[a full-body design of Hopekit sitting on her haunches]

Giving warrior names to kits/ apprentices that never got them by Nettlepaw

Nettlepaw gives warrior names to young cats who never received one.

[a full-body design of Hopekit sitting on her haunches]
Art by theDawnmist
[a full-body design of Hopekit sitting on her haunches]

Hey Blogclan, it’s Nettlepaw, back for another blog. Today I’m going to be doing something that has most certainly been done before, but I want to try it myself and put a different perspective into the mix.

That’s right, as you read from the title, I’m going to be giving warrior names to kits and apprentices that never recieved them. I’ve tried to pick some different ones but I couldn’t help but pick Yellowfang’s kits!

Talonpaw- Shadowclan apprentice, killed by the aggressive kittypets in Twilight. He has a pretty gory death, as we know from Tawnypelt, stating:

“It’s not funny. Yesterday they caught Talonpaw out on his own. They attacked him and left him wounded. He managed to drag himself back to camp, but he died.”

So not our average Smudge then. Anyway, I’m going to name him Talonclaw, after his mentor Rowanclaw, who he clearly had a strong bond with.

Finchkit-Tallstars sister, who died when she was born. Tallstars mother grieves for her throughout the super edition, which affects Tallstar. Finchkit gave Tallstar one of his nine lives.
Unfortunately, we don’t know much about her as a character, as she died at only a day old. However, she wanted to be a warrior;

“I have watched you, and envied you so much for having the chance to live in WindClan.”

And I’m sure she would be great at that. Seeing as I don’t have much to go off of here, I’m going to base her name of of the life she gave Tallstar:

“You will know me one day. I give you this life so that you may seize every opportunity that comes before you, like a rabbit waiting to be hunted. I give you the strength to act without fear or hesitation.”

For this reason I’m going to name her Finchheart.

Gorsepaw- Murdered by Tigerstar to send a message to Fireheart. Poor Gorsepaw! I loved him so much and was shocked when he died. I’m going to name him Gorserunner, as he was a loyal, friendly cat, and of course he was fast!

Hopekit- Daughter of Yellowfang, died after being born alongside Wishkit. Poor things! For some reason unknown to me, I love to headcanon that Hopekit would have trained as a medicine cat ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I’m going to name her Hopeheart. A beautiful name for a promising cat.

Wishkit- I’m going to name her Wishdawn, signifying the life she had ahead of her and the many happy times to come.

Last of all, I’m going to give names to the daughters of my favourite cat of all time.. Crookedstar! I was in pieces after his Super Edition, he lost so much. I’m going to try to be a bit more creative with these, as my other ones were pretty unremarkable, and I owe it to Crookedstar!

Minnowkit- Died in childbirth, along with Willowkit and her mother Willowbreeze. Silverstream survived.

I considered a few names for her! A minnow is a small fish, so I thought of:
Minnowcatcher, Minnowscale, Minnowshine, Minnowtail, Minnowstream. I can’t decide which I like best, but I’m probably going to go with Minnowscale, as I don’t think we’ve had any cats with that suffix before, and it sounds good in my opinion.

Willowkit- Personally, I think a great name for her would have been Willowpool,
Pool is the suffix of Graypool, Willowbreeze’s sister (a personal favourite of mine). It would match her siblings and her clan well, and it just sounds so calming.

I’m going to end it there Blogclanners.
Ciao for now!

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