[a collage of cats from the first print of covers surrounding the Warriors logo]

Facts of Warrior Cats; Are they True or False by Bloomflower

Bloomflower fact-checks some popular sayings in the fandom.

[a collage of cats from the first print of covers surrounding the Warriors logo]
Official art by Wayne McLoughlin, edited by unknown
[a collage of cats from the first print of covers surrounding the Warriors logo]

Hiiii, it’s Bloomflower. As many as us probably know, there are a lot of facts that make sense and those that don’t, those that are made up and those that are real. Sooo, we are here today to be deciding which ones are true and which ones aren’t! Let’s get started:

Fact Number 1.) Tigerclaw/star always felt bad because of Cinderpelt’s accident on the Thunderpath.

I…. don’t think so. Tigerclaw can eliminate half-clan cats just because of their ‘divided loyalties,’ he killed Runningwind for basically no reason at all, and MURDERED Brindleface to give dogs a taste of cat blood. Did he feel bad for those incidents/victims? No. He didn’t. Then why should he feel bad for Cinderpelt’s accident?

Fact Number 2.) Brokenstar is partly kittypet.

Okay you know what, this is true. Raggedstar is Brokenstar’s father, and Raggedstar’s father is a kittypet. Simple.

Fact Number 3.) Tigerclaw/star truly cared for all of his kits but distanced himself because he knew he was a monster and didn’t know how to care for his kits.

Well. This fact can be easily disproven cuz he would meet with Hawkfrost, Brambleclaw/star, and Tawnypelt in the DF. That is not what I call distancing.

Fact Number 4.) Brightpaw was in love with Swiftpaw, and that’s why she went with him to go fight the dog pack, not only to prove she was a warrior but because she would die with him if anything went wrong.

Nooooooo. Brightheart X Cloudtail forever….
Again, this can easily be disproven cuz Brightheart (Brightpaw then) didn’t seemed to have any feelings for Swiftpaw. Besides, she got Cloudtail.

Fact Number 5.) Tigerclaw/star favored Brambleclaw over Hawkfrost even after Brambleclaw betrayed him.

I don’t think so. Tigerclaw/star isn’t that type of father or cat to love their son no matter what he did. And then again, in Tigerclaw’s Fury, we don’t really see him in the DF so I’m just staying neutral on this one.

But that’s it! What do you think? Which one was the most surprising? Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my article, and see you next time! (hopefully)

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