Moderator Appreciation Day


Hello everyone! This is Silverdusk and Willowdawn here 😀

As I’m sure you know from the title of the post, we would like to celebrate the people who make this place as awesome as it is and those who have made the blog more awesome in the past.

BlogClan is a truly wonderful and fun site, with so many awesome pages and activities! But what makes the blog the place it is must be the people who work tirelessly to make sure it runs smoothly. These people read and approve every single comment on BlogClan, answer questions, make sure every member is content and so, so much more! Lovely Kate Cary may have created the Blog, but it is these individuals who keep it running while Kate is writing more warrior books for us to enjoy! So who are these people? 

That’s right, you guessed it, it’s the moderators! The moderators are wonderful and kind people who we are lucky to have. They deserve all the appreciation in the whole universe and so, we are going to be dedicating this post to them.

Before we continue, we would like to list the current wonderful moderators, just in case newer members do not know who they are! 🙂 

The current moderators are:

  • Emberdawn
  • Birchfoot 
  • Goldenfawn 
  • Viperfrost 
  • Mapledrift
  • Ospreysplash 
  • Eagleflight
  • Snowbreeze
  • Lilybreeze
  • Pineblossom
  • Moonbreeze
  • Darkwing 

Now, let’s dive in!

Our Gifts 

Here, we have a short story written using all the mods’ suffixes and prefixes. 🙂 

As early morning light streams down on the clearing, birch and maple leaves flutter slowly toward the ground, resting amongst the drifts of snow that scatter the soil. 

Above, amongst the pristine peaks of the mountain, the lightening sky reveals an eagle, twisting in flight as it soars toward the distant horizon, each beat of its wings propelling it further into the violet expanse. 

Lilies bloom upwards, pale pink petals shivering with crystalline dewdrops. 

More blossoms whirl in the rainy breeze, each one glowing with veins of gold as they rest at the foot of a mighty pine, swaying to the song of the forest. 

More animals begin to emerge; slithering vipers and skipping fawns and dazzling ospreys, splashing through icy puddles and skimming the surface of coppery lakes. 

The moon begins to fade, hidden behind dark lilac clouds and golden tongues of fire.

The last of the frost melts into snaking streams as the shining sparks of light beam down. 

It is a dawn as bright as embers.

∽ Silverdusk

“Hi mods! Thank you so, so much for the work you do, and for keeping Blogclan a safe place. You’ve all had such an important impact on Blogclan as a community and it truly wouldn’t be as great here without you. I hope you all know how deeply appreciated you are.”


Hi moddos! I know I haven’t been that active lately. I’ve just been really busy but I always have a blogclan in the back of my mind hoping I’ll be able to make time to come on here after school every day. That’s what is so awesome about you guys! You have made such a fun, safe space for young people to enjoy themselves and speak about something they love with like-minded people. You are all such lovely cats, and you always manage to make us laugh, give the best advice, and make this place even more wonderful than it already is. (GOSH, what has high school done to me? Why am I so serious 🤣)

Anyway! We hope you have an absolutely wonderful mod appreciation day and you realize how amazing you are as cats and humans 🩷✨😃.

∽ Tansypaw/branch 

Next up, we have some gorgeous artwork of Aquila! 

Drawn by Darkpaw/iris

And an SE cover for Embix! “Emberdawn’s Wisdom.” Very realistic title! 

Created by Skypaw/mist

And omg look at this masterpiece of Osprey! 

Drawn by Skypaw/shimmer

And here’s a series of wonderful acrostic poems! 

Speedy dodo zooms

Now she mods comments 

On our beloved tavern

Where positivity rules

Back on the dashboard 

Revising questionable comments

Every day, making

Every page a better place

Zooming across the Blog

Everyone admires Snowy

Written By Skyshimmer 

Darkwing rules

Admire her swiftness, fast as a 

Race car at top speed

Kind, funny,

Wonderful and full of 


Never forget Liv,

Giving us wonderful experiences on the Blog

Written by Skyshimmer 

Lil is amazing 

In every comment,

Letter, word,

You make sure we are the 

Best BlogClanners we can be

Reliable is a word that describes her

Every word there is to describe her wouldn’t 

Ever fit in here

Zigzagging between pages to mod our comments

Everyone looks up to Lil

Written By Skyshimmer 

Our beloved mod

Speedy as can be

Please applaud for Osprey

Ready to mod comments 

Every single day

Yes, Osp is gonna

Sweep you off your feet

Perfectly amazing

Look at her go

A speedy dodo

Speeding ‘cross the road, let’s 

Hear some applause

Written By Skyshimmer 

Every single day

Modding comments real fast

Because it is

Embix, THE mod

Revel in her speediness

Dear Embix,

A question for you;

Why are you so fast? I

Never knew it was possible, until now

Written By Skyshimmer 

Here’s some poems from Silv! 

Miles away from any civilization, 

A whole other world is hidden away. 

Peaceful breezes rustle the leaves and

Lost dandelion seeds flutter. 

Even when cold grips the land, 

Daisies still remain, whispering 

Remedies for wounded souls. 

If one were to find this place, 

For just a moment, all their 

Troubles would simply float away.

Written by Silverdusk

Blue waves sing a

Irresistible song as 

Rainbows mist the air above. A

Chilly rain begins to fall again, 

Howling across slick rocks. 

Forgotten memories swirl like 

Opals in the depths of the 


Telltale signs of the storm ahead.

Written by Silverdusk

And here are some artistic poems by Hazypaw/frost!

An eagle speeding through the blog

Quickly modding

Updating the purrs as she goes

I wonder how she mods so fast as she

Lifts up spirits through the blog

A very speedy dodo indeed

Written by Hazypaw/frost

Maple leaves flying fast

As another mod drifts through the blog

Putting smiles on faces as she goes

Written by Hazypaw/frost

Start readying for this 

Now, don’t you see? It’s a Snowy

Oh, wow she’s so fast!

Woah, look at the purrs, they’ve changed once again!

Yes, look at her, flying through the blog, modding comments as fast as light!

Written by Hazypaw/frost

A speedy mod, her dark wings flying past!

Really wonderful how fast she zooms, isn’t it?

Keeping everyone safe as she watches for danger

I cannot imagine a speedier dodo than her!

Written by Hazypaw/frost

Every mod knows her as superior

Maybe even the best mod to walk through the blog

Best of all, she’s speedy, patient and friendly!

I can’t even think of one word to explain how awesome she is!

X is impossible to think of something for, but she’s still amazing either way 😛

Written by Hazypaw/frost

Oh, what’s this?

Surely not an Osprue?

Prepare to be awed.

Ready? Set. Go!

Eeeh, she’s already zooming!

You’re winning the dodo race!

Swiftly modding every comment

Plowing through that endless stream

Lashing out at the spam monster


She does so much for every cat

Hurray for Osprey!

Written by Dawnpaw/wind

Embix, the blog manager.

Magnificently modding

Building up this community

Everything she does is amazing!

Rolling down the dashboard

Daily doing her dodo job

Adventures through the Article page to answer people’s questions

Working hard to make us happy

No one can beat the amazing Embix!

Written by Dawnpaw/wind

Look, the Apprentice Army supreme!

It’s the one and only Lilybreeze!

Leaking awesomeness, because she has so much!

Yes, off she goes!

Being a dodo,

Really hard job that she does!

Eating away at the comment blockage

Every time she’s so amazing!

Zooming through the big wide blog

Essential to the blog!

Written by Dawnpaw/wind

Below is an artwork of Aquila.

Drawn by Riverspirit

The twelve mods

Drawn by Echoheart


By Shiverpaw/wind

The Twelve Mods by Jericho

By Jericho

Twelve mods

By Flamecloud

 “Hey dodos! I’d just like to say, y’all are the best!!!! I couldn’t possibly thank you enough for all the work you put into keeping the blog running, and making it the home that it is! I hope you have a fantabulous day!! “


“Hi everyone! If you don’t know me, I’m Flamepaw/spirit, but a lot of you know me as Flam. As much as I love dodo-soupmaking, I do get that maybe sometimes these guys should get a free pass from the pot. I don’t say this a lot, unless I’m protecting my fabulous mentor, Wosprey Osprey, but nonetheless these incredible people not only keep the blog updated and running smoothly, but they spend so much of their time making sure that everyone stays safe online, and I don’t think we could ever repay them for such a dedication and responsibility. However, a few of my App Army (and non-Army 😉 ) pals and I got together and created a collab for you dodos! (Kudos to the incredible Hollypaw/fang for coming up with the idea, ily bestie <3) We truly can’t thank you enough for all that you do and all the time you sacrifice for our sake, but we hope you enjoy this collage of you guys we made just as much as we enjoyed making this! Thank you all for sticking through this post and reading this, and again, many thanks to all of you dodos! <3”


By Flamespirit, Pineconefall, Hollyfang, Fernmist, Dusklight, and Cloudsong

Thank you for all that you do, mods, and we hope you like this art!

12 moderators by Hatchet

And some lovely art of Goldenfawn, Moonbreeze and Darkwing, drawn by Fernpaw/mist! 


Some more awesome art by Cloudo!

aquila by cloudo!
lil by cloudo!

“BlogClan is truly a wonderful, safe and respected space that I am ever so genuinely pleased to be a part of. The community has been so well shaped because of all our mods, and it wouldn’t be the same without them. I want to thank them for everything they do to keep the blog safe and peaceful, and for keeping everyone protected and welcomed. I want to say a big thank you to Aquila who has been my inspiration from the start, and I have looked up to for about a year. Everyone in the BlogTeam is amazing, and deserves as much love and respect as they can get. It may just seem like another, simple message, but I really do mean it, and I hope you all know how much this means to me, and how important it is for me to tell you that I love you all so much <33.We don’t know each other in real life, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t friends. Thank you for all the laughs and smiles you’ve given me, the fun and funny times, everything. We shall all continue to work hard together to keep BlogClan safe, protected, loved and cared for, and everyone in it.”


“You guys are all amazing!!! I cannot thank you all enough for everything you do, your patience and kindness is endless and the Blog would crumble without you all. Map and Liv, thank you so much for helping me figure out my sexuality and feel more comfortable with myself. You two are also so lovely in general and I love chatting with you :DD Aquila, you’re such a role model for so many people here (myself included) and we all adore you! Snowy, talking to you is always so much fun and you’re such a sweet person, ily <3 Osp, you never fail to make me laugh and you’re so much fun. Piney, you’re so friendly and approachable and just give off a great vibe. Moon, you are such a kind person and run NTA so smoothly. Lil, you’re so kind and hardworking and we all love you! Being the youngest person in the Apprentice Army must be a lot of work /j Viper, we all love how chaotic you are, you bring such light and humor to the Blog! Goldi and Birchy, everyone on the Blog looks up to you, you’re both so amazing! All of you are awesome and I cannot express how grateful we are to you all! 

On behalf of the whole Blog, thank you!”


Our Wonderful Twelve Mods <3

By Koipaw/Leaf

“Heya there dodos! Thanks for keeping the Blog free of inappropriate stuff! For that, I’ll spare you from the pot for a month, promise!”


Moderators, thank you for your hard work and commitment to BlogClan. You are very helpful for sacrificing time from your busy life. Thank you for keeping the community safe, because there is so much toxic stuff out on the internet. I appreciate your many activities you plan out for BlogClanners too! Others enjoy these activities to get together and have fun. You are all very important to this community! You all are very nice and sometimes a little goofy! I am grateful that you keep us safe and your personalities! Keep up the hard work! We love your contributions and we and looking forward to them years beyond.



We really hope that you enjoyed looking at all these wonderful gifts and we thank anyone who sent in anything to show their appreciation to our wonderful moderators! 

Embix, Birchy, Goldi, Vipvip, Map, Osprue, Lil, Moon, Snowy, Pine, Aquila, Liv, Kat, Rainie, Cheeto, Flo, Snake, Copper, Dawn, Flame, Josh, Russet, Cyp, Rose, Sunny, Winter, Icy, Shiv and Jayie – all the moderators of the past and present. We appreciate each and every one of you. ❤️

Thank you so much for everything you do or have done for this amazing site! We all appreciate your hard work to continually improve it.

We hope you know just how much we love you! Thank you for everything! 

Hey BlogClan Community! This is Willowdawn, and I would like to thank people for making a gift in less than a week! Also, I would like to shoutout Silverdusk and Koipaw/leaf for editing last night when I went to sleep. Big shoutout to Rosepaw/fern for organizing this, and to our writers, Silverdusk, Willowdawn, Hazypaw/mist, Dawnpaw/wind, and Rosepaw/fern. It wouldn’t be possible without all of your help! Thank you for everyone’s contributions!

 A special thank you to Rosepaw/fern for organizing this, Silverdusk for writing the intro, outro and editing (and making the list of every single member of BlogTeam 😛), Willowdawn for editing everything and managing this and Dusklight, Flamepaw and Cloudpaw for contributing so immensely to the project. And finally, thank YOU, whether you sent in a gift or not. We love you! 

🍒🌿 🫶 Lilybreeze 🪷 💫 🤍 mentor to mintpaw 🌱 🤯 🌼

hiya! you can call me lil! I love songwriting, poetry, and acting c:


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