[a full-body drawing of Ashfur laying down with his tail raised]

My Least Favourite Warrior Cats by Crystalhawk

Crystalhawk lists their least favourite characters from the series.

[a full-body drawing of Ashfur laying down with his tail raised]
Art by TheBlueDrakeOfDoom
[a full-body drawing of Ashfur laying down with his tail raised]

Hiya! I’m Crystalhawk and I’m going to be telling you about my least favourite Warriors. There will be some spoilers in here so be aware that if you haven’t read many Warrior Cats books, then there may be unwanted spoilers in here. Unlike in my favourite Warrior Cats article, these are in order of not as bothered to the worst ever cat (in my opinion). Enjoy!

8. Dodge – The selfish street cat who terrorizes cats e.g. Stick, Cora, Percy. Eventually defeated by Hawkwing (who saved SkyClan in doing so), he would attack any cat who ventured onto his territory, often unknowingly.

7. Socks – He was so mean to Tiny, a core cause of Tiny’s vicious future as the bloodthirsty Scourge seeking vengeance on the Clans. Well, Socks has made it on this list after all!

6. Darktail – Son of Onestar and his former rouge mate, Darktail could have been a great cat. But Onestar (Onewhisker then) refused to let his mate and kit join the Clan so she raised her kit to hate the Clans. He wreaked so much trouble that was hard to prepare, manipulating and killing many cats.

5. Mapleshade – She was the beginning of the Dark Forest chain and made too many unfixable mistakes that led her towards the path of pure evil. Her fate was sealed and she wouldn’t look over her shoulder. She is now a loyal DF cat.

4. Tigerstar 1 – Often this cat is number one on people’s hate lists, but I’ve been looking from a different point of view. He had a mentor who was raising him to be a cat who was quick to fight and didn’t care about others, and his parents didn’t get to be around him much. No wonder he ended up the cat he was.

3. Thistleclaw – Previously mentioned as ‘world’s worst mentor’. He cared more about fights and deaths and territory than his Clan, and made Tigerstar terrorize too many cats following in his footsteps. Not good, Thistleclaw, not good.

2. Brokenstar – I simply can’t stand the thought of a cat making kits fight each other to the death, then just forgetting about them and their parents. How could a cat be so cruel?

1. Ashfur – This flea-ridden mange pelt made SEVERAL cats become erased from existence, including Bristlefrost.

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