[Ivypool and Blossomfall cuddling]

Most popular Ivypool ships! by Ivyshimmer

Ivyshimmer takes a look at some of the most popular ships involving Ivypool.

[Ivypool and Blossomfall cuddling]
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[Ivypool and Blossomfall cuddling]

Ok. It’s Ivyshimmer here. This is my first article, but I hope you all enjoy it! This article is about some of the most popular Ivypool ships, and StarClan knows there are lots of those. Warning: this article contains spoilers for TPOT, OOTS, AVOS, and Hollyleaf’s story. These are four of the most common Ivy ships: Hope you enjoy!
1. The canon one, Ivypool x Fernsong
2. The first non-canon one, Ivypool x Hawkfrost
3. The first non-canon and lesbian ship, Ivypool x Hollyleaf
4. The best (in my opinion) and second non-canon lesbian ship, Ivypool x Blossomfall
Ok, starting with the first one. Fernsong is definitely one of the invisible background characters. The Erin’s have some mysterious way to make any character that’s not directly involved with the main character’s story invisible. In a way, I feel that Fernsong makes Ivypool more boring just by being with her. Ivypool wasn’t interested in Fernsong very much when she was a main character, so we see very little of him in Omen Of The Stars, and the only big thing with him is in the next series, A Vision Of Shadows, when Twigbranch, Ivypool’s apprentice, overhears him discussing the prospect of kits with his mate, Ivypool. Ivypool says no, saying she doesn’t want to be stuck in the nursery. Fernsong offers to move in to the nursery once the kits were weaned. Ivypool agrees after some thought. This sounds good and all, but it never happens. When Ivypool moves into the nursery, Fernsong helps a bit, but no more than the average father in warriors. As far as I can see, Ivypool stays in the nursery as long as any other queen, staying until the kits leave to become apprentices, which means either Fernsong was lying, or just that the authors forgot-showing you just how invisible Fernsong’s character is.
Ps. Bristlefrost does remember ‘Playing in the nursery with Fernsong and her litter mates,’ but this is basically the only time apart from a vision of shadows where this is ever mentioned.
Now for the second one. This one comes from the relationship between Hawkfrost and Ivypool when Ivypool gets jealous of her sister and visits the Dark Forest in her dreams, and from Hawkfrost showing more trust in Ivypool than any other mentors show for their apprentices, but I’ve always been a bit uneasy about this ship. For starters, Hawkfrost is much, much older than Ivypool. He died quite a while before she was born, and is probably about as old as Ivypool’s grandfather, Cloudtail! Also, Hawkfrost does force her to do training that often hurts her, and lies to her about the real reason he’s training her. When she turns traitor and attacks the Dark Forest in the final battle, Hawkfrost attacks her, trying to kill her. The only reason Ivypool’s alive is because of Hollyleaf darting in front of her, resulting in Hollyleaf dying to the big brown warrior.
The third one; Ivy x Holly. This one is pretty good, as the two understand each other. However, they don’t really have very many interactions, due to Hollyleaf being away for most of Ivypool’s life. Not to mention, there is a bit of an age gap between them, as Hollyleaf’s brother, Lionblaze, is Ivypool’s sister’s mentor. Both Ivypool and Hollyleaf have both murdered innocent cats, so they will understand each other, but they need someone to stop those emotions, not fuel them. Also, Hollyleaf never showed interest in having a mate or anything-also this would eliminate Hollyleaf x Fallen Leaves- Noooooo! Holly x Fallen must prevail!
The fourth one- the only one that hasn’t got a single bad thing about it. Blossom x Ivy is just perfect! They’re around the same age, and they have lots of interactions both in the Dark forest and out of it. They understand each other; the books show them reassuring each other and spending quite a lot of time together. Whenever Ivypool is sad or angry with Dovewing, Blossomfall is there for her, and same goes for Blossomfall and her mother, Millie. Blossomfall confesses her fears to Ivypool, about why she was recruited to the Dark forest and that she hates herself about being jealous of her disabled sister. She seems happy about going to the Dark Forest, as they never gave her any reason to doubt them,but the second Ivypool said to her that The Dark Forest were trying to take over the clans, she abandoned them on nothing but her word. We know it was ultimately the right decision, but it still took a lot of trust in Ivypool to go through with it.
Anyways, I hoped you liked the article! If you disagree, feel free to express your opinions kindly in the comments! Btw, I’m probably going to make an article some point soon on random WC ships, so feel free to send in your ship ideas in the comments! ( I will only be taking ones with cats from the actual books, so no Ocs, sorry). Ivyshimmer, signing off!

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