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Warriors characters as gemstones by Slightdapple

Slightdapple assigns gemstones, stones, and minerals to characters from the series.

Artist unknown (Source: VS Battles Wiki)

Hello! I’m Slightdapple, and today I’ll be assigning gemstones (and also stones or minerals) to Warrior Cats characters.

Firestar- He would be gold. After all, he’s *Firestar*.

Squirrelflight- Red tourmaline. It’s a dark red like Squirrelflight, and I specifically picked tourmaline for a reason you’ll find out when I give Leafpool a gemstone!

Leafpool- Mint tourmaline. Mint is a herb, and Leafpool is a medicine cat. It also contrasts Squirrelflight’s- mint tourmaline is lighter, and it reflects the “Squirrelflight is fire, Leafpool is water,” thing.

Brambleclaw- Enstatite. I also considered brown tourmaline.

Jayfeather- Blue moonstone, since moonstone reflects his connection to StarClan and his power.

Lionblaze- Golden beryl.

Hollyleaf- Obsidian! I also thought about onyx, but I chose obsidian because it comes from lava flows and Hollyleaf was upset with her parentage.

Dovewing- Gray spinel.

Ivypool- Flint. It was used as a weapon, and Ivypool trained and fought in the Dark Forest. She’s also a skilled fighter!

Darkstripe- Hematite.

Hawkfrost- TV Rock. (Ulexite.) He would insist every time that it was brought up that it was hawk’s eye.

Tigerstar 1- Tiger’s eye.

Tigerstar 2- A normal rock painted to look like a tiger’s eye.

Rock- A rock. What did you expect?

Gray Wing- Smoky quartz. No, not just because of the fire. It’s gray, and it also is found in the rocks and in mountains.

Thunder- Carnelian.

Clear Sky- Gray agate.

Alderheart- Coral.

Sparkpelt- Fire opal. I wanted to pick something that mirrored her connection to Firestar, and her personality.

Leafstar- Brown citrine.

Twigbranch- Sillimanite.

Violetshine- Black and white tourmaline.

Bristlefrost- Aquamarine. It’s blue-green and also appears near pools, which :(.

Rootspring- Yellow Aventurine.

Shadowsight- Onyx

Also, just for funsies, Graykit would be granite!

Nightheart- Pyrite. Pyrite is called “false gold” and Nightheart feels like he has to live up to Firestar’s (gold’s) destiny.

Sunbeam- Sunstone. It’s *sun*stone and it matches her personality.

Frostpaw- Opal. I was searching for “unlucky gemstones” and I was considering a few others, and then I saw opal and remembered the Opal MAP!

Curlfeather- South Sea Pearl. She’s a RiverClan cat, and a similar color to the pearl!

Splashtail- Bronzite.

Berryheart- Snowflake obsidian.

I hope you liked my article! 😀 Do you have any other ideas for characters that I didn’t do or characters I already gave gemstones to? Comment it, and bye!

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