[a trading card mockup of a StarClan cat]

Designing a Warrior Cats Card Game by Valleypaw

Valleypaw shares their idea for a card game based on Warrior Cats.

[a trading card mockup of a StarClan cat]
StarClan cat art by Espenfluss, trading card edit by Valleypaw
[a trading card mockup of a StarClan cat]

Hello! I’m Valleypaw, and welcome to my third article! So I was wondering, what if we made warrior cats a card game? Would it be a trading card game, with different cards for every cat? Or would it be more like War, where each card has a different value and they compete against each other? Let’s find out!

I feel like warriors would fit the best as a trading card game. I know it and you know it, there’s just SO many cats! According to google, there are over 1,200 warrior cat characters in all, and trading card games like Pokemon have about 15,100 cards! It’s a bit less, but remember, not all characters in warriors are important. Kids might not be so happy when they open their trading card pack to find Greenflower inside! XD But anyways, a trading card game seems like the best pick!

So which warriors would be in this trading card game? If not Greenflower, then who else? (lol) I mean, which type of characters would we have? Would we include cats like rouges and kittypets, or just have clan cats? I personally think it depends on the cat. We might not include kittypets like Hattie, but we would probably have Smudge, Bumble, and Cody in the mix. If the cat is memorable, then we would have a trading card for them!

And what do we do about rarity? One of the first ideas that I had would be ranks. Warriors would be the most common and leaders would be the ultra rare cards! But then we look at trading card games like Pokemon and see that Pikachou is actually a very common card to get. I remember when I went to McDonalds and got a pack of three pokemon cards in my happy meal. One of them turned out to be Picachou, and I thought I had gold in my hands, but then, to my disappointment, I figured out that Picachou was actually a very common card to get. So it might be best not to make cats like Firestar and Bluestar ultra rare cards, because many kids might be disappointed when they can’t seem to get their hands on their favorite characters. So then I thought, why don’t we make the originals the easiest to get, and have the rarest be actual legends in Warriors. For example, we could have Half Moon, the legend of StarClan, be the hardest to get, and Firestar be your everyday card? Sounds great to me!

Now let’s go on to the individual cards. To make the game more interesting, we could include different abilities based on the cat’s personality and skills! Cats such as Brambleclaw could have an ability called something like ‘Deputy’s Command,” which allows them to give an attack boost to his fellow clanmates. And sneaky cats like Darkstripe might have an ability called ‘Ambush,’ allowing them to attack without warning!

All the different cards could have hit points (HP) and I think we should do that part by rank! Like, I want to have something by rank! So instead of doing it by age/ importance, we should do it by strength and power over other cats. So the leaders would have the most HP, even if a lot of our leader cards are the most common! Anyways, this is the hit point distribution I was thinking of 😀

StarClan cats: 150 hit points

Leaders: 100 hit points

Deputies: 75 hit points

Senior Warriors: 70 hit points (cuz’ there not that different from deputies)

Warriors: 60 hit points

Apprentices: AHHH THIS IS HARD! Let’s say 45 hit points

Queens: 25 hit points?

Elders: Oh. Uh, 10 hit points, I’ll have to say. They were young once, y’know?

Kits: I’M SORRY LITTLE KITS THEIR SO CUTE BUT I’m going to have to give them 3 hit points. Alright, how about 5 because of all of those play-battles lol!

Kittypets: Your typical lazy kittypet would probably have 1 HP or something. But wait, that doesn’t seem right. If I had a kit card and you had a kittypet card, I would beat you, but in Warriors the kittypet would probably win. Just because they’re bigger and stronger. All cats have instincts. So let’s give kittypets…uh…7 hit points. That seems fair.

Loners: 60 hit points

Rouges: 65 hit points

Young Rouges/loners: 50 hit points

But of course, those are just the bases. If there’s a certain cat who deserves more or less hit points, then we’ll give it to them.

Oh, and of course, we need to do Attack points. (AP)
This is so when two cards go up against each other the players will simply have to do the math and take the AP from the HP and if one card used up all the HP then they…die…UNLESS (and I just thought of this) there a LEADER, and in that case, they have nine lives and you can put the card back in your hand! (although, you would need to keep track of how many times your Bluestar card gets defeated…but maybe we have slots on the bottom of the card that you can fold up, or something)
So, let’s work out this AP!

StarClan cats: You gotta give them 200 attack points (150 HP)

Leaders: 120 attack points(100 HP)

Deputies: 85 attack points (75 HP)

Senior Warriors: 80 attack points (70 HP)

Warriors: 70 attack points (60 HP)

Apprentices: 45 attack points (45 HP)

Queens: 20 attack points (25 HP, and wow this is surprisingly less unlike the others lol)

Elders: 20 attack points(10 HP) (because their so cranky)

Kits: 8 attack points (5 HP)

Kittypets: 15 attack points (7 HP)

Loners: 70 attack points (60 HP)

Rouges: 75 attack points (65 HP)

Young Rouges/loners: 50 attack points (50 HP)

Again, this might be modified by the card.

Just a few more things before we finish up this article! (Wow, this is getting long…1001 words at the end of these parentheses!)
So, how are we going to decide which cat is in what rank? It’s a fairly big question, because if all cats were their final form in the series, all surviving cats would be warriors and we’d have almost no apprentices, kits, elders or queens! So I was thinking, what if we sorted all of the cats and figured out which rank their most remembered by? One cat might have been super popular as an apprentice, but might not have done much as a warrior. Let’s figure out the ranks of five different cats below! (I’m choosing very random warriors haha)
Silverstream: I’m going to do a queen 😀
Crowfeather: AHHHHH Well he went on the journey as an apprentice, but the whole Leafpool thing was when he was a warrior…I’ll have to go with two cards, apprentice and warrior
Brightheart: Warrior?
Mistystar: Her reign was too long 🙁 Were going with Mistyfoot
Sorreltail: Warrior XD

To conclude the chronicles, (chronicles?) warrior cats would make a great card game! After writing this article, something in me wants to go grab my stylus pen and start designing some warrior cat trading cards!

Oh, and you know what, thanks for sticking around and reading this! This was a super long article (mainly because I couldn’t stop writing it) so if you somehow managed to stick around till the end, seriously, thank you!
If your favorite warrior cat was a trading card, what HP and AP would it have? What about the rank? And of course, what warrior cat is it? Please let me know in the comments, it would be so fun to see your favorite warrior cat as a trading card!
Vallzie out!

PS. I made the warrior cat trading card in the thumbnail, so if you put your fav warrior cat and info in the comments, I would love to do the art for it!

NOTE: While I did put the trading card together, the StarClan cat art is not by me. However, it was used as the cover from another BlogClan article, and so I know it was approved. The original art was by someone named Espenfluss.

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