[a fluffy full-body design of Daisy sitting with a paw raised]

Giving out free warrior names to those who don’t have one by Peachpaw

Peachpaw gives warrior names to ThunderClan cats who never received one.

[a fluffy full-body design of Daisy sitting with a paw raised]
Art by Warriors Cat Designs (tumblr: Warriors Project)
[a fluffy full-body design of Daisy sitting with a paw raised]

Hello, this is the first article in a series I’m going to make where I give warrior name to those who don’t have one (or I just don’t like their name and I’m here to change it). I’ll be covering:
Thunderclan edition!
Millie, Daisy, Hollykit, Larchkit, Shrewpaw, Swiftpaw, Ravenpaw, Sweetpaw, Seedpaw, Mosskit, Featherkit, Cricketkit, Elderkit, Tulipkit, Snowkit and Twigbranch (I know its a lot but we’re covering the whole Thunderclan)
For the record… Tulipkit and Elderkit are the kits of whitestorm and Brindleface (though I like to think that Elderkit’s father is Darkstripe because I found out that multiple tom’s can get a she-cat pregnant). Featherkit and Cricketkit are the kits of Runningwind and Dappletail. And Sweetpaw is the sister of Thistleclaw and Rosetail and the half-sister of Dappletail, Tawnyspots and Thrushpelt.

Millie – I think Millie should be called Silvershine in remembrance of Silverstream and her paralysed child Briarlight. Or maybe she could be called Silvertail to remember Feathertail

Daisy – I heard someone call her Creampelt and I think thats funny because i can imagine her being covered in cream. So I do like that name but she deserves to be called Daisy. Daisyflick because I can imagine flicking a daisy with her tail – if that makes sense

Snowkit – Snowflight because he flew with the eagle or snowsea because he has blue eyes (I rlly like that name)

Hollykit = Hollyfawn. A little deer with a holly crown would be adorable

Larchkit – Is it just me or has every kit called Larchsomething has died while being a kit? Well either way I would not call my kit that because of that reason lol. So Larchkit = Larchswing because larch is like a pine tree and the branches swing a lot

Shrewpaw – Shrewclaw and my reasoning is that shrews have cute little paws

Swiftpaw – Swiftbite because the book always says “with a swift bite to the neck’ and also because he was bitten by a dog. Or Swiftcloud in honor of Cloudtail who he really liked. Y’know Swiftpaw is so cute, hes like a little mini parchpelt and he was so sweet

Ravenpaw – Ravenfall is really a metaphor because he was like a raven that fell on its way.

Sweetpaw – Sweetpeach because my name is Peachpaw

Seedpaw – Seedt

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