[image description: a collage of Rusty sitting, Graypaw on his hind legs, Bluestar calling out, and Brambleclaw's eyes above them]

Hilarious Google Translated Warrior Names by Mintybreeze

Mintybreeze shares how Google translates warrior names into Tamil.

[image description: a collage of Rusty sitting, Graypaw on his hind legs, Bluestar calling out, and Brambleclaw's eyes above them]
Official art from the official Warrior Cats site (Illustrator: Wayne McLoughlin)
[image description: a collage of Rusty sitting, Graypaw on his hind legs, Bluestar calling out, and Brambleclaw’s eyes above them]

Hi, Mintybreeze here! I read Reedpaw’s article on Google Translated Warrior Names, and wanted to try it out myself! As a Tamil speaker, I am constantly amazed by Google Translate’s lack of grammar. Let’s get started!

NOTE: If you see this letter, ‘ஃ’, it means that sound isn’t in Tamil.

THUNDERCLAN – Firestar’s family >:]

Fireheart – நெருப்பு இதயம் (neruppu itayam) – A Heart of Fire – Okay, his heart is on fire?

Sandstorm – மணல் புயல் (Manal Puyal) – Sandstorm – Sandstorm is a real word.

Squirrelflight – அணில்விளக்கு (Anilvilakku) – Squirrel Lamp – So, ‘Flight’ is ‘Vimanam’, which means Airplane. ‘Lamp’ is ‘Vilakku’

Leafpool – இலைக் குளம் (Ilaik Kulam) – Leaf Pond – Pool and pond are similar!

Jayfeather – ஜெய்ஃபெதர் (Jeyhpetar) – Jayfeather – Google Translate just sound-translated him!! >:[

Lionblaze – லயன்பிளேஸ் (Layanpiles) – Lionplace? – GT sound-translated again, but mis-translated back

Hollyleaf – ஹோலிலீஃப் (Holilihp) – Hollyleaf – GOOGLE TRANSLATE!!!! STOP SOUND-TRANSLATING!!!!

Alderheart – ஆல்டர்ஹார்ட் (Altarhart) – Alderhardt – Same as Lionblaze

Sparkpelt – ஸ்பார்க்பெல்ட் (Sparkpelt) – Sparkbelt – Seriously, GT?

Nightheart – இரவு இதயம் (Iravu Itayam) – Heart of the Night – FINALLY!!! Nightheart’s name is really pretty!

Finchlight – ஃபிஞ்ச்லைட் (Hpinclait) – Finchlight – No explanation needed

SHADOWCLAN – Tigerstar’s family (+ Brambleclaw and Goldenflower)

Tigerclaw – புலிக்கொடி (Puli-kotti) – Tiger Flag – Tiger is ‘Puli’, Claw is ‘Nakam’, Flag is ‘Kotti’, ‘Nakam’ also means nail. I don’t know what happened . . .

Goldenflower – தங்கப்பூ (Tankappu) – Gold Flower – Golden, gold.

Brambleclaw – பிராம்பிள்க்லா (Pirampilkla) – Brambleclaw – Accurate, translated correctly, good job, GT!

Tawnypelt – டவ்னிபெல்ட் (Tavnipelt) – Downybelt – Sound-translated, AND CALLED HER ‘DOWNY-BELT’??????

Tigerheart – டைகர்ஹார்ட் (taikar’hart) – Tigerheart – (/ _ ; )

Dawnpelt – டான்பெல்ட் (Tanpelt) – Dawnbelt – WHY?!?!?!??!

Flametail – சுடர் வால் (Cutar val) – Flame Tail – YAY!!!!

Shadowsight – நிழல் பார்வை (Nilal Parvai) – Shadow Vision – OOOO, sounds like a book title!

Lightleap – லைட்லீப் (Laitlip) – Lightleep – (- . -)

Pouncestep – பவுன்ஸ்டெப் (Pavunstep) – Bouncestep – Pounce is ‘Tullal’, and Bounce is also ‘Tullal’. I think GT sound-translated, and mixed up the prefix.

Strikestone – அடிக்கல் (Atikkal) – Foundation Stone – Interesting . . . Strike is ‘Velainirottam’, Foundation is ‘Atittalam’, Stone is ‘kul’. GT just mixed up foundation and strike, because it is not good at translating

Juniperclaw – இளநீர் (Ilanir) – Young Water – WHAT?! That sounds like a tribe name. So, juniper doesn’t grow in Idoa, it doesn’t have a tamil word, so it just sound-translated. Claw is ‘Nakam’. Young is ‘Ilam’, water is ‘Thanir’. GT just guessed here . . .

Sleekwhisker – ஸ்லீக்விஸ்கர் (Slikviskar) – Slickwhisker – O*O Sleek, slick.

Well, that’s the end of my article!
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Bye! Part two (Windclan and Riverclan) is coming out soon! Part three (Skyclan and Tribe) will be there after! And finally, I’ll do Part four (Ancients and Loners).


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    • She, Dawnbelt and Downybelt are the ultimate belt trio. I wanted to find more Belts, but I realized it was a waist of time.

  • I tried my language, German! (Note: I am not fluent in German, and I am only trying to learn it at the moment, but I am German, so please don’t attack me.)
    Fireheart – Feuerherz) Looks pretty, I’ve never thought of him as a German kitty!
    Sandstorm – Sandsturm) Uhm. Just “uhm.”
    Hollyleaf – Hollyleaf) GT, how dare you?!?!
    Jayfeather – Jayfeather) Truly is Hollyleaf’s brother.
    Lionblaze – Löwenflamme) The only unique one, wow.
    Squirrelflight – Eichhörnchenflug) WOW.
    Leafpool – Blattsee) Confuses me. Where’d the “Blatt” come from????
    Silverstream – Silverstream) This is frustrating.
    Tigerclaw – Tigerklaue) “Klaue” is an interesting word. (By looks.)
    Tigerheart – Tigerherz) Same response as Tigerclaw. Interesting.
    Tawnypelt – Braunfell) HUH??????
    Flametail – Flammenschweif) Big word for a short life, RIP. (This is a joke!)
    Dawnpelt – Dawnpelt) I’m not even frustrated, I’m relieved!
    Rowanclaw – Rowanclaw) Boooooo.
    Cinderpelt – Aschenpelz) Seems normal? Pelz as pelt, Aschen like ashen or cinder.
    Yellowfang – Gelbzahn) Unique.
    Alright, I’m done translating now! Hope you read this comment and see these silly names and my responses to them!
    -Brindlenose, out!

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