[a full-body design of Sleekwhisker with sharp features and licking a front paw]

Warrior cats I hate and WHY by Leafpaw

Leafpaw lists their least favourite characters from the series.

[a full-body design of Sleekwhisker with sharp features and licking a front paw]
Art by SmolToxin (deactivated account on deviantArt)
[a full-body design of Sleekwhisker with sharp features and licking a front paw]

Hey guys, it’s Leafpaw and today, I will be telling you about cats I HATE.

I hate Breezepelt sooooo much. I admit, I felt sorry for him when he was an apprentice, but what he did when he was a warrior was unforgivable. First of all, he followed Jayfeather to the moonpool and ATTACKED a blind medicine cat and an expecting queen. If it hadn’t been for Honeyfern, both of them would have been lying dead. He wants to kill Jayfeather, Lionblaze and Hollyleaf because they share the same father, but look Breezepelt, they aren’t the ones who chose Crowfeather to be their father. He literally flashes a triumphant glance at Hollyleaf’s body like he’s glad she’s dead in the Great Battle and says Lionblaze will die too. Later, when Onestar says he will not punish Breezepelt, Breezepelt looks smug. Like, you betrayed your Clan and you’re acting proud about it. If I were there, I would clawed that smug face off of him. When Leafstar takes in Sleekwhisker and Yarrowleaf, Breezepelt yells that they are traitors. This is so ironic because he betrayed his own Clanmates too.

This cat deserves to die. As an apprentice, Sleekpaw never listens to her mentor. She goes on to sneer at Rowanstar and thinks the Clan shouldn’t believe in StarClan. Okay, I know Cloudtail didn’t believe in StarClan, but he rarely voiced it. Sleekpaw, on the other hand, voiced it at a gathering. She goes on to join the Kin, which doesn’t bother me too much, but she participates in Needletail’s murder and is prepared to kill Yarrowleaf’s kits and Tawnypelt. She’s also a coward, running away from battles when she sees her side is losing. For now, she’s a rogue, but I really hope that she dies sooner or later in the series

Honestly, if you have ever wanted a cat who is a coward and a traitor, there you have it. Darkstripe betrays information to Tigerstar and when he finds out that Sorrelkit (Sorreltail), he tries to feed her deathberries. Apart from the fact that she is a kit, this kit is also his sister and he was willing to kill her. This is a perfect example that some cats don’t CARE about family

Anyways, that’s enough for today, Leafpaw out.

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  • I like Breezepelt (*dodges flying tomatoes*), hate Sleekwhisker, and hate Darkstripe (but that prologue of him wanting to follow Tigerstar in the Dark Forest was just ADORABLE)