[Squirrelflight drawn and coloured in the style of the comics with her right paw raised]

Why Squirrelflight should not be leader by Anonymous

An anonymous BlogClanner explains why they think Squirrelflight shouldn’t become the leader of ThunderClan.

[Squirrelflight drawn and coloured in the style of the comics with her right paw raised]
Official art by James L. Barry
[Squirrelflight drawn and coloured in the style of the comics with her right paw raised]

Hello every clanmate I hope you all are having a great day/ night/ evening/
So let’s talk about Squilf and her nine lives.


As you all know Squrrelflight was going to receive her nine lives in shadow I believe.
( sorry if I was wrong ) The reason she is going to get those lives is because Bramblestar said that the time he was in the dark forest left him scared, this is probably just an excuse for Squirrelflight to get her nine lives. After the broken code, I feel like Bramblestar was just kind of lost! Like the Erins left him behind! Maybe they were just trying to move on or something. But were not here to talk about Bramblestar, we were here to talk about Squirrelflight. Every sense the books with here in it were made they all changed! How, well everyone loves Squirrelflight. She is feisty, headstrong, independent, she-cat! What’s not to love about here, well I “‘ll tell you! First of all, she hardly cared for Brambleclaw after she thought he was hanging out with his half-brother too much and she just went to Ashfur! What I am saying is she was not loyal at all when it came to that. And she didn’t even try to save Bramblestar when he was in the dark forest she just got dragged into by Ashfur and then she saved him, sort of! And second of all it was a great choice to make Ivypool her deputy, but it just seems like Squrrelflight was always just a deputy and that was all she would be! In the Starless clan, she was just ruined for me. Why? From the new character’s point of view, they are always feeling sorry for themselves and their problems! And a little off-topic for a second will the clans join all together because the code is so different now any cat can switch clans or will the last book be called Star because of the new leader of Riverclan? But anyway back to Squilf. She is just too headstrong for a leader! And the thing that made me angry was that Bramblestar became an elder after she got her lives! How can Bramblestar be an elder? Brightheart just became an elder so that means Bramblestar is pretty old but Squirrelflight is pretty old too! I was thinking about when she came back and had her nine lives, it almost happened so suddenly! Will she be another Nightstar?

Well, that’s all I have to say! Bye 👋
PS: sorry for all the misspelled words.

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  • I love Squirrelflight, but it will be weird for me to accept the fact she is a leader now. Also, why is Ivypool deputy? Not the best desicion. Ivypool is…idk a bit weak. Lionblaze should be deputy. Just bc he is Firestars grandson doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be a leader just to make things fair. Ivypool is related to Firestar too!

    • Ivypool is not the best cat, maybe like Nightheart or Lilyheart, IDK but not Ivypool! Ivypool is overrated and weak.

    • I agree Ivypool was not the best choice, but did you read TBC? Lionblaze was terrible in Darkness Within and The Place of No Stars. I’d like Lilyheart or Spotfur to be deputy.

  • I totally agree with you!! I don’t think Squilf is fit to be leader. Your right, she’s too headstrong also she has basically no sense of loyalty to Thunderclan. When she was an apprentice she left to go on a journey NO ONE there wanted her on (unlike in Stormfurs case) and ended up getting accepted by blackmailing her way there. And she went on the journey because her dad was being too harsh? Firestar is the perfect example of a leader and he experienced way more harshness than Squilf did in like 3 days. Did HE run away? Absolutely not! He decided to stay loyal and stay in Thunderclan and prove them all wrong! Instead Squilf proved them all right, taking the credit for what could’ve been done without her! And let’s not forget about how she lied to the clan about Leafpools kits. She didn’t even have a good reason like Bluestar (who isn’t the best example for leader). She lied to everyone because her sister was too weak to take the blame (with all do respect of course) and because she felt sorry for herself because of the fact that she could never have kids herself. And she lied to BRAMBLECLAW for literally NO REASON!! If she had told the truth from the start, Leafpool wouldn’t have had to become a useless warrior for a while. Squilf says she was trying to protect them but did she? If she told the truth they just would’ve been a bit more hostile to Leafpool they would’ve wanted to prove they were good warriors even more and probably would’ve clung to the prophecy more. Also Holly wouldn’t run away into the tunnels and i believe if she stayed she would’ve been named deputy instead of leaving us with Squilf and Bramble. Squilf made a bad decision out of emotion instead of reason, as she often does. Like when they were debating whether to kill brambles body. She said no with no clear reasoning behind it and then decided to free him anyways after the leaders had their vote and decided. This is NOT a recipe for leadership.

    • Yes! In my opinion, there should be a plot-twist or something that prevents her from becoming leader, like she doesn’t receive her nine lives, because honestly I would never think of her as a good leader. And she was so annoying to read about as an apprentice! I don’t care about your relationships with other cats! You blackmailed your way to go on a stupid journey because Firestar was “treating you badly” how?! He is a perfect example of an excellent leader! Hollyshadow, you are so right!

    • Eh, I disagree with the lying about Leafpool’s kits thing, but I see your reasoning. But Squirrelflight didn’t free Imposterstar, Shadowsight did, and she had good reason not to kill her literal. mate’s. body.

      And Squirrelflight is not Squirrelpaw. She’s matured a lot since the days of blackmail and sneaking out.

  • My sister would hate this article! However, I do not. Squirrelflight is not the right cat to lead ThunderClan and is VERY overrated by the readers! What did she do?! And also she made Flamepaw (Nightheart) have to take his assesment like 2-3 even though he outsmarted a HAWK, but she said “That was too much of a risk to be a warrior”, like what the heck?! Who cares? He actually had wits, moron! The first time was reasonable, but the second time she was just trying to be a brat. Perhaps she was being hard on him because he was the kit of her kit, and maybe she was being hard on him to show the Clan that she didn’t favor him or his littermate because they were her kin, but she didn’t have to be a brat!

  • Squirrelflight is just annoying and she made Flamepaw (now Nightheart) take his assessment 2-3 times even though he outsmarted a hawk! And then he was the only apprentice and he made his mentor look bad! So unfair!

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