Official cover art by Tim O'Brien of The Hunger Game trilogy written by Suzanne Collins

Hunger games with Warrior names? Purrfect! by Flakepatch

Flakepatch gives warrior names to characters from The Hunger Games.

Official cover art by Tim O'Brien of The Hunger Game trilogy written by Suzanne Collins
Official cover art by Tim O’Brien of The Hunger Game trilogy written by Suzanne Collins

‘Ello Blogfrogs! Tis I, Hatchet, back here with another article this time giving Hunger games characters warrior names! I hope you guys enjoy cause It’ll hopefully be good!
May include spoilers.

First up im of course gonna have to do Katniss Everdeen!

Katniss was given a nickname from Gale, Catnip, so I feel like a nice prefix for her would be Catnip. For her suffix it could be Arch? Short for Archer? CatnipArch? Ima go with that!

Next up we have Gale!

He is Katniss’ hunting partner who sets up traps and snares, so the prefix should be Snare. I am just gonna say Snaretrap would be a good name so Gale is Snaretrap.

Next up we have Peeta! (Team Peeta all the way!)

I would do Loverboy or Bakerboy but wouldn’t work so lets look at this. He is seen as artistic for camouflage from his cake decorating so I would say a prefix for him could be Hidden. A suffix if we look at his leg we could probably say a suffix would be leg so Peeta is now Hiddenleg.

Lets not forget about the one the only Haymitch.

Haymitch is Katniss and Peetas mentor and hes almost never seen sober. A prefix for him could be lets say Messy, just seems right his hair is a mess. For his prefix I will definately say Ice just because he asked, “Wheres the ice?” So Haymitch you are now, Messyice.

We must do Effie!

Effie is always bubbly and smiley so I would put her prefix as Bubble. For her suffix it isn’t too hard to place, it will most definately be fur because of her wigs. Effie will now be, Buublefur.

Lats but certainly not least is my favorite Cinna!

Cinna is Katniss’ stylist and someone she actually trusts(OMG really? She trusts no one! lol) He has gold eyeliner and many ear peircings but thats it which makes him a little differnt from other capitol citizens(especially Effie with her crazy wigs and so much makeup I say, “You got some face with that makeup?”) anyway I would have his prefix be Pierced for the piercings and gold for the eyeliner! SO Cinna my favorite(im still crying or those who know, know) will now be Piercedgold!

Thanks for reading my article let me know if I should do a part two and what characters you wanna see get names(from any of the main 2 books I have not read nor seen Ballad of songbirds and snakes)

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