I like especially how the stars (as silverpelt) are personified, and how this is a symbol of StarClan who guide and aim to help the clans. Well done!

By Ghost:

Title: The Journey Ends

To the Lake we come.
Our journey is now over.
Friendships are ended.

I feel in your haiku you have represented perfectly the feelings of the cats who befriended others during the journey. There is a trace of sadness in the tone, and abruptness in how each line is it’s own short sentence, reflecting how for many, in some ways the journey was far too short. Well done!

For this contest, you had to create an artwork of either some of your favourite Warriors characters, or some of your OCs enjoying a snow day! I’ll share the entries with you down below – I think we can all agree that BlogClan is very very talented! πŸ˜€
(Hopefully for image descriptions, my comments build an idea of the pictures – if not then let me know and I’ll add some in πŸ™‚ )

Art by Falconstorm

This entry is by Falconstorm, who writes “ I see nothing better than staying inside on a cold winter’s day… especially when the place in question is an arcade.”
Captain, I love this drawing! The colours of Falconstorm and the background complement each other really well, and the whole scene just brims with personality. I love how happy Falconstorm looks, and how there is an air of comfort/ease I have the impression that she feels in the arcade. The snowflakes are also a super nice touch, setting the scene of the piece perfectly for a snow day in winter. I can tell that a lot of care has gone into this drawing which definitely shows – well done! πŸ˜€

Art by Irisflower

This is Irisflower‘s entry! They write that ‘it has Jayfeather sitting in the snow. It was supposed to say “I am NOT enjoying this AT ALL.” ‘
Irisflower this is absolutely great and I love it! The scene is super cool, I love the winter tree, the snow, and the blue sky – all the colours are well chosen and create a bright and also pretty atmosphere. This is completely in contrast to Jayfeather who you’ve captured as looking grumpy so well! And he has an adorable scarf, making him look perfectly in the winter spirit! Your drawing is so cute – you should be super proud!

Art by Bunnyfreckle

This entry is from Bunnyfreckle! It’s their OC Foxfang enjoying a snow day.
I love the composition of this piece! The snow and Foxfang towards the front are crisp, whereas towards the back, the colours of the sky are much more blurred which really helps to give the piece depth. I also love the sense of light and shape shown here – you can see the dapples on the trees as well as the colours of sky in the backdrop and how the mounds of snow rise and fall on the ground. All in all, this drawing is very beautiful – well done!!

Art by Bristleshadow

This entry is by Bristleshadow who says that “it shows Hollyleaf (trying) to play with Fallen leaves!”
Bristleshadow, I love how dynamic your drawing is! I really love Hollyleaf’s pose and how her tail sweeps out of the frame before coming back in which makes the viewer feel as though she is right in front of them. Her expression is so on point, and I can definitely feel her playful tone of voice, and also joy at there being a snow day. Your distinctive drawing style adds character and charm to the piece, and your colour choice is very nice – I especially like how the background complements the green and black of Hollyleaf herself. I hope you’re proud of yourself! πŸ˜€

Art by Leopardspirit

This is Leopardspirit‘s entry of Cloudtail and Brightheart who are spending a snowy day in the forest together!
I love how expressive your drawing is, Leopardspirit! There is so much personality and charm, like Cloudtail’s expression of complete surprise at snow falling on his nose, and Brightheart’s happiness as she watches him. The soft colour scheme reflects how gentle and tender this moment feels, and how it feels purely happy, and very freeing. Everything about this piece is joyful and upbeat and I love it! Well done!

Art by Brackentuft

This is Brackentuft‘s entry who says this “is a picture of me and my sister’s purrsonas building a snow cat and playing in the snow. My purrsona is Brackentuft (the golden-brown she-cat with the tuft) and my sister’s is Violetflower (the brown and white she-cat with the accessory)”
This drawing is absolutely lovely! The sunrise colours are beautiful and remind me of those you might see in pictures of places near the Arctic circle. I love the snow cat that Brackentuft and Violetflower are building – it is the sweetest snow cat I have ever seen, and I love how the whiskers are made out of twigs. I also love how you have drawn Brackentuft, the snow cat, and Violetflower, – they have a distinctive style and so much personality comes through from your drawing. Well done!

Art by Flamepaw/spirit

This is Flamepaw/spirit‘s entry! They say “I drew Ivypool walking through the snow! I’m a traditional artist, so I used primarily markers for Ivypool’s design and pastels for the snow/trees and Ivypool’s eyes too! πŸ™‚ “
Thank you for sharing the materials that you used, Flamepaw! I really like the texture you can see from the pastels on the trees, especially on the tree to the left. Ivypool looks almost a little surprised of the snow and I love this – it reminds me of my own cat, Honey, who is always equally surprised when it snows! I find it very expressive how her whiskers show movement and direction, and I like how you’ve drawn the tail which looks as though it is three dimensionally in front of Ivypool. Well done!

Art by Jasminepaw

This is Jasminepaw‘s entry! They say “this is a drawing of Willow and Hazey having fun in the snow!!”
I really like the lighting in your drawing, Jasminepaw. The green hue makes it seem almost dream-like, making it feel like a very special moment to both cats. The snow too, seems magical, and I love the way it falls in the picture, as though it is sparkling. Willow and Hazey look so happy and joyful, and I find their expressions really sweet. I love how the brown cat is jumping in the snow and the grey one is looking up in awe – it seems like they will remember this moment in the snow for a very long time. Well done!

Art by Wolfgaze

This is Wolfgaze‘s entry! Who says “this is Shadowsight walking through ShadowClan territory in the coldest leaf-bare Warriors has ever seen.”
Wolfgaze, I love the colours you have used for this drawing. The background complements Shadowsight, yet at the same time because it is somewhat blue, makes the grey of Shadowsight stand out more. The way that the snow falls is very dynamic and I like how you’ve drawn the snow as more streaks than circular as it shows the rapid movement as it falls. I also like the details such as Shadowsight’s pawprints in the background which give the image more depth, and Shadowsight’s stern/serious expression which seems in character. Well done!

Art by Fernpaw/mist

Fernpaw/mist‘s entry is of “Crowfeather and Leafpool together on a snowy day.”
I really like how you’ve drawn Crowfeather and Leafpool! Crowfeather’s expression seems slightly cautious, and very in character. Leafpool seems more thoughtful, which is also very accurate. I like all the different colours that you’ve used in Leafpool’s pelt, as I think they bring her to life, and make her look very pretty! I like the swirls you’ve used to show the swirls of snow and wind moving through the falling snow, and I have to mention your handwriting because it is extremely neat and pretty! Well done!

Art by Pineconepaw

This is Pineconepaw‘s entry! They say “Flipclaw(left), Thriftear(middle), and Bristlefrost(right) are snowball fighting! They never got to have much fun in the books, so I decided to give them a moment of fun they deserve πŸ˜€ “
I think you’ve drawn the perfect moment of fun for them, Pineconepaw! All three of the siblings have distinct personality in your drawing and they all look very mischievous. Poor Bristlefrost looks like she might be about to get attacked by both Flipclaw and Thiftear soon! I like how much attention you’ve given to dynamic movement and also perspective – your drawing is very three dimensional. Bristlefrost is the largest being closest to the frame and Thiftear the smallest being the furthest back. I like your choice of colour and how the background brings out Bristlefrost’s eye. Well done!

Art by Meadowheart

This is Meadowheart‘s entry, who says “this is my cat on the left, Kitty Kitty, and on the right is an oc of mine named Flame”.
I love how you’ve included your own cat in your artwork, Meadowheart! She looks very pretty, and I love the golden dapples in the darker patches of her calico fur, which look as though they could be reflections of the snow in the air. Both Kitty Kitty and Flame look very sweet and have very kind expressions. The texture of your piece is also very nice – it looks very soft, and I like how in the sky you can see where the sun will be where the blue is paler. I like all the colours you’ve used in the background which complement that of the cats’ pelt colours. Well done!

Art by Foampaw

This is Foampaw‘s entry! They say “of course I had to draw the best Warriors ship of all time!! /imo Graypaw and Ravenpaw are showing Firepaw around the territory! Rusty’s never seen snow up close before (little head cannon I have), and he’s amazed by the little flakes falling on his fur..”
Aww, Foampaw, I love that idea, the concept of your drawing is so cool and well thought out! Your drawing style is so incredibly expressive – I love how Firepaw’s eyes are green stars, capturing his amazment so well! I also love how fluffy Greypaw looks, and all the different shades of grey you’ve used to create his pelt and the shadows on him. Your lineart is very smooth and I love your use of shape – all in all, your drawing is very pleasing to look at. It makes me smile, just looking at it because of how well you’ve captured the Firepaw’s feelings. Well done!

Art by Scorchlight

This is Scorchlight‘s entry! Who says “it’s Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf playing in the snow; while Lionblaze seems to be happy, Hollyleaf is alarmed that he might break one of her snow ducks, and Jayfeather is just chilling (no pun intended) beside his siblings! Also a bonus Ivykit and Dovekit, who are watching their cool older cousins with awe πŸ˜› “
I love all the action going on in your drawing, Scorchlight! The style with which you’ve drawn the sky and trees in the background is beautiful, and I like how the trees in the front are more bold and crisp compared to the more transparent and paler trees further back. I like how your style portrays each of the Three so differently and accurately – Hollyleaf is slim and slightly spiky in fur texture, Lionblaze is more bulky with flowing fur, and Jayfeather looks very sleek. Tiny Ivykit and Dovekit look so sweet, and I love how Hollyleaf is building snow birds. Well done!

Art by Honeybeam

This is Honeybeam‘s entry! It “is my favourite Warriors character Honeyfern on a snowy leafbare walk.”
I love the texture in your drawing, Honeybeam! The tree on the right has so many different shades of brown and you’ve cleverly coloured it to look extremely like bark. I like all the streaks you can see in the sky, as it gives a direction of movement and also as though the sky is layered and like a blanket because it is filled with snow. I also think Honeyfern looks awesome! I like how you’ve drawn her head turned towards looking at the sky – the tilt is very dynamic. Also the shapes and colours you’ve chosen for her pelt are very pretty. I like the shades of colours you’ve chosen for you drawing very much. Well done!

Other mentions:
Berryheart: I’m so sorry, Berryheart but I don’t think you attached your artwork to the form! Your drawing sounds so cute (this is what Berryheart wrote “It’s about Berry-Heart experiencing snow! She really loves it, but “it’s really cold” she says!”), and if you could send it to me in the comments, I would love to see it and write about it in the post! <3
Duskflame made the picture below of Hollyleaf on the Warriors mini maker. Unfortunately, I didn’t feel I could include it as an entry because it wasn’t an artwork crafted or drawn by Duskflame – it was drawn by whoever designed the mini maker, but I think it should still be shared to all of you because Duskflame put time and effort into it. πŸ™‚

For this contest, I haven’t given positive feedback for the entries but instead I’ve made a collation of them in this document! (click on the word ‘this’)

I hope you enjoy reading through all your fellow BlogClanners’ entries and that they might make you smile! I for one loved reading through them – I can so clearly see so much personality in your entries! πŸ˜€


3rd place: Thrushstorm. Aquila: I really liked the topic of Vigils which you chose. The writing style captured perfectly a warrior with a tough exterior, yet inwardly may be trying to contain their emotions all whilst knowing that life must go on. I liked how you created a clear sense of narrator and character.

2nd place: Koipaw. Aquila: this haiku stood out to me a lot. I like how creative you were, and how different your haiku is. I like the humour and yet contrasting urgency as the Clan struggles with the sickness.

1st place: Solarpaw/flare. Aquila: I like how you craft words so much. Each of the 3 lines is lyrical and each word carefully chosen whilst still fitting the pattern of a haiku. I am very impressed, and your haiku is beautiful to read.


3rd place: Pineconepaw. Aquila: I love the scene you’ve created. It looks like it could come right out of an animated series!

2nd place: Bristleshadow. Aquila: what stands out to me about your drawing is how it makes us feel as though Hollyleaf is addressing us directly. I immediately feel like I want to join in and be happy for her!

1st place: Scorchlight. Aquila: for me, your drawing is very life-like, despite being in a cartoon style. It is the sort of image I would want to see on the covers of a Warriors book. I like your attention to colour, dynamic posing, shading, texture, and especially how I feel Lionblaze is about to spring right out of the drawing!


3rd place: Hollypaw/fang with β€œSteal his hat and you get cuddled to death” Aquila: I love the imagery of this caption. I find it amusing and adorable at the same time, and definitely fits this picture.

2nd place: Rubydawn (spoiler warning for The Broken Code, by the way) with “Bramblestar goes to the snow this time but doesn’t lose a life because he has a winter hat” Aquila: I like how clever this caption is! The kitten is similar in appearance to Bramblestar, and it is also a reference to what happens in The Broken Code with a funny twist that fits into the caption photo.

1st place: Snowpaw/flake with “A floof in a poof of snow!” Aquila: I love how short and sweet this caption is. I like how it rhymes, and rolls off the tongue as well as gives texture and a feeling of softness to the image through the word choices “floof” and “poof”.

For people who were awarded third place in one of the contests (Hollypaw/fang, Thrushstorm, Pineconepaw), I offer you for your prize either a custom secret page (you can choose the page name, picture, and add a description of your choice to it), or a headshot of one of your OCs or a canon character drawn by me. Please tell me in the comments which you would like!

For people who were awarded second place in one of the contests (Rubydawn, Koipaw, Bristleshadow), I offer you for your prize either a custom secret page (you can choose the page name, picture, and add a description of your choice to it), or a full body of one of your OCs or a canon character drawn by me. Please tell me in the comments which you would like!

For people who won one of the contests (Snowpaw/flake, Solarpaw/flare, Scorchlight), I offer you for your prize up to two custom secret pages (you can choose the page names, pictures, and add descriptions of your choice to them), and a full body of one of your OCs or a canon character drawn by me, if you would like. πŸ™‚ Please tell me in the comments what you choose for your prize!

That is everything for today! I’m sorry that you can’t all be winners because I genuinely loved looking through your entries and know you all put much time, effort, and care into them. If you didn’t win, it doesn’t in anyway mean I didn’t like your entry or thought it was bad at all – I love everyone’s entries in different ways and had such a hard time choosing the top 3 for each contest.

Please give everyone’s entries some love in the comments – I’m sure you would all love to hear what you think of each others’ entries!

I hope you all enjoyed reading this post. Sorry for the delay – running the contests for the first time has made me learn quite a few things, and therefore I think next contests should run a lot smoother (I will be making a few changes πŸ™‚ ). If anyone has any suggestions on what they would like for a prize that they think I could reasonably offer or if they have any suggestions in general then I would love to hear them in the comments!

Have a lovely day everyone! πŸ˜€

πŸ©΅πŸ¦… Eagleflight (Aquila)πŸƒπŸŽΆ

It's a beautiful day and I can't stop myself from smiling!


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