How StarClan Was Unfair To Leafpool by Bloomflower

Bloomflower highlights StarClan’s unfairness to Leafpool.

Official art from Warriors: Cats of the Clans (Illustrator: Wayne McLoughlin)

K, we all know Starclan. The heavenly, perfect, place where good cats go when they die. Right?
NOT! Starclan is unfair, partial, and overrated! I’ve discovered a theory that y’all have been posting here, Starclan Is Idiots. And I totally agree. Starclan IS Idiots.
And I shall tell y’all why.

Number One Reason: Leafpool.
My one and only answer. I’ve hated Starclan since they were electing to send her to the Dark Forest. As I recall, she didn’t kill anyone, yes? She didn’t betray her clan, yes?
My cat brain tells me: She should go to Starclan.
And she did. But I will be using Moth Flight’s points and DEFENDING Leafpool from those reasons.

So Leafpool had kits with a father from another clan.
THOUSANDS of other cats did that.
Bluestar, I’m looking at you.

So Leafpool, as a medicine cat, had kits.
Yellowfang? You’ve been surprisingly quiet.

So Leafpool lied to her clan.
Didn’t Bluestar when she gave away her kits?
Didn’t Yellowfang when everybody believed Brokenkit wasn’t hers?
Now, you might say Bluestar and Yellowfang did it for the good of their clan.
Well, so did Leafpool! She didn’t have an apprentice, so if she told Thunderclan she had kits with Crowfeather, they could either accept that and move on, or banish her from the role of medicine cat.
But like I said, she had no apprentice. So if Leafpool was banished, there would be literally no healer. Well, except for Brightheart. But she’s a warrior.
On the other hand, if Thunderclan ALLOWED her to stay as medicine cat, then they would have to permit other medicine cats if they also had kits from other clans.
See how Leafpool was in such a dilemma? And Starclan had the NERVE to argue whether she belonged in Starclan?

Sorry for the rant, but I feel so strongly about this that my article might get cut off.

We all know Yellowfang TOLD Leafpool to give up her kits to Squirrelflight. So why should Leafpool and Squirrelflight be punished for that?
We all also know Leafpool sacrificed a lot for the clan. She gave up her mate (Crowfeather), lost Cinderpelt, gave up her kits, and died saving kits from a rockfall.

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