[a design of Mapleshade angrily looking behind her with unsheathed claws]

Part 1, Mapleshade: The Most Debated Topic by Bloomflower

Bloomflower takes a look at Mapleshade.

[a design of Mapleshade angrily looking behind her with unsheathed claws]
Art by xdatcatx
[a design of Mapleshade angrily looking behind her with unsheathed claws]

Hi all! I’ve discussed this topic under my old name (LilyIris), and in the comments section I’ve been seeing people disagreeing with me, so I’m making my point now and forever.
I. Hate. Mapleshade.
But today, I’m going to try looking at the part of her I sympathize with so that I can understand the people defending her.
1.) Mapleshade lost her kits.
2.) She was banished from her clan.
3.) Everybody she trusted turned on her.
4.) Mapleshade was utterly alone after her kits drowned.
5.) Her mind snapped, leaving her to see the hallucinations of her kits and the idea she had to revenge on them.
Yes, I was pretty neutral when I read Mapleshade’s Vengeance for the first. But then I read Crookedstar’s Promise.
Then… I finished Omen of the Stars.
When Spottedleaf died.
THAT’S when it started. I reread Mapleshade’s Vengeance and Crookedstar’s Promise.

Anyway, starting with 1.) Mapleshade lost her kits.
Didn’t Bluestar? Yellowfang? Leafpool? Crowfeather?
But then again, you might argue Bluestar only gave up her kits. Yellowfang watched another queen raise Brokenkit. Leafpool gave her kits to her sister, and Crowfeather had Breezepelt.
But giving away your kits doesn’t hurt any less than them dying. Mosskit (Bluestar’s daughter) froze to death. Brokenkit grew up to kill his father. Leafpool had to pretend Lionblaze, Jayfeather, and Hollyleaf were like any Clanmate. Crowfeather had a mate who he didn’t love and a son who hated him.
So, I conclude giving up your kits actually hurt MORE than them dying. Plus, it was Mapleshade’s fault that they drowned. There were two perfectly good bridges Mapleshade could use, but she had to use the stepping stones where her kits slipped and drowned.

2.) She was banished from Thunderclan.
Okay, you know what, this is where Starclan ruins it by telling Ravenwing. It was already made clear in the book that Mapleshade would tell the Clan sooner or later, in her own way. Perhaps then, she wouldn’t be banished and her kits wouldn’t have died.
But Oakstar found out the hard way, and I couldn’t believe how many people wanted him to go the Dark Forest because of exiling Mapleshade.
Think of it like this: You are now Oakstar. Your son just died, but you manage to consol yourself

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