[Design reference sheet for Hawkwing, who has a sad expression]

My Favourite Warrior Cats by Crystalhawk

Crystalhawk lists their favourite characters from the series.

[Design reference sheet for Hawkwing, who has a sad expression]
Art by flash-the-artist
[Design reference sheet for Hawkwing, who has a sad expression]

Hiya! I’m Crystalhawk and this is my first article! I would like you to take note that I’m not putting the cats in order of my biggest favourite to least favourite favourite, but just listing all the Warriors that I love (I can’t choose!). Thank you for taking your time to read this and enjoy! There are cats from lots of series here so I am warning you there may be spoilers.

1. Firestar – Although he isn’t the most popular opinion, I sill think he’s a decent cat. Brave, loyal, and kind, he definitely earned his place in ThunderClan and as the first main character in the Warrior Cat books. His life was heroic and he was so special that he earned himself a prophecy! He deserved to be Bluestar’s deputy of ThunderClan, for sure!

2. Greystripe – Greystripe is a funny fluffball of a character and a worthy friend of Firestar’s. In my opinion, he is the most humorous Warrior Cat and certainly makes it onto my favourite list by a hundred miles. I even had Greystripe as my warrior Cat match on the official Warriors website!

3. Bristlefrost – I think personally that Bristlefrost is the most heroic Warrior Cat! She was deeply in love with Rootspring and sacrificed herself in the Dark Forest to save Shadowsight from Ashfur and was erased from existence. Rootspring was devastated and could barely go on with life. This must surely be one of the most tragic and heroic Warriors deaths. She is certainly a cat to be remembered.

4. Rootspring – Yep, you probably saw this coming! I absolutely ADORE RootxBristle! It’s so heart-breaking that Bristlefrost died. Rootspring even wanted to stay behind in the Dark Forest where he could be nearest her! After this huge event, mates from other Clans were starting to open up a bit more, even being considered part of the Warrior Code to be changed in a way to support ‘forbidden’ love a bit more!

5. Tiny – Not the most common opinion, but think about Scourge. Most are haters, but look at the backstory. The reason Tiny became Scourge and tried to dominate the Clans was because he was attacked by Warrior Cats as a kit. He was a very curious kit, wanting to explore the world, but when he unknowingly stumbled across ThunderClan territory, cruel Clan members attacked the innocent Tiny. He was teased by cats like Socks throughout his life and forced to show he strength. As he grew up, he renamed himself Scourge, led BloodClan to prove himself and wreaked revenge on the Clans.

6. Spottedleaf – This sweet, kind-hearted medicine cat would always make sure everyone in the Clan (and other Clans) were healthy and safe. Although most of the time she is a gentle cat, don’t get on the wrong side of her because she can be fierce when needed! She easily fell in love with Firestar as a Warrior (Fireheart) and knew she couldn’t be with him but couldn’t flatten her affection for him. Spottedleaf’s second death was not something lovers like me take lightly and she did what she thought was the right thing at the moment, though if she hadn’t saved Sandstorm she would be with Firestar anyway. Forever grieving will be there for Spottedleaf.

7. Twigbranch – All hail Twigbranch, for I think she has one of the cutest Warriors names! TwigxFin is a very adorable couple, it’s a shame they don’t get together!

8. Violetshine – Violetshine and Needletail are a really good best friends match and it’s so SAD how Needletail sacrifices herself to Darktail and his evil cats ‘The Kin’ to save Violetshine’s life! Violetshine brings so much joy to everyone, especially Hawkwing (her father) by leaving ShadowClan to join him in SkyClan!

9. Needletail – I agree that Needletail made a lot of bad choices like joining Darktail’s ‘Kin’ and attacking innocent cats whilst within, but the unbreakable friendship between her and Violetshine was always there in her heart, and the final sacrifice. You have to adore her courage and selflessness, am I right?

10. Hawkwing – I didn’t think much of this cat until I recently read Hawkwing’s Journey, in which I learnt more about his life and struggles. He lost almost all of his family and still kept his head up and continued with his life. He lost: his brother in a fire, his sister to Barley’s barn, his mother to Barley’s barn, his mate (who was expecting kits) to twolegs! As well as all that, he challenged Dodge to a one-on-one fight to the death (and won) and saved the entire of SkyClan doing so! That is one strong cat!

11. Duskpaw – I only knew Hawkwing’s brother for a few pages, but that was enough to fall in love with his character! A funny, stubborn, argumentative, playful cat with potential and a love of twoleg food!

12. Leafpool – She was a loving medicine cat, just like Spottedleaf. Her death was so sudden, shocking and completely unexpected to all. Although having kits as a medicine cat was wrong, if she hadn’t given birth the Power of Three would have never existed and it was a needed mistake.

13. Jayfeather – You’ve just GOT to love his sharp tongue! The ridiculous things he has said before are hilarious and unignorable! Although he can be rude and humiliating, he is warm at heart (un-admittingly!).

14. Bluestar – This she-cat has made a very good leader of ThunderClan and her sacrifice to the gorge river MUST be adored! Her care for all cats and unwanted love of Oakheart couldn’t be banished, just like her spirit. Her kits are lovely cats, too, inheriting their mother’s loyalty.

15. Feathertail – The lovely cat who sacrificed herself for the love of her life, Crowfeather (Crowpaw then), is on my favourite list. After the unfortunate incident in which she was killed by (and killed) Sharptooth (the mountain lion) saving Crowpaw, the Clan cats and The Tribe of Rushing Water, during his Warrior ceremony, Crowpaw asked his leader to be called Crowfeather in honour of Feathertail. Aww!

16. Fuzzypelt – Joint with Twigbranch for the cutest Warrior Cat name. I mean, FUZZYpelt? That is just SO CUTE! You have to agree!!

17. Stemleaf – Stemleaf was so encouraging for Bristlefrost, no wonder she thought she could be mates with him! He is a very kind cat and always loyal to his Clan.

18. Echosong – After being a pampered kittypet haunted by dreams of cats with stars in their pelts, Echosong ended up joining SkyClan by the gorge and becoming their medicine cat. It turned out (quite expectedly), that she was dreaming about StarClan. After joining SkyClan, she saved many lives and was just such a great cat, a lot of her Clanmates were shocked finding out she used to be a kittypet.

Thank you so much if you read this article, it means a lot! I’ll be making more soon, and I’m looking forward to starting on them. I support comments, especially opposite opinions – I like to see cats in everybody’s point of view. What are your favourite Warrior Cats, and which ones of mine do you disagree and agree with? And what other articles would you like to see me make? Any questions welcome! Goodbye, have a fun day/night!

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