[a design of Alderheart sitting down]

Why Alderheart is my Favorite Character by Finchpaw

Finchpaw shares why they love Alderheart.

[a design of Alderheart sitting down]
Art by Ospreysplash
[a design of Alderheart sitting down]

Hey Blogclanners! Finchpaw here, and this is my first article! Although every warrior, medicine cat, kit, apprentice, queen, deputy, and leader are very important (and amazing!), there is just one cat that sticks out the most to me. And that little kitty is Alderheart. These are just SOME reasons why Alderheart is my absolute favorite!
1. Alderheart is one of the only characters who aren’t PERFECT at the start.
Alderheart is definitely self-conscious and has a lot of anxiety, unlike the other characters in the arcs, who are perfect at things almost right away. In A Vision of Shadows, book one, Alderheart (or paw, really), is shown to be sensitive, self-conscious, and determined to do things right. Once he becomes a medicine cat, it seems like he’ll never have a place in ThunderClan, as he can’t memorize any herbs and has a lack of self esteem.
2. He rejects love, TWICE!
Alderheart is actually shown to have affection for Needletail, but refuses to let it interfere with his role. As many people know, a medicine cat having a mate is strictly forbidden. This obviously stuck with Alderheart, as he didn’t let Needletail lead his life. He also shows love for Velvet, but decides not to let it pursue him. When Jayfeather warns him not to get too attached, we see him tell Jayfeather that he’d never let any cat drive him away from his duties or loyalty. So sweet!
3. PuddleXAlder!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Without a doubt, Puddleshine and Alderheart would be THE CUTEST THING EVER! Alderheart continuously encourages Puddleshine and saves him from silverthorn, while Puddleshine helps him with his self esteem and self-worth. These two are seriously compatible!
4. Alderheart is like a big brother to Twigbranch.
Alderheart and Needletail find Violetshine and Twigbranch under a Thunderpath and bring them back to the Clans. Twigbranch ends up staying with ThunderClan, while Violetshine is taken away to ShadowClan. Alderheart is seen making meetings with Needletail just so Twigbranch and Violetshine wouldn’t be upset, though they were risking breaking the code. Alderheart encourages her and supports her when she decides to join SkyClan, and is one of her only supporters when she comes back to ThunderClan. Such a sweetheart!
5. Alderheart confronts the wrongdoings of Ashfur.
Many cats didn’t know at the time, but Bramblestar was being possessed by Ashfur, who was trying to destroy the Clans. Alderheart is seen standing up to what he thought was his father. Here is the exact arguement (or something along the lines):
“Get out! We have no need for an unfaithful medicine cat!” -Ashfur
“What about an unfaithful leader?” -Alderheart
Anyways, these are just some reasons that Alderheart is my absolute favorite! I hope you enjoyed! Have a great day/night.

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